Damavand Trekking Tour Itinerary

Mount Damavand Hiking & Trekking and Climbing Tour Itineraries - South Route

Mount Damavand Climbing Tour Itinerary

Explore Mount Damavand, Iran's tallest mountain, with Damavand Info! We offer guided treks and adventure Damavand tours for everyone, from beginners to experienced climbers. Hike breathtaking trails, discover local legends, and conquer the Middle East's highest peak. Climbing tour itinerary with experts, enjoy the views, and make memories that last a lifetime. Start your Damavand climbing adventure tour plan today!

Mount Damavand climbing tour itinerary
Damavand climbing tour itinerary
Hike Trek Ski Tour Programs Mount Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand Climbing Tour Programs

The itineraries presented here are among the most favored and leisurely programs for the Mount Damavand Trekking Tours, particularly on the south route, which is highly recommended for foreign climbers and incoming tours. You have the flexibility to make adjustments and modifications to a package to better align with your plans. For additional information, refer to Damavand Info Tour Operator.

Mount Damavand Camp 1 Polour Resort
Mount Damavand Camp 1 Polour Resort (Alt 2270 m)
Itinerary for Mount Damavand Trekking Tour

Consider adding an extra day to any Damavand expedition schedule package, reserving it for contingencies such as inclement weather, additional acclimatization, or unforeseen exhaustion within your team, allowing flexibility in adhering to the program's timeline. The suggested starting day for the Mount Damavand trek is Saturday; for further details, see Crowd and Iran Holidays.

Mt Damavand Base Camp or Goosfand Sara
Mount Damavand Camp 2 - BaseCamp (altitude 3040 masl)
Also called Mosque, Camp 2 Base or Goosfand Sara

If you wish to shorten the itinerary for Damavand Mountain tour, the saved day/time can be utilized for sightseeing in Tehran or a visit to Larijan Thermal Spring. Please inform us of your specific logistics and support requirements, enabling us to provide you with the best possible services.

Mount Damavand Camp 3 - Bargah Sevom New Hut
Mount Damavand Camp 3 - Bargah Sevom New Hut
Damavand Mountain Expedition Schedule

Important Notice:

The accessibility of these Mount Damavand trekking plan is closely tied to the Trekking Season, Weather conditions, and Iran Holidays. To reach Alam Kouh, travelers must take the Chalous Road, while the Haraz Road is the route to Damavand. These roads serve as the sole access points to the mentioned mountains, navigating through the Alborz Mountain Range.

Climbing Tour Itinerary Mount Damavand Iran
Trekking Tour Itinerary Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Hiking Route Details

Notably, two major roads connect Tehran to the Caspian Sea in northern Iran. Heavy traffic congestion occurs on these routes during Iranian weekends (Thursday/Friday) and holidays, prompting the police to implement directional changes to alleviate traffic flow. Generally, Saturday is recommended as the optimal starting day of Alam Koh and Damavand summit journey Outline to minimize traffic issues on both the roads and the mountains.

Climbing Itinerary for Mount Damavand Iran
Climbing Itinerary for Mount Damavand

Damavand 5 Days Itinerary

Schedule for Damavand Peak Adventure - South Route
Duration: 5 days 4 nights.
Start/End: your hotel in Tehran.

5-Day: Mount Damavand Trekking Tour Itinerary
The recommended starting day is Saturday. See also Crowd and Iran Holidays.
The most favorite and VIP climbing itinerary for Mount Damavand, recommended for foreign climbers and incoming tours.

Day 1: Starting Day
Transfer from your hotel in Tehran in the afternoon to Damavand Camp 1 Polur Resort (altitude 2270 masl) for acclimatization. No climbing or hard exercises. No pollution of Tehran Weather. Final preparation and equipment check. Overnight at Camp 1 Poluor Hut.

DAY 2: Trekking Day
Transfer by cars toward Damavand Camp 2 Base (3040 m) as far as car can go up and then by 4 to 6 hours slow trek to Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom (4250 meters). O/N Camp 3 New Hut.

