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Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Mountain, Iran is the highest ski resort in the middle-east and is a popular target for winter sport activities. In good snow condition it is possible to ski the whole mountain, a very impressive 12,000 metres (39,370 feet) of vertical descent. Damawand Ski Resort is a suitable resort for wild ski touring, off-piste ski tour and snowboarding.
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Joint Polish and Slovakian Ski Teams, April 2013, Skitour Damavand Iran
Skitouring Damavand Iran
Joint Polish and Slovakian Ski Teams, April 2013
Photo by Ali Fard

Due to its vicinity to the Caspian Sea Mount Damavand receives a good amount of snowfalls during the year, especially in winter season. Damavand South Route is the best route for ski touring, it has a mild slope for ascending up to 5200 meters and after that it gets steeper. Ski mountaineering is much more difficult on other faces. It is possible to ski Damawand in winter and spring. Mount Damavand Climbing Tour.

Damavand resort has no mechanical facility like ski lift, cable cabin, chair lift, gondola or telecabin. Therefore ascend is done on feet (crampons), snowshoes or by ski (skins).

Damavand Ski and Snowboard Season

Damavand ski timing is depended to the amount of snowfall in the area. The amount of snow is different each year and it relys on the weather and the amount of snowfall. The ski season may starts from Mid November and last until mid May. Damavand Ski Tours generally go in March & April. It is recommended to check the snow condition in advance before you fix your program and travelling to the area. Climb Damavand Mountain in Iran.

Skitour Damavand Iran, Tadeusz Kacprowski From Poland
Tadeusz Kacprowski From Poland, Frozen Mustache
Damavand Peak, April 2013
Picture by Ali Fard
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Ski Tour to Mount Damavand Peak, Dream Ski Teams from Slovakia and Poland, April 2013
Ski Tour to Mount Damavand Summit
Dream Ski Teams from Slovakia and Poland, April 2013
Image by Ali Fard

Damavand Ski GPS Track

This GPS track file is ideal for Damavand ski touring and snowboarding to enjoy about 3000 meters long distance and 1400 meters vertical drop during winter and go down from the Damavand Summit 5671 m to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom 4200 m.

It is the best descend trail of the south face and a good downhill track for wild skitour and freestyle snowboarding to avoid rocky parts, suitable when the valleys are covered with enough ice and snow. Trekking Mt. Damavand Iran.

This descend route is located between summit and the Camp3 New Hut, the covered area is  without guideposts, but in good visibility you can find your way easily. Please remember this track is slightly different from ascend trail.

Skitour Damavand Iran, Ski Teams from Slovakia and Poland, April 2013
Skitour Damavand Iran
Ski Teams from Slovakia and Poland, April 2013
Early Morning Kickoff from Camp3 New Hut
Photo by Ali Fard


GPS Track File in GPX Format for Downhill Skitours

(Damavand summit to Camp3 New Hut)
by Garmin Oregon 550 Navigator

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GPS Landmarks.

Snowboarding Mt Damavand
Snowboarding Mt Damavand
Photo A. Soltani

Mount Damavand Iran, View from Mount Tochal
Mount Damavand Iran
View from Mount Tochal Summit
Photo A. Soltani

Damavand Ski Resort Facts and Statistics

Snow Depths: 2 to 5m
Distance from Tehran: 80km

Targeted Activities

Skitour, snowboard, off-piste skiing, ski mountaineering, wild dowhill skitouring, mountaineering, climbing, hiking trekking.

Skiiable Distance

Go downhill from one of the following places to the winter starting point:
Gravel Road Junction No5 in GPS Landmark.

Summit to Camp3 Hut: 3300 m  
Camp3 to Camp2 Base: 4700 m
Camp2 Base to Junction: 4000 m
Total Distance Summit to Gravel Road Junction: 12000 m

Vertical Drop

Damavand Altitude: 5671m
Max Vertical Drop: 3400 m


Highest Resort Altitude, Camp3 New Hut: 4250 m
Lowest Resort Altitude Camp1 Polour: 2270 m

Season Availability

Skiing season varies from November to April.


6 Day Weather Forecast for Mt Damavand.


Damavand is located on Haraz Road 80km North East of Tehran, in Mazandaran Province Iran,
about 90 Km south of the Caspian Sea. The closest international airport is IKA Airport in south Tehran and the nearest domestic Airport is Mehrabad in west Tehran, the transfer time is about 2 hours. The nearest train station is at Tehran. Damavand Mountain Trekking Guide.

Major Ski Resorts Nearby

AbAli Resort.
Darbandsar Resort.
Dizin Resort.
Lasem off piste area.
Shemshak Resort.
Tochal Resort.

Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Mt Damavand Road and Route Map
By A. Soltani

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