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Mythology of Damavand Mountain, Iran

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Damavand Mountain is in the centre of Iranian mythology. This distinguished volcano has a special place in Iranian legend. Arash, the Archer (in Farsi آرش کمانگیر Āraš-e Kamāngīr) is a heroic archer of the Iranian mythology. The name Arash is one of the most popular in the Farsi-speaking world. The legend "Arash Kamangir" put all his force and life energy in drawing a powerful bow to transferred to an arrow, a shot which flew a very long distance. Visit also Trek Damavand Mountain.

Arash the Archer, Arash Kamangir or Arash Tirandaz
Heroic Archer Arash the Archer
Arash Kamangir or Arash Tirandaz
Arash the Archer, Āraš-e Kamāngīr
آرش تیرانداز جنگاوری از سپاه منوچهر یکی از اسطوره‌های کهن ایرانی

At the end of war between Iran and the invaders Turan, Turan had advanced close to Mount Damavand Iran. To declare cease fire, Iranians were to shoot an arrow towards Turan and wherever the arrow landed, the new border between Iran and Turan would be drawn. An old man called Ârash volunteered to shoot the arrow. On the morning of Tirgan, Arash took off his shirt, faced north-east and let the arrow fly, the legend heroic archer became one with the arrow and disappeared. The arrow fell near the Oxus River in what is now Central Asia. The Oxus river was the traditional border between the Iranian and outer central Asia or Turan.
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Arash put his life on an arrow and threw it by a bow from the top of Iran's highest peak Damavand to demarcate Iran's border with Turan. The legend describes that Arash died immediately after shooting that arrow. Many Iranian children read this story and are sad about the tragic end of it and are proud of the heroic act of Arash Kamangir. Arash's body was never found. There are still stories from climbers who lost in Damawand Mountain, hear Arash Kamangir's voice who helps them find their way! (arch, archer and the archery may come from the name of Iranian hero Arash). Damavand Ski Touring.

Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Peak, Iran

Damavand Myth 2

There are many mythological tales associated with Damavand Mountain. But in fact it is a superb volcano that emits powerful sulphuric smoke and gas. This prominent mountain has a great impression in Iranian legend. Ferdowsi Tousi, the great Iranian poet, tells a story in his epic book "Shahnama" how the dictator Zohak was overthrown by the Feridun and kept in prison in chains to die in a large cave on the slops of Mount Damawand. Mount Damavand, Iran.

Mount Damavand Iran & Arash Tirandaz
Mount Damavand is a well-known symbol of Iran and has a great place in Iranian legend, mythological tales, art and photography. In reality it is a magnificent dormant volcano that sends out some sulphuric smoke. Many myths and tales are related to Damawand Iran. Damavand Mountain Tour.

Arash the Archer (Āraš-e Kamāngīr, Arash the Shooter)

Arash is a warrior archer (shooter) from manouchehr's army, one of the ancient Persian myths, as well as the name of the main character of this myth. Arash Kamangir was chosen as an Iranian archer to determine the border between Persia (Iran) and Turan after the end of the Iran-Turan War and went to the summit of Mount Damavand and, with all his power, released an arrow to Mount Juannont in the East. Farsi speakers of Turkestan believe that the arrow landed in the walnut tree in that land, which is called the "Arash tree", and therefore calls Mount Afrasiab and the Xingan Valley, which is next to it, "The Border of Iran and Turan".

Āraš-e Kamāngīr is a historical mythical figure. It is mythical because it belongs to a time when its temporal and spatial nature is not yet known, and because its life and death are obscured. And it is historical because over the past two thousand years, Persian-speaking people have believed in him and he has been mentioned in many historical sources.
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Damavand in Winter, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand in Winter
View from Polour Village
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

Legend of Arash

During the reign of King Manouchehr Pishdadi and during the battle with turanians, Afrasiab surrounded the Iranian army in Mazandaran. Finally, Manouchehr offers a compromise and Turanian accepts the offer of reconciliation and agrees that one of the Iranian heroes will go over the highest peak of the Alborz Mountain Range, Mount Damavand, and throw an arrow and replace it with the arrow, the border between Iran and Turan. Among the Armies of Iran, no one dared to do so. Arash, a simple army courier, delivered a message to the Army of Turan. In order to shrink Iranians, King Turan chose Arash himself, and Arash was forced to accept this. On the other hand, in the Iranian army, everyone was stymied by Arash as to why you accepted the offer and that it would disgrace Iran.

