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Mount Damavand Iran

The Official Website of the Mount Damavand Guides Iran
Damavand is a perfect cone-shape volcano located in the central part of Alborz Mountain Range in north of Iran on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Damawand Volcano is 5671 meters high. It is the highest volcano in Asia, the highest summit in the Middle East and the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.

Snow covers the entire mountain in winter and the upper parts in the other seasons. Damavand has a narrow summit crater usually covered with snow-cap and cloud. The snowy white peak with its regular Lenticular Cap Cloud is the most beautiful sight of Iran. Damawand is surrounded by many good looking peaks of the Alborz Chain. The view of this huge mountain looks more attractive from away than close up. In a clear day it is visible far from 250 km.

Trek Damavand Iran, Italy Dream Team August 2012
Damavand Mountain Iran - Trekking Tour
Italy Dream Team approaching the summit crater
August 2012 - Photo Amir Manian

Trek Damavand Mountain

Trekking, Climbing and Mountaineering

Trekking Mount Damavand the highest and the most prominent summit of Iran is a life time memory. The experience of ascending to this peak with a group of mountaineers from around the world is very rewarding. Before attempting Damawand you should know all the necessary Information for ascending this mountain.


Ascend to Damavand summit in summer is not difficult technically but physically it is a difficult trek. The main challenge of the climb is Acclimatization because the air gets thinner with less oxygen as you go higher. To raise the chance of success and lower the risk of AMS and to enjoy a safe hike to the peak it is essential to get accustomed to this new environment.


For a safe trek to any summit is essential to find the proper accomodation and use the safest campsites in the area. If you intend to attempt Damawand Mountain either from the classic south route or the west trail, the following campsites are the best places for Accomodation and settlement. Camp 1 Polour Resort in Polur Village as the first camp and the best starting point and Camp 3 Bargah New Hut as the high camp. These campsites are made and administered by Iran Mountain Federation.


Damavand is a perfect shape conical volcano, therefore climbing is possible from many sides. There are at least 16 known climbing routes to Mount Damawand summit. Four of these routes are popular because they have a shelter, refuge or a suitable campsite midway. The most favorite side is the south route because of its major settlement resort called high camp or the third camp Bargah Sevom New Hut.


In general terms Mount Damavand has different Climates and seasons for hiking & trekking, climbing and ski touring. Mid June to mid September the weather is ideal for summer trekking, November to May the conditions becoming difficult for winter climbing and December to April suitable for ski mountaineering, snowboarding and snowshoeing.


Climbing Damawand in Iran is a lifelong memory. Attempt to this 5671 meters giant volcano in summer is not technical and does not need major climbing skills but it requires a good physical fitness. The main challenge of this Ascend is acclimatization and the fact that the air gets thinner with less oxygen as you go higher towards Damavand peak.


Damawand is a popular trekking target mainly because of its great height which is referred to as the tallest volcano in Asia and officially listed as one of the volcanic seven summits and the highest point in The Middle East region. Damavand Volcano attracts a great number of Iranian climbers and foreign mountain tourists especially in summer season and on its popular side the classic south route. This popularity makes some Crowd problem for mountaineers not only during the peak of summer climbing season but also for ski touring in winter.

Common Mistakes

The main reason for most unsuccessful attempts to Mt Damavand in Iran is some common mistakes. These mistakes are usually common among new climbers and the experinced mountaineers! By avoiding these mistakes you can increase your chance of success to Mount Damawand summit. Read more in Common Mistakes.

How to Climb

It is possible to climb to Damavand Peak with different itineraries. It mainly depends to your acclimatization, physical fitness and exercises to choose the right program. A Short itinerary is difficult and not recommended for everyone. To practice a brief itinerary you must be quite strong, well acclimatized and physically fit enough for a tough challenge.
More detail in How to Climb.

The most favourite program for popular classic south route of Damavand is 5 days Itinerary. It has been experienced successfully many times in previous expeditions. It is the best relaxing itinerary for foreign climbers to increase the chance of success, comfort and safety.

You may do some minor modification and changes to best suit your plan. It is a good idea to add an extra day to a package as a reserved day and make it more flexible for the second summit attempt in case of bad weather, more acclimation or being too tired to continue as planed.


To discuss a suitable Damavand Itinerary some personal information is necessary such as:
- What is your age and at what altitude do you live?
- What kind of daily/weekly practice do you have?
- Do you have any preparation and acclimatization for a 5000 meters summit?
- What is your mountaineering experience and your physical fitness?
- What is the highest summit you have climbed so far? Recommended Damavand Itinerary

Favourite Climbing Itinerary
The recommended starting day is Saturday. See also Crowd and Iran Holidays.
Day 1: Transfer from a hotel in Tehran to Camp1 Polour.
Day 2: Transfer to Camp2 Base and trek to Camp3 Bargah Sevom.
Day 3: Acclimatization day, go to higher than Camp3.
Day 4: Climb to the Damawand Summit and descent back to the Camp3.
Day 5: Descent to Camp2 and transfer to Camp1 and Tehran.


