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Hiking Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand is standing in northern Iran and surrounded by many good-looking peaks and ridges of the Alborz Mountain Range. Due to its superior height it is visible from many kilometers away. In a good visibility when the air is clear Damavand Mountain can be seen from Tehran and far away from Kashan, Karkas Mountains in central Iran and the great salt desert. Snow covers the summit and upper slopes in winter and spring, in some glaciers snow many remain all the year. The earliest attempt to Mount Damavand Iran was made by unknown local Iranians. They climbed regularly to collect sulphur from Damavand summit for commercial purposes. The first recorded ascend belongs to an English explorer called W Taylor Thomson in 1837. Here in Damavand Camp every data is quality based information.

Trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran
Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

Mt. Damavand shape looks like Mount Fuji in Japan. In similarity it is the twin brother of Fujiyama but in size it is much bigger! Damawand height is 5,670 m (18,600 ft) and Fuji San is just 3,776 m (12,389 ft). Damavand Peak is the highest summit in the Middle Eastern region and is located only 80 km northeast of Tehran by rSoad, an easy access from a mega city. There are many mythological tales associated with this mountain. But in reality it is a magnificent volcano. Damavand image is one of the most respectable icons in Iran, the same as the Fujiyama image in Japan, it appearing on Iranian money 10,000 Rls (1,000 Tomans) notes, on bottles of mineral spring waters and many commercial items.

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Most mountaineers start their trek to Damavand summit from the comfortable Polour Camp altitude 2270m (7400 ft). Polour complex mountaineering resort was built in Polour Village by the Iran Mountaineering Federation in 2001. It is situated on the Sothern slops of the mountain near the Haraz Road. Haraz main Road is the only way which connects the capital Tehran to Mt Damavand. Polour village is a shortcut to mountain and the best place to acclimatize before trekking the classic south route or the west route of the mountain.

Damavand Trekking Tour

Trekking Mt. Damavand, Iran the highest and the most prominent peak of the country is a life time memory. The experience of climbing to this peak with a group of mountaineers from around the world is very rewarding. Before hiking Damavand, it is advised to study all the necessary info for ascending this huge mountain. In our Damavand Forum you can find the most Frequently Asked Questions and the most common answers about climbing this mountain.

Damavand Volcano
is a well-shaped conical volcano therefore it is an interesting 5000m summit for hike trek and climb. Due to its location, which is standing in the middle part of the Alborz Mountains, encircled by great number of wonderful peaks, it offers the advantage of trekking to nearby heights such as Mount Tochal and Mount Alam-Koh for acclimatization before attempting this giant volcano.

Hiking Trekking Tour Damavand Mountain, Iran
Hiking Trekking Tour Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Mountain, Tehran is an admired for summer sport activities such as hiking trekking and climbing tours. In a technical manner trekking to Damavand peak is easy but physically a strong challenge. Before starting the ascend you should know the essential climbing information for this giant vukan. Mount Damavand peak, 18,600 feet, is commonly covered with snow and cloud during winter. The snow-white summit with its frequent Lenticular Cap Cloud is the most nice-looking vista of Persia. Snow covers every part of the mountain in winter and just the upper parts in the other seasons.
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Climb Mount Damavand
How to Climb Mount Damavand Iran?
In this subject you will discover How to trek Mount Damavand, Tehran and find the best Damavand guidelines to arrange and supervise your program to Damavand. Also raise your chance of success and enjoy a safe trek to Damawand summit. This instruction is perfect for regular mountaineers with ordinary climbing talent and common hiking equipment.

A practical guidance for trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran. Trekking to the “roof of Iran” is a memorable and a unique mountain climbing experience. Among the 4 major routes up Damavand, most mountaineers prefer the classic southern route. Technically speaking, hiking Mt Damavand in summer season is a basic walk-up. Most first-time climbers need a Damavand mountain guide for 3-5 days tour from Tehran.

Damavand Timing
Hiking Trekking Mt. Damavand, Iran in Summer Season

Mount Damavand hiking trekking & climbing season is from mid-June to mid-September. But more experienced mountaineers may attempt the mountain from mid-May to mid-October. The best months for summer trekking is in July and August. In this period the footpaths are usually free from ice & snow, Mt. Damavand Weather is mostly pleasant and temperature is usually moderate and approach by public transportation to the basecamp is easy. Although Damavand campsites are crowded in summer, but the beginners with little experience are strongly recommended to tackle the mountain during this climbing season only. Best starting day is Saturday. Note: Weekend in Iran is Thursday/Friday.