Day 3: Acclimatization Day
Ascend to the nearby heights. Return back to the third camp Bargah Sevom. O/N Camp 3 Bargah Sevom New Hut. O/N Camp 3. Mount Damavand Trekking Tour.

Day 4: Summit Day
Start climbing at about 5 AM to Damavand Summit, (mostly arrive at summit after 5 to 7 hours). Return back to Camp 3 (usually arrive late afternoon on the same day). O/N at Camp 3 Bargah Sevom.

Day 5: Return Day
After breakfast, descend down to Camp 2, drive to Camp 1 (mostly arrive between 1 and 2 PM). Return back to your hotel in Tehran. Tour ends.

Damavand Mountain Exploration Plan
Damavand Mountain Exploration Program
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani, Mount Damavand Guide Iran

Damavand 4 Days Itinerary

Mount Damavand South Face Climbing Itineraries.
Duration: 4 days 3 nights.
Start/End: Tehran Hotel.

4-Day: Damavand Mountain Climbing Tour Program
The recommended starting day is Saturday or Suday. See also Crowd and Iran Holidays.
Favorite and relaxing Damavand Mountain exploration program, recommended for foreign trekkers and incoming tours.

Day1 - Starting Day
Transfer by car in the afternoon from your hotel in Tehran to Camp 1 Polour for acclimatization. No climbing or hard exercises. No pollution of Tehran Weather. Final preparation and equipment check. Overnight at Camp 1 Polour Hut.

Day2 - Trekking Day
Drive by car from Camp1 toward Camp 2 Base and by 4 to 6 hours trekking to Camp3 Bargah Sevom. Overnight at Camp 3 New Hut.

Day3 - Summit Day
Start climbing to the summit at about 5 AM. Return back to Camp 3. Overnight nigh at Camp 3 New Hut.

Day4 - Return Day
After one night rest return back to Camp 2. Drive to Camp 1 and to your Hotel in Tehran.
O/N hotel in Tehran. Tour ends.

Tour Agenda for Mount Damavand Iran
Tour Agenda for Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand 3 Days Itinerary

Mt Damavand South Route Climbing Itineraries
Duration: 3 days 2 nights.
Start/End: A starting point in Tehran

3-Day Mount Damavand Hikning Tour Plan
The recommended starting day is Saturday or Sunday. See also Crowd and Iran Holidays.
It is the recommended tour agenda for Mount Damavand for climbers living in Tehran and suburbs.

Day 1 - Starting Day
Drive by car in the morning from your hotel in Tehran to Camp 1 Polur. Drive to Camp2 Base. Trek 4 to 6 hours to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom. Overnight at Camp 3 New Hut.

Day 2 - Summit Day
Start climbing at about 5 AM to the peak. Descend back to camp 3. Overnight at Camp 3 New Hut.

Day 3 - Return Day
Return back from Camp3 to Camp 2 and then drive to Camp 1 and the starting point in Tehran. Tour ends.

Mount Damavand Alpine Excursion Plan
Damavand Alpine Excursion Plan

Explore the Thrill of Damavand: A 5-Day Climbing Adventure in Iran's Majestic Landscape

This comprehensive 5-day itinerary ensures a well-paced, challenging, and rewarding experience, combining the beauty of the Iranian landscape with the thrill of conquering Mount Damavand. The Damavand 5-Day Climbing Tour offers an exhilarating journey to conquer Iran's highest peak. Starting from Tehran, participants are driven to Damavand Camp 1 Polour, acclimating to altitude and enjoying traditional Iranian cuisine.

Day 2 involves a drive to Camp 2 and a trek to Camp 3, featuring picturesque landscapes. A crucial acclimatization day follows on Day 3, ensuring readiness for the challenging summit ascent on Day 4. The climb to Damavand's summit promises breathtaking views, with a cautious descent to Camp 3. Day 5 involves a descent to Camp 2 Base and a return to Tehran, completing the adventure. This comprehensive itinerary blends physical challenges, cultural experiences, and stunning scenery, creating a memorable trekking experience.