To enjoy a safe trek to Damavand Mountain and also to be secure in case of bad weather it is necessary to have the proper equipments. The essential personal gears are trekking boots, warm jacket and pants, backpack, trekking poles, gloves, hat, balaclava, baseball cap, sun glasses with wide covers, sunscreen cream, personal first-aid kit and head lamp.
Read more in Equipment List.


Damawand Mountain is well-known for its mild slops. Climbing this 18,605 feet giant volcano is technically easy but physically a tough challenge and requires a good physical fitness. The main challenge of ascend is acclimatization and the weather. Trekking in summer is comparable to Mt Kilimanjaro in terms of difficulty, but Winter Climbing is quite different story and may be compared to a 7000 m peak ot more. Visit also Difficulty.

Climbing Routes

Damavand has sixteen known climbing routes with different difficulties. The most popular one for trekking is the south face which has very clear foot prints. The south trail has excellent mountain resorts at Polour Village 2200 masl and also a newly constructed midway campsite called Bargah Sevom New Hut at 4250 masl.

Most mountaineers prefer to climb from the classic south route which is also the suggested climbing route for the beginners too. A reliable guide is highly recommended to increases the chance of success. Read more in Climbing Routes.

Climbing Season

Damavand climbing season may starts from mid June and it may last to mid September. The best Time for summer trekking is in July and August. In this period the footpaths are generally free of snow, the weather is usually moderate and approach by public transportation to the base camp is easy. More detail in Timing.

Although Damawand Mountain resorts are crowded in summer, but the beginners with little experience are strongly recommended to tackle the mountain during this climbing season only. Best starting day is Saturday. Remember Iranian weekend is Thursday and Friday.

Climbing Permit

All foreigners who intend to climb Mt Damavand (and also Mt Alam Koh) in Iran either for trekking, mountaineering, ski touring or snowboarding, from any route and in any season, must obtain a climbing permit from Iran Mountain Climbing Federation in advance. The price of Damawand climbing permit is 50 USD per person. See also Permit.

Damavand Skitouring, Hymalia Club April 2013
Damavand Sk itouring
Hymalia Club, April 2013
Photo by Ali Fard

Ski Touring Damavand

Ski, Snowboard, Snowshoes & Ski Mountaineering

Damawand Ski Resort is the highest skiing place in Iran and the middle-east and one of the world's best off-piste ski resorts. This volcano is a popular target for climbing, ski mountaineering, off-piste skitour, Alpine style ski, snowboard and snowshoes tours.

Damawand South face has a mild slope for climbing and is the best route for Ski Mountaineering too. It is more difficult to ski on the other routes. Skiers must ascend on feet or on ski to the peak because there is not any mechanical lifts such as cable car, lift chair, gondola or telecabin in this ski resort.

Ski Season

Damavand Ski Season is from November till mid May. It is possible to ski in winter and spring. The amount of snowfall changes each year. Because of its proximity to the Caspian Sea, Damawand Resort absorbs a great amount of snow in its snow field in autumn, winter and spring. In a good snow season it is possible to ski downhill about 12 Km on mild ski able slopes.

Damavand Tours

We are the leading Damavand Tour Operator in Iran. Our guides are the most experienced mountain guides. Based in Tehran, we organize a wide range of quality tours to Damavand and other Iran mountains for hiking & trekking, climbing, skitouring, snowboard and mountain biking.

We organize different tours extending from a simple summer hiking ideal for beginner, up to advanced Alpine style mountaineering tour in winter suitable for experienced climbers. Many individual climbers, mountaineering groups and tour agencies use our guiding support each year. We support incoming groups with the best possible Services. Visit also our Guestbook.

Moun Damavand Iran Summer View
Moun Damavand Iran Summer View
Highest Peak in the Middle East 5671m, 18,605 ft
Highest volcano in Asia and the second highest in northen hemisphere
Photo Anosh Soltani

About Damavand Mountain

Persia is home of ancient culture and wonderful history. The country is known as Iran in recent era and is blessed with very beautiful and interesting mountains in Alborz and Zagros Mountain Chains worth to be visited and climbed. The highest peak of Iran is called Mount Damawand which is the amazing hero of Iranian myth and folklore.

The oldest name for this volcano is Donbavand (mountain of many faces). But Ferdowsi Tusi, the highly respected Persian poet (940–1020 CE) in Iran has mentioned it in his famous book Shahnameh as Damavand (دماوند), meaning the snowstorm.

Best Source of Information
Recommended by Lonlely Planet - Iran (guide book 6th edtion 2012- page 73)
Tow excellent source of information on all things Damavand: (our weblog) (our website)

Quick Facts

Attitude: 5671 meters, 18,605 feet.
Best Climbing Program: 4 to 5 days.
Best Start point: Polour Camp,
Best Starting Day: Saturday. Read more in Crowd.