Damavand mountain trek map in summer season- south route trekking map Camp3 to Damavand peak in early June
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Mount Damavand trekking map in summer hiking season
south route trekking map Camp3 to the summit in early June

June Beginning of Trekking Season
Photo A. Soltani

Damavand Crowd
Trekking Damavand Iran in Crowded Season
Damavand Trekking is a popular trekking target mainly because of its great height which is referred to as the tallest volcano in Asia and officially listed as one of the volcanic seven summits and the highest point in The Middle East region. Damavand Mountain, Iran attracts a great number of Iranian climbers and foreign mountain tourists especially in summer season and on its popular side the classic south route. This popularity makes some Crowd problem for mountaineers not only during the peak of summer climbing season but also for ski touring in winter. Mount Damavand Ski Tour.

Damavand Routes
Routes and Tracks to the Mount Damavand Summit
Mt. Damavand is conical shape; therefore, it is possible to trek Damavand mountain from different routes.. But well-known paths are sixteen. Four of these routes are popular because they have shelters, refuges or suitable campsites midway for hiking trekking and climbing. The most favorite side is the south route because of its major settlement resort called high camp or the third camp Bargah Sevom New Hut.

Mt. Damavand hiking trekking map
Mount Damavand Iran Trekking Map
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In this topic you may find helpful information for Damavand Mountain trekking routes. The map shows the main footpaths and trails of the mountain, from starting points to the campsites and to the summit. You may also Download full size Damavand trekking route map in jpg format.
The popular Mount Damavand hking routes are the Classic South Route, the West Route, the North Route and the North-East Route. Each route has a different starting point and require a transportation to the beginning of the trail. The easiest route is the south route. On all faces, there are a shelter/refuge at about 4000 meters’ altitude. The Northern side has an extra shelter at about 5000m. Damavand classic South route is the most preferred above others side for hiking & trekking. Mount Damavand Mythology.

Damavand Itinerary

Mount Damavand Trekking Itinerary
It is possible to climb Damavand Peak with different itineraries. It mainly depends to your acclimatization, physical fitness and exercises to choose the right program. A Short itinerary is difficult and not recommended for everyone. To practice a short itinerary, you must be quite strong, well acclimatized and physically fit enough for a tough challenge.

Mt. Damavand most successfully trekking program is 3-5 days itinerary starting from C1, Camp 1 Polour Resort (altitude 2270 m), and going by car to C2, summer basecamp Camp 2 BaseCamp (altitude 3040 masl) (Goosfand-Sara or Mosque), then trekking from there to C3, Camp 3 Bargah Sevom New Hut (Altitude 4250 m). Before making the climb; has maps and details of the various trekking routes. Remember on the summit day and after leaving the high camp, there’s no water on the trail.

The most favorite trekking program for popular classic south route of Damavand is 5-day Itinerary. It has been experienced successfully many times in previous expeditions. It is the best relaxing hiking itinerary for foreign climbers to increase the chance of success, comfort and safety. You may do some minor modification and changes to best suit your plan. It is a good idea to add an extra day to a package as a reserved day and make it more flexible for the second summit attempt in case of bad weather, more acclimation or being too tired to continue as planned. Damavand Volcano, Iran.

To discuss a suitable Damavand hiking itinerary some personal information is necessary such as:
- What is your age and at what altitude do you live?
- What kind of daily/weekly practice do you have?
- Do you have any preparation and acclimatization for a 5000 meters summit?
- What is your mountaineering experience and your physical fitness?
- What is the highest summit you have climbed so far?

Damavand is 5-day Favorite Itinerary
The recommended starting trekking day is Saturday. See also Crowd and Iran Holidays.
Day 1: Transfer from a hotel in Tehran to Camp1 Polour.
Day 2: Transfer to Camp2 Base and trek to Camp3 Bargah Sevom.
Day 3: Acclimatization day, go to higher than Camp3.
Day 4: Climb to the Damawand Summit and descent back to the Camp3.
Day 5: Descent to Camp2 and transfer to Camp1 and Tehran.