Mt Damavand Iran Climbing Tour Program
Damavand Mountain Hiking Tour Itinerary

Damavand 5-Day Climbing Tour Itinerary Detailed Overview:

Day 1: Tehran to Damavand Camp 1 Polour
Start your trek by being picked up from your Tehran hotel and driven to Damavand's first camp, Polour, situated at 2,250 meters above sea level. The scenic 2 hour drive offers breathtaking views of the Iranian countryside. Upon arrival, settle into your accommodation, allowing time for rest and altitude adjustment. Your guide will provide a trek briefing, covering the route, difficulty, safety measures, and address any queries. An authentic Iranian dinner awaits in the evening, featuring local delicacies like stews, rice, and kebabs. Spend the night in a comfortable guesthouse.

More about Damavand 1st Camp Polour Show
About Damavand 2nd Camp Base Show
Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map Damavand South Route Difficulty Mount Damavand Camp 1 - Polour Camp1 Polour Hut or Lodge for Mt Damavand south and west route Accommodation
Damavand Mountain Camp 1 Polour Resort
Mount Damavand Summit Journey Outline

Day 2: Drive to Mount Damavand Camp 2 and Trek to Camp 3
Start Day 2 with breakfast, acquire the Damavand climbing permit, and transfer by 4WD to Damavand Camp 2 Base at 3,040 meters. The hour-long drive precedes a 4-5 hour trek to Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom at 4,250 meters, offering moderate difficulty. The trek showcases stunning landscapes, and physical fitness is essential for the altitude change. Accommodation options at Camp 3 include a contemporary hut, an igloo, or tents, depending on the season. Day 2 combines picturesque views with challenging trek segments and provides opportunities for rest.

More about Damavand 3rd - Camp New Hut Show
About Damavand 3rd Camp - Old Shelter Show

Mount Damavand Camp2 Mosque, Camp 2 Base or Goosfand Sara Damavand Camp II Mosque, Camp 2 Base, Goosfand Sara Damavand Base Camp Mount Damavand BaseCamp
Mount Damavand BaseCamp (alt 3040 meters)

Also called Camp 2 Base or Goosfand Sara

Day 3: Acclimatization Day
Dedicate Day 3 to acclimatization at Camp 3 Bargah. Explore surroundings, embark on short hikes for altitude adjustment, and receive guidance from your Damavand guide on preventing altitude sickness. Valuable tips may include hydration, high-energy foods, and pacing oneself. This crucial acclimatization day ensures participants are well-prepared for the upcoming challenges, enhancing the chances of a successful summit.

Mt. Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut
Mount Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom New Hut (Altitude 4250 m)
Mount Damavand Iran Trekking Tour Itinerary

Mt. Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut Mt. Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom Old Refuge Mt. Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom Tenting Mt. Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom Igloo
Mount Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom
Damavand Mountain Iran Trekking Tour Itinerary

Day 4: Ascent to Damavand Summit
The most challenging segment of the trek occurs on Day 4, as participants ascend the summit of Mount Damavand, Iran's highest peak. Starting early, around 4-5 am, the 6-7 hour trek features steep slopes and high altitudes. Breathtaking views reward participants as they reach the summit. The descent to Camp 3 Bargah is equally demanding, emphasizing caution. Overnight at Camp 3 allows for rest before continuing the descent on Day 5.

Mount Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom to the summit route map - Climbing Tour Itinerary Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom to the summit route map
Trekking Tour Itinerary Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Hiking Route Details

Day 5: Descent to Camp 2 Base and Return to Tehran
Day 5 starts with breakfast at Camp 3 Bargah, followed by a 3-hour descent to Damavand Camp 2 Base. 4WD cars await to transport participants back to Polour camp for a traditional Iranian lunch. The subsequent 2-3 hour drive to Tehran concludes the tour, with participants arriving at their hotel in the afternoon.

