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Damavand Mountain, Iran

Damavand a charming high mountain and the photogenic figure of Iran. It is encircled by many virgin trekking trails. This gigantic volcano is one of the Volcanic Seven Summits in the world. Mount Damavand (5670 m - 18600 ft) is an international climbing and ski touring target and one of the world's popular peaks. Damavand Mountain is famous for its gigantic height, its mild hiking slopes and moderate ascending grade.

The ancient Persia is called Iran in the modern era. While amazed by the very ancient history and architecture of Iran, you may forget that Iran also has a breathtaking nature. Mount Damavand, the pinnacle of Iran, is proudly at the top of the list for hiking & trekking. But the best attraction of the country is the hospitality of people which make you feel welcome.

Mount Damavand, Mt Damavand Hike Trek Tour and Ski Touring , Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Mount Damavand Iran
Hike Trek Tour Ski Tour Mount Damavand Iran
Summer View from Haraz Road and Polour Village
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani: Mount Damavand Trekking Guide

A Quick Guide for Trekking Mount Damavand, Iran
Damavand peak is usually covered in a halo of clouds and plays an important role in Iranian folklore and myths. Damavand is more than one of the amazing natural wonders of the country. In a clear sky Damavand summit is not only visible from Tehran, but also as far as 250 km away. This giant perfect cone-shape volcano is also called Volcano Damavand! It is located in the middle of Alborz Mountain Range in north of Iran on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Damavand Mountain height is 5670 meters above sea level (See also Damavand Height by our GPS Measurement). Damavand Volcano is the highest volcanic mountain in Asia and the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.

Mount Damavand, Iran, Final steps to Damavand summit
Final steps to Damavand summit
Photo Amir Manian

Snow covers the entire mountain in winter and the upper parts in the other seasons. Damavand (in Persian دماوند) has a narrow summit crater usually covered with snow-cap and cloud. The snowy white peak with its regular Cloud Cap is the most beautiful sight of Iran. Damawand is surrounded by many good looking peaks of the Alborz Chain. The view of this huge mountain looks more attractive from away than close up. In a clear day it is visible far from 250 km.

Damavand Mountain, Iran, Mt. Damavand winter view from Mt Touchal peak
Damavand Mountain, Iran
winter view from Mt Tochal Peak
Photo Damavand Info

Damavand Mountain Guide

Mount Damavand Guide is a team of motivated professionals, dedicated to providing their clients with adventurous and safe mountain trips and quality Mt. Damavand Trekking Tour Guides. Based in Tehran, Iran Mountain Climbing Guides provides access to the most amazing mountain experiences the Iran Mountains has to offer.

Damavand Mountain Guides are most experienced Iranian mountaineers who offer mountain guiding support for hiking trekking, climbing and ski touring to Alborz Mountain Range and Zagros Mountain Chain in Iran. We are mainly focused on Mt. Damavand Climbing Tours and specialists in VIP guided tours to this giant volcano.

Damavand Iran, Mount Damavand Hike Trek Tour, Gilad Stern and Ardeshir Soltani - October 2007
Damavand Iran
Ardeshir Soltani and Gilad Stern
Mount Damavand Summit - October 2007
Photo by Ali Najafi

Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

Hike Trek Climb Tour Mount Damavand, Iran

Trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran the highest and the most prominent peak of the country is a life time memory. The experience of climbing to this peak with a group of mountaineers from around the world is very rewarding. Before hiking Damavand, it is advised to study all the necessary info for ascending this huge mountain. In our Damavand Forum you can find the most Frequently Asked Questions and the most common answers about climbing this mountain.
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Mt Damavand South Route Difficulty
Damavand Mountain, Iran South Route Difficulty
By A. Soltani

Mount Damavand Ski Touring 2023

Mt. Damavand Ski, Snowboard, Snowshoes & Ski Mountaineering

Damavand Mountain is standing near the Caspian Sea therefore it receives heavy snowfalls in winter consequently it is an ideal place for winter sport activities such as ski tour, snowboard tour and ski mountaineering. Damawand Ski Resort is the highest skiing place in Iran and the middle-east and one of the world's best off-piste ski resorts.

In a snowy year and good snow condition, Mount Damavand is covered in snow and it is possible to ski downhill about 12 Km on mild ski able slopes from Damavand summit to the bottom. Skiers must ascend on feet or on ski to the peak because there is not any mechanical lifts such as cable car, lift chair, gondola or tele cabin in this ski resort.