Hiking Damavand Iran
Trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran

Damavand Equipment List
Equipment and Gear List for Trekking Mount Damavand
Essential equipment and brief personal gear list for hiking & trekking Mount Damavand Iran. A short check list of the equipment you need, some of which your tour guide may provide. The essential personal gears are trekking boots, warm jacket and pants, backpack, trekking poles, gloves, hat, balaclava, baseball cap, sun glasses with wide covers, sunscreen cream, personal first-aid kit and head lamp... Mount Damavand Weather Forecast.

For a safe hike to Damawand summit it is necessary to have correct gears, suitable equipment to protect you in case of emergency and bad weather. Depending upon the weather forecast on the summit day, you may decide which equipment you need to take with you and which unnecessary gears to leave behind at the advanced camps. This climbing equipment check list helps you learn about the gears you need for an ordinary Damavand hiking program. Remember that you should travel as light as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to bring a reasonable list of the hiking gears for your trip. For detailed trekking gear list and tips visit Damavand Full Equipment List.

Remember for Damavand trekking in summer season you do not need technical gears! But remember, even in the middle of summer season the weather may change suddenly, with strong winds and cold temperatures. Therefore, it’s important to have enough warm clothing.

Equipment Check
It is highly recommended to have an equipment check at the first camp and before you start your actual trek to the Damawand higher camps. Always have the essential equipment to protect you in case of bad weather condition. Depending to the weather forecast for the summit day, you may make a decision which gears are necessary to take up with you and which equipment are not necessary to leave behind at the lower campsites.

Equipment List for Trekking Damavand Iran
Equipment List for Hiking Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Difficulty
Mount Damavand Difficulty in Summer Season
In terms of difficulty Hiking Damavand in summer season is similar to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. In general terms all you have to do is to trek about 8 kilometers (26200 feet) distance in 10 hours’ time with 26 degree mild slope and gain 2630 meters (8600 feet) height from basecamp (Goosfand-Sara) to the summit. Hiking to this 5670 meters’ giant volcano in summer is not technical and does not need major climbing skills but it requires a good physical fitness. The main challenge of this trek is acclimatization and the fact that the air gets thinner with less oxygen as you go higher towards Damavand top.

Road Map
How to go to Mt. Damavand, Iran
The only access to Damavand mountain is through Haraz Road. You can travel by car to this mountain by road from Tehran to Polour mountain resort in Polour Village. The nearest international airport to the mountain is IKA International Airport Teheran, Iran. On the Haraz Road at the Polour Village Junction, there is a good sign, statue of a mountaineer which shows the correct location and the direction!
Tehran> Haraz Road> Polour Village Junction> Camp 1 Polour.

Road Map Tehran to Damavand Mountain, Iran
Road Map Tehran to Mount Damavand Iran

Trekking Tips
Trekking Tips for Hiking Mt Damavand
Before trekking Damawand mountain, you should know the essential trekking information and Climbing Tips. Ascend should be done only in a correct timing and in a suitable weather, otherwise it is very tough and risky in a bad weather condition and off-season. A good physical fitness is essential. The main challenge is acclimatization; attempt the summit only after your body is well-acclimatized. The recommended climbing route is the south face. A reliable Mount Damavand Guide is very helpful and will increases you chance of success. Best starting time from c3 to the top is 5 to 6 AM. Never climb at night. Use the day light only.

Common Mistakes
Common Mistakes in trekking Mount Damavand, Iran
There are some Common Mistakes in trekking Mount Damawand. These usual mistakes make real problem for the new climbers and even the experienced mountaineers to be unsuccessful in reaching the summit. By avoiding these frequent mistakes, you will increase your chance of success to reach the peak. The most important mistakes are no or short acclimatization and consequently mountain sickness, climbing at night or in bad weather, insufficient equipment and information about the mountain, sleeping in crowded shelters and campsites, caring heavy equipment by yourself to the high camp.

Damavand Permit
Hiking Trekking and Climbing Permit for Damavand Iran
All foreigners who intend to climb Mt Damavand (and also Mt Alam Koh) in Iran either for trekking, mountaineering, ski touring or snowboarding, from any route and in any season, must obtain a climbing permit from Iran Mountain Climbing Federation in advance. The price of Damawand climbing permit is 50 USD per person. See also Permit.