Climbing Tour Itinerary to Mount Damavand Peak
Mount Damavand Summit
Trekking Tour Itinerary to Mount Damavand Summit

Details of another 5-Day Damavand Trekking Tour Itinerary

This is just a brief overview of onother 5-Day Damavand Trekking Tour Itinerary. There are many different variations of this trek available, so be sure to choose one that fits your fitness level and experience. With careful planning and preparation, you can summit Damavand and experience the magic of this majestic mountain for yourself.

Climb on a challenging and rewarding 5-day trek to the summit of Mount Damavand. This itinerary is designed to maximize your chances of success by gradually acclimatizing to the high altitude and providing ample rest days.

Day 1: Begin your journey in Tehran, the bustling capital of Iran. Meet your guide and fellow trekkers, and then drive to the charming village of Polour at the foot of Damavand. Settle into your cozy guesthouse and enjoy a traditional Persian dinner.

Day 2: Hike from Polour to Base Camp (2,950 meters), passing through scenic alpine meadows and volcanic landscapes. In the afternoon, take a short acclimatization trek to prepare your body for the higher altitude.

Day 3: Trek to Camp 3 (4,250 meters) and spend the day resting and acclimatizing. Explore the surrounding area, learn about the geology and history of Damavand, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding

Day 4: Early in the morning, begin your ascent to the summit. The climb is challenging, but the sense of accomplishment and the stunning panoramic views from the top make it all worthwhile. Celebrate your victory at the summit and then descend back to Camp 3.

Day 5: Return to Base Camp and then drive back to Tehran. Take some time to relax and reflect on your incredible journey.

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Mount Damavand Trekking Tour Schedules
Schedules for Mount Damavand Peak Adventure
Climbing Mount Damavand Iran

About 5-day Damavand itinerary

Here are some thoughts about the 5-day Damavand itinerary mentioned on this webpage:

  • Challenging and rewarding: Climbing Mount Damavand is a challenging but rewarding experience. The 5-day itinerary provides enough time to acclimatize to the altitude and increase your chances of reaching the summit.

  • Beautiful scenery: The Damavand region is known for its stunning scenery, with glaciers, meadows, and volcanic peaks. The itinerary includes hikes through some of the most beautiful parts of the region.

  • Well-organized: The itinerary seems well-organized, with plenty of time for rest and acclimatization. The tour operator also provides all the necessary equipment and permits.

  • Experienced guides: The tour operator has experienced guides who are familiar with the mountain and can help you summit safely.

  • Unique opportunity: Climbing Mount Damavand is a unique opportunity to experience Iranian culture and see one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Overall, the 5-day Damavand itinerary seems like a great option for anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding adventure.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • The itinerary is physically demanding, so you need to be in good physical condition.

  • The altitude can be challenging, so it is important to acclimatize properly.

  • The weather on Mount Damavand can be unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for all conditions.

If you are considering climbing Mount Damavand, I recommend doing your research and choosing a reputable tour operator, Mount Damavand Guide Iran.

    • Clear and concise itinerary: The page presents a clear and concise Damavand itinerary for the 5-day climbing tour, outlining each day's activities and accommodations. This helps potential clients understand the flow of the program and compare it to their expectations.

    • Multiple tour options: The page mentions different Mount Damavand tour options with varying durations and starting points, catering to diverse preferences and fitness levels.

    • Focus on acclimatization: The emphasis on acclimatization days demonstrates a commitment to safety and success, which is crucial for high-altitude climbs like Damavand.

    • Detailed inclusions: The page clearly outlines what's included in the Mount Damavand tour price, such as meals, transportation, accommodations, and permits, giving clients a transparent understanding of the costs.

    • Professional tone: The language used is professional and informative, presenting the tour in a reputable manner.

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