Damavand South Route is the safest, the best side and a popular target for winter climbing, ski mountaineering, off-piste ski tour, Alpine style ski, snowboard and snowshoes tours. Winter sport activities are much more difficult and risky on the other faces of the mountain. Sometimes it is possible to ski Damavand in winter and spring. Remember that The amount of snowfall changes each year.
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Mount Damavand Iran, Damavand Skitouring, Hymalia Club April 2013
Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Ski Touring
Hymalia Club, April 2013

Mount Damavand, Tehran Iran, Ski Touring to Mt Damavand summit
Mount Damavand, Tehran Iran
Ski Touring Damavand Iran
Ski Team Matthiasb Liebig From Germany - April 2015
Photo by Damavand Info

Damavand Winter Climb

Damavand is a popular peak for trekking in summer. Damavand Winter Climbing is one of the most difficult ones. Although it has mild climbing slopes but freezing temperature and strong winds makes ascend very difficult. South route is the best side for winter sports, other faces are more difficult. For a safe expedition you should be very experinced, physically very fit and well-equipped. You need a high skilled experienced guide. You need a good timing and good weather. You must be well-supported and be ready for any risk.

Damavand Mountain Tehran, Damavand Winter Climbing, Ski Touring & Snowboarding
Damavand Mountain Tehran
Damavand Winter Sport Activities
Winter Climbing, Ski Touring & Snowboarding
Stormy weather, Strong wind, very low temperature, snowfall and foggy condition
Damavand Summit - Photo by Ali Fard

Damavand Winter Season

Damavand Mountain is located near the Caspian Sea and it receives heavy snowfalls in autumn, winter and spring. Damavand Winter Season may start from mid October and last to mid April. In winter condition the wind speed may reach above 100km/h and windchill temprature to -70°C.

Mt Damavand summit
Mount Damavand Iran
Mt, Damavand Summit
Photo Damavand Info

Mt. Damavand Weather Forecast

In general terms and as far as climbing is concerned Damavand Mountain has only two seasons, summer and winter! Autumn and spring are too short and considered as cold weather for trekking. In summer season, mid-June to September, Damavand weather is ideal for trekking. The weather in other seasons is tough and regarded as off-season for trekking.
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Damavand Mountain, Iran, Mt Damavand Strog Wind - Wind Speed 135 Km/h (84 mile/h)
Damavand Mountain, Iran
Damavand Winter Weather - Strog Wind 25 March 2021
Wind Speed 135 Kilometers per hour (84 miles per hour)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mt Damavand Iran

1- Q- Which mountain has the highest peak in West Asia?

A- Damavand Mountain in Iran
Damavand at 5,671 meters above sea level (18,602 ft.) is the highest summit in West-Asia and especially desirable summit for hiking, trekking and mountaineering tours.

2- Q- What is Mt. Damavand known for?

A- Damavand Mountain is the tallest summit in Iran and the highest volcanic mountain in the West-Asia. Mount Damavand and its surrounding areas are popular for hiking & trekking tour, climbing tours, also ski touring.

3- Q- Can you climb Mt Damavand Iran?

A- Yes you can climb Mt. Damavand in Summer season
But because of topographical area also, somewhat high height, winter climbing and ski touring to Mount Damavand Iran is a genuinely difficult climb. Despite the couple of meters contrast in genuine tallness of Damavand, this is an alone and immense mountain with uncommon climate conditions and in excess of 5670 meters elevation.

4- Q- What is the highest volcano in Iran?

A- Damavand Volcano
Mount Damavand is a dormant stratovolcano, the most significant peak in Iran and West-Asia and the most remarkable volcano in Asia, at a height of 5,670 meters (18,600 ft). ... Damavand is the twelfth most prominent top in the world and the second prominent in Asia after Mt Everest.

5- Q- What is the highest volcano in Asia?

A- Volcano Damavand in Persia
Damavand Mountain in Iran is also the largest volcano in Asia, with the elevation of 5,671 masl (18600 ft). It is an active stratovolcano situated in the center of the Alborz Mountains, near the south shore of the Caspian Sea.

6- Q- When was the last eruption of Damavand Volcano in Iran?

A- About 7,200 years ago
Volcano Damavand last eruption was about 7,200 years ago.

7- Q- Where is the highest volcano in the world?

A- Volcano Nevados Ojos del Salado
Volcano Nevados Ojos del Salado (Nevado de Incahuasi), 6,640 mabsl (21790 ft) on the border of Chile-Argentina is the highest volcano in the world, but it rises only about 2,000 m (6560 feet) above its base.

8- Q- Does Iran have any volcanic mountain?

Yes, Iran has some active volcanoes
Persia is located at impact belt between the Eurasian and the Arabian tectonic plate and has at some active intraplate volcanoes, most notably volcano Damavand which is a stratovolcano, and the highest mountain of the middle Eastern region.

9- Q- Which continent has the most volcanoes?

A- Asia , Indonesia in Asia
Indonesia in Asia has the most volcanoes in the world. Volcano Tambora erupted in 1815 and still holds the record for the largest in recent history.

10- Q- Is Mount Damavand visible from Tehran?

A- Yes Damavand Mountain is visible from Tehran.
In a clear sky Damavand Volcano is not only visible from Tehran, but also visible far from 250 Km away!

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