Mount Damavand Hiking Map
Mt. Damavand Trekking Map
By Simaye Kouch

Camping Sites
Mount Damavand Camping sites on South Trail
Camp 1 Polour: The main starting point for trekking Damavand Mountain is Camp 1 Polour. This mountain hut is the best place for accommodation and acclimatization in the area and the best starting point for climbing either from the south face or the west route of the mountain. Polour Resort is made by Iran Mountain Climbing Federation and it is administered by this organization.

Camp 2 Base: The second camp (or the base camp) of Mount Damawand is called Goosfand Sara (also called the Mosque). The Base Camp is located at altitude 3040 masl and it is the summer starting point of the south face. There is a small shelter, a mosque and a sheepfold in this campsite. Goosfand Sara is not a suitable place for camping and tenting in summer and the crowded climbing season because it is too crowded, very noisy and too dirty.

Camp 3 Bargah: The high camp (or the third camp) of Mt Damavand on the south trail is called Bargah Sevom. There are two safe havens and some tenting and camping places on this campsite at 4200 meters above the sea level. The Old Shelter, 4220 masl, is the oldest refuge and the New Hut, 4250 masl, is the newest mountain resort in the area.

Hiking Trekking and Climbing Mount Damavand, Iran

Many climbers have dreamed of standing on the peak of Damavand, a giant (18,600 feet) high mountain, the highest summit in Iran. Now it is the time to let your dreams come true. We have a team of the most experienced Iranian mountain guides who are mainly focused on Mount Damawand Iran. Many mountaineering groups, individuals and tour agencies use our guiding support each year.

Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

FAQs Hiking Trekking Mount Damavand, Iran

When is the best time to hike Damavand Peak?

The optimal time for trekking Volcano Damavand is during the summer months, typically from June to September. This window offers favorable weather conditions and reduced snow cover, enhancing the safety and accessibility of the trails for adventurers.

How challenging is the ascent of Damavand Mountain?
Scaling Mt. Damavand involves a range of difficulty, depending on your chosen path. Some routes entail steep climbs and rugged terrain, necessitating a good level of physical fitness and prior hiking experience for a successful and enjoyable journey.

Are there diverse trails for trekking Damavand Volcano?
Certainly, Volcano Damavand boasts several trails for trekkers to explore, each presenting varying levels of challenge and picturesque landscapes. Damavand popular routes options include the Southern Route (Polour), Western Route (Polour), and Northern Route (Nandal).

What essentials should I pack for a hike up Mount Damavand?
As you prepare for your Damavand hiking adventure, ensure you pack essential items such as sturdy hiking boots, layered clothing to adapt to changing weather, a durable backpack, sun protection, a refillable water bottle, energy-rich snacks, a first aid kit, and any required trekking permits.

Is altitude sickness a concern while hiking Damavand Iran?
Indeed, altitude sickness can pose a potential challenge during your trek up Damavand Iran, particularly as you ascend to higher elevations. Prioritize proper acclimatization, stay well-hydrated, and ascend gradually to mitigate the risk of altitude-related health issues.

Can novice hikers trek Mount Damavand?
While Mount Damavand can be tackled by novice hikers, it's advisable to possess some prior hiking or trekking experience and maintain a reasonable level of physical fitness. Opting for less demanding trails and allowing ample time for acclimatization can contribute to a more enjoyable trek for beginners.

Are accommodations available along Damavand's hiking routes?
Certainly, basic accommodations like mountain huts and shelters are accessible along certain Damavand trekking routes. These lodging options provide a resting place for trekkers to recharge and rest during their ascent.

Is a guide necessary for a Damavand Mountain trek?
While not obligatory, having a guide for your Damavand Mountain trekking adventure is highly recommended, especially if you're unfamiliar with the area or lack previous hiking experience. A guide can offer invaluable assistance, local insights, and ensure your safety throughout the journey.

What permits are obligatory for trekking Mt. Damavand, Iran?
Trekking Mt. Damavand, Iran requires obtaining a trekking permit, which can be acquired through appropriate authorities or agencies. It's crucial to research and secure the necessary permits before embarking on your trekking expedition.

Are there cultural considerations for a hike up Mt. Damavand, Iran?
Absolutely, when ascending Mt. Damavand, Iran, it's essential to respect the local culture and traditions. Dress modestly, exhibit mindful behavior, and adhere to any guidelines provided by local authorities or guides to ensure a respectful and harmonious hiking experience. Visit Tourism Tips.

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