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Damavand Tour, Photo by A. Soltani
Mt. Demavand Iran
Photo by A. Soltani


4- Rock, Boulder and Ice Climbing Tour
We offer private rock, boulder and ice climbing tours, covering a variety of iran mountain climbing activities, which range from a simple mountaineering, ideal for complete beginner, up to advanced winter climbing and alpine style, with high qualified guides to share their experience to give you the best chance of success.
There are some big climbing walls in Iran, Alam Koh wall about 800 meters is the hightest, starting at 4200m to the summit well known for foreign climbers. Damavand Climbing Tour.

- Mount Alam koh 4850m, Kelardasht, Gilan Provice, Iran
- Mount Alvand, Hamedan, Hamedan Provice
- Mt Sabalan 4820, Ardebil, Ardabil Provice
- Mount Tochal 3960m, Tehran
- Ice Climbing, Hamaloon icefall

5- Cave Tour
Iran is home of wonderful caves. Ali Sadr Cave is one the largest water caves in the world, offering the use of canoes to visit the most part of it. We offer the best iran cave tours to groups, teams and individuals in fully tailor made categories, let us know if need some info about your adventure trave.
- Ali Sadr Cave, ghar ali sadr, Hamedan.
- Katalekhor Cave, ghar katalekhor, Zanjan.
- Karafto Cave, ghar krafto, kordestan iran.
- QuriQaleh, Quri Qaleh Cave, ghar ghuriqaleh, Kermanshan.
- Sahoolan Cave, ghar sahoolan, Mahabad, kordestan iran.
- Shapour Cave, Kazeroon, Fars Provice, Iran.
Tang e Chowgan, ghar shapour, ancient cave carving.
- Vara Cave, ghar vara, Gahrom, Jahrom.
- Prehistoric cave. Climbing Damavand Iran.

6- Hiking & Trekking Tour
Visit natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of persia, Iran is paradise of natural attractions, forests, deserts, ecosystem, waterfall, lake and river. We are one of the leading tourism & touring organization for outdoor activity in Iran.
We organize a wide range of tours for hiking & trekking, natural attractions, ecosystem outdoor tourism activities with excellent services and qualified teams to support incoming foreign tourism to Iran. Damavand Ski Touring.

- Ecosystem, fauna and flora and natural attractions.
- Outdoor tourism activity, Outdoor Recreation tours.
- Canyon, Caves, hill, mountain, valley tour operator.
- Nature and ecosystem guided Tours.
- Island, lake, river, salt lake, swamp, waterfall, wetland.
- Desert, ecosystem, forest, garden, jungle, nature, protected wildlife.
- Bird watching, butterfly catching.


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