Arash Kamangir, an ancient Iranian hero, went to the Damavand Mountain and put the arrow in the bow and threw it. Arash the Shooter, known as Arash Kamangir, who had given all his life and power to throw the shot, died of exhaustion after the launch, his body was torn to shreds and spread out on Iranian soil, and his psyche was blown away. The arrow flew from morning to evening and landed on a walnut tree along the Jeyhun or Amu darya River, where the border between Iran and Turan was called. According to some beliefs, when arash was given a bow and arrow, he was told that the arrow would fly far away, but the person with whom the arrow was thrown would die. Arash, however, was ready to sacrifice himself and took that bow and arrow. Arash is an Iranian myth of unique examples in the myths of the world. In Iran, he is a symbol of sacrifice on the way to the homeland.

Heroic Iranian archer Arash put his life on an arrow and threw it by a bow from the top of Iran's Highest Peak Damavand to demarcate Iran's border with Turan. The name Arash remains a popular name among Iranians.

Arash the Shooter. Arash is a warrior shooter the ancient Iranian myths. Arash Kamangir went to the to[ of Mount Damavand. Arash tree. Arash is a historical mythical figure. Legend of Arash. Arash an Iranian hero went to peak of the Alborz Mountain Range, Mount Damavand. Arash Kamangir, an ancient Iranian hero. Arash the Archer.

آرش کمانگیر‎ Āraš-e Kamāngīr heroic archer-figure of Iranian mythology. Persian folklore. Arrow launched by Arash. Persian folklore. Arash/Aarash kaman-gir, Arash, bow-expert. Persian Modern legend, ancient Persian myth. Arash's heroic sacrifice to liberate his country from foreign domination.

Āraš-e kamāngīr. Arash Kamangir's golden arrow. Damavand-Mythology. Mythology of Mt Damavand. Archer and archery may come from Iranian hero name Arash. Arash the Archer. Âraŝ, the Archer (Persian: آرش کمانگیر Āraš-e Kamāngīr). Arash kamangi, arash tirandaz. دماوند ایران

Damavand Volcano, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand Volcano
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

FAQs Damavand Myths

What is the significance of Damavand Mountain in Iranian folklore?
Damavand Mountain, also known as Mount Damavand or Damavand Volcano, holds a special place in Iranian folklore and is considered a significant cultural symbol. It is often associated with ancient legends and tales that highlight its majestic beauty and mythical importance.

Tell me about the ancient legends surrounding Damavand Peak.
According to local folklore and legends, Damavand Peak is believed to be the resting place of the mythical Zahhak. This tale is deeply ingrained in Persian mythology and has contributed to the mountain's legendary status.

Is there a specific tale or fable associated with Damavand Volcano?
Indeed, Damavand Volcano, or simply Damavand, is linked to various tales and fables that have been passed down through generations. One such story involves a dragon slayer who bravely defeated a fearsome dragon near the mountain, demonstrating its role in these captivating narratives.

What role does Mount Damavand play in Iranian mythology?
In Iranian mythology, Damavand Iran, is often considered a cosmic mountain, connecting the Earth and the heavens. It's seen as a potent symbol of strength and endurance, reflecting its enduring presence in cultural myths.

Are there any cultural ceremonies or traditions connected to Damavand Iran?
Yes, Damavand Mountain has inspired cultural ceremonies and traditions, including annual hikes and pilgrimages. These activities pay homage to the mountain's mythical significance and are a testament to its enduring influence on local customs.

How has Damavand Volcano's mythology influenced art and literature?
The mythology of Damavand Volcano has served as a rich source of inspiration for Iranian art, literature, and poetry. Many writers and artists have drawn from the mountain's legends and symbolism to create compelling works that celebrate its mythical allure.

What is the connection between Damawand and ancient stories?
The connection between Damawand and ancient stories, whether referred to as Damavand Peak or Mount Damavand, is profound. It has been woven into the fabric of Iran's narrative tradition, becoming a central character in the tapestry of ancient tales that continue to captivate and enchant.

Tell me more about the stories of gods and goddesses associated with Damavand Mountain.
While not all of Damavand Mountain's legends involve gods and goddesses, some tales do mention celestial beings descending upon the mountain, whether it's called Damavand or Mount Damavand. These stories contribute to its status as a link between the earthly and divine realms.

How does Damavand's mythology impact tourism today?
The rich mythology surrounding Mount Damavand Iran, enhances its appeal as a tourist destination. Travelers are drawn not only to its breathtaking natural beauty but also to the allure of experiencing a place steeped in ancient stories and legends.

Is Damavand's mythology a blend of various cultural influences?
Yes, the mythology of Damavand Peak, has been shaped by a blend of cultural influences over the centuries. Its stories and symbolism reflect the diverse layers of history and belief systems that have converged around this iconic peak.

Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Peak, Iran

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