Best Climbing Time: 15 June To 20 August. See Timing.
Best Climbing Side: South Route.
Best Camp for Acclimatization: Camp3 New Hut.
Worst Campsite in the Area: Camp2 Base (also called Goosfand Sara or sheepfold!).

Highest peak in Persian Plateau and the Middle East.
Highest dormant volcano in Asia and the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.
Most Recent Eruption: None on record.

Distance from Tehran by road: 80km
Location: North East of Tehran, Iran in Central Alborz Mountain Chain.
Nearest International Airport: IKA Airport (or Mehrabad) Teheran, Iran.

Mount Damavand Summit, April 2014
Ski Touring to Mount Damavand Summit, April 2014


Q- What kind of acclimatisation do you recommend for climbing Damavand Mountain?
A- It all depends to your experience, training and physical fitness. For ordinarily climbers sleeping one nigh at Camp1 Polur 2250 m and 1-2 nights at Camp3 Bargah 4250 m is good enough before the summit push.

Q- Where do you recommend for accommodation for climbing Damawand?
A- The best places for Damavand settlement are Camp1 Polour and Camp3 Bargah New Hut.

Q- I would like to know if is there any risk for altitude sickness on Damavand or how about if we ascend slowly and give our body the chance to acclimatize?
A- There is risk of AMS for the newcomers, we suggest to go slowly and before starting your Damawand program you must know about fitness of all individuals in your team.

Q- We are two team arriving from different parts of Europe and will arrive at different times in Tehran. How do you meet and arrange our transport to the Damawand first camp?
A- Generally we discuss a single transport per team and collect your group when the last team arrives at IKA Airport. But if there is more than 2 hours between your arrival times then we may arrange 2 separate transfers to Damawand.

Q- How can we book Mount Damavand huts by ourselves in trekking season?
A- At the moment it is very difficult to book Mt Damawand resorts in crowded climbing period because there are many demands and few vacancies. But if you register your program with a mountaineering tour operator they may do the reservation.

Q- How long in advance should we apply and book for a trekking tour to Mount Damavand Iran? A- To support you with the best possible services, it is recommended to fix and Register your program 60 days pirior to the starting date.

Q- Can you tell me what facilities are available at Damawand Camp1 Polour Hut?
A- There are enough facilities for accomodation, such as bed, mattress, hot water, shower, stove some mountaineering food.

Q- I wonder if there is any mountain hut at Damavand Camp2 Base (also called Gosfandsara)?
A- No there is not any hut, just a small shelter/refuge and a mosque. The 2nd camp is not suitable place for accommodation or acclimatization in summer.

Q- For climbing Damawand Iran do we need to go to Damavand Camp1 Rineh?
A- If you travel from Tehran to the mountain, the best starting point is Camp1 Polour resort and we do not recommend Reyneh as the starting point any more.
Read also the differences between Camp1 Reyneh and Camp1 Polour.

Q- In May can we spend the night in the Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom old shelter ? What can be found in the old refuge?
A- Yes you can, you may find only empty bunk beds.

Q- Please tell me what facilities are available at Damavand Camp3 Bargah. Are there mattresses to sleep on? A- In non-crowded season you may find mattresses at the third camp Bargah Sevom new hut resort.

Q- Is there any email address for reservation of Damavand Camp3 New Hut and as well as the first camp. A- I have no idea about the email address. At the present time it is very difficult to book Damavand huts in crowded season in advance, especially Camp3 New Hut.

Q- Do we need outside help to ascend Damawand and to reach the 3rd campsite? A- In a good visibility you can find your way and the foot tracks, but in bad visibility and fogy condition it is very difficult to find your way.

Q- We are inexperienced mountaineers with good physical fitness. Do you think we could face any problem to go to the Damavand summit?
A- Very good physical fitness is necessary for Damawand plus good mountaineering experience and suitable weather.

Q- What is the most crowded time for trekking Mount Damavand in summer?
A- The most crowded summer time is Iranian weekend (Thursday and Friday) and holidays. To meet the least possible crowd problem, keep away from long weekends and holidays. It is recommended to kick off your itinerary on Saturday and finish it before weekend.

Q- What kind of equipments do we need for a summer ascend to Damavand Mountain?
A- Bring your personal gears: Good trekking boots, warm jacket and pants, backpack, trekking poles, warm gloves, warm hat (better to cover ears), balaclava, baseball cap, scarf, sun glasses with side covers, sunscreen cream, personal first-aid kit, head lamp, cooking gear, sleeping bag, mattress, tent, eating utensils, GPS or Compass, food and drink.

Read more in Frequently Asked Questions.

Damavand Cap Cloud, Photo  Ardeshir Soltani Mount Damavand Cap Cloud During Sunrise
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

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