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Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran

Ski touring Mount Damavand 5670-meter is an unforgettable experience! In optimum snow conditions, it is possible to ski the whole Damavand mountain slope, which drops almost 12,000 meters (40,000 feet).

Skitour Damavand Iran
Skitouring Damavand Iran
Photo by Ali Fard

Mountaineering on skis one on of the most well-liked ski resorts worldwide for adventurous ski tours is Damavand Iran, the highest ski resort in Persia and the middle-east. Ski touring, ski mountaineering, snowboard touring, off-piste skiing, wild skiing, and backcountry skiing are all popular winter sports at Damavand ski resort.

Mount Damavand ski resort receives a lot of snowfall all year long because of its proximity to the Caspian Sea, although it snows the most in the winter. The south path, which offers a gentle ascent up to 5200 meters before getting steeper immediately before the top, is the best ski route. Ski mountaineering to Damavand is far more difficult on other faces. Skiing is possible in the winter and spring on Damavand. There are no mechanical facilities such as a cable cabin, chair lift, gondola, or ski lift at the Damavand resort. One utilizes skis with skins, snowshoes, or crampons to ascend the mountain.

Ski Tour to Mount Damavand Peak
Ski Tour to Mount Damavand Summit
Image by Ali Fard

Damavand Mountain Ski Season

Ski season in Damavand, the local snowfall determines the Mount Damavand ski season and the timing of the slopes. Every year, depending on the weather and snowfall, the amount of snow varies. Damavand ski tour may start in mid-November and last until mid-May. March and April are the typical months for Damavand ski expeditions. Prior to making travel plans and leaving for your trip, it is advisable to check the snow conditions. Always see the Damavand weather forecast before deciding to start.

Mount Damavand Iran, View from Mount Tochal
Mount Damavand Iran
View from Mount Tochal Summit
Photo A. Soltani

Damavand Ski Mountaineering

In general, hiking, and trekking are popular summer activities on Iran's Mount Damavand. However, Damavand has recently grown in popularity for ski mountaineering, ski touring and snowboarding because to its incredible height of 5670 m and convenient access from Tehran, the country's capital. In perfect conditions, it is possible to ski downhill for about 12 kilometers on easy skiable slopes. Without a question, one of the top off-piste ski mountaineering resorts in the world. Discover more information on How to Climb Mount Damavand Iran.

The start of the south and western ski mountaineering routes in Damavand lies in Polour Village complex mountain resort, about two hours' drive from Tehran. Polour Mountain Hut is open throughout the winter. This resort is roughly the same size as the Cosmiques hut on the Mont Blanc Massif. Only calm conditions are suitable for skiing up to Damavand's top. Otherwise, schedule some time for mor acclimatization and good weather. Prepare your ski equipment at the first ski area.

Damavand Ski Tour 2023

Your greatest source for information on Damavand ski, hotels, attractions, dining, and ski trip guides is Damavand Guide. Providing mountain guide assistance for hiking, climbing, and Damavand trekking excursion is a group of accomplished Iranian ski mountaineers. Private ski tours in Damavand are highly advised for visiting parties and foreign mountaineers. One of the best Damavand itineraries for relaxing 5-7 days is the Damavand ski-touring (classic program), which includes days of wild skiing. The challenge is really high. You will ski across Damavand Mountain and ski up Doberar Mountain. This trip requires climbing Damavand peak and skiing back down from its summit.

A few of the excursions offered tours by Damavand Guide are the trekking tour (4-5 days), Damavand ski adventure tour (5-7 days), Damavand climbing tour north-eastern route (5 days), and Doberar ski tour + Damavand ski touring. We are Iran's top company offering ski tours to Damavand. Our mountain guides have the most experience. We plan various events from our Tehran office. Although Mount Damavand is accessible year-round, most people think that the ideal seasons for hiking and ski touring are summer and winter, respectively.

Skitour Damavand Iran
Skitour Damavand Iran
Photo by Ali Fard

You will ski up to Damavand's summit during this tour along the southern track, which is thought to be the easiest and goes through the huts with the greatest amenities. Use Damavand Guide to organize your ski adventure and return trip. Book with confidence because there are no additional expenses for the Damavand tour. Free advice regarding Damavand while skiing, take advantage of a convenient small-group trip to get a closer look at the local way of life. Tourists who like to be active can join Damavand economy excursions. Place your order right away! Apply by email.

Regarding skiing opportunities in the middle east, Iran is extremely different from the rest of the region! There are several large mountains with high peaks and ski slopes that are suitable for many sorts of skiing, including ski touring to the Alborz mountains, ski touring to Damavand, and other guided ski packages in Iran.

Damavand Guide offers guided ski trips to the Doberar Mountain (4070 m) and the Changizchal Summit (3640 m), ski adventure tours to the Angemar Peak (4045 m), and Iran ski tours to the Parvaneh Mountain (3750 m),  at the Damavand ski resort and other ski regions close by For more useful details about Lasem Village and the Lasem skiing resort's vantage point above Mount Doberar.

In addition, local ski guides in Iran offer guided ski tours and ski touring services to other Iranian ski resorts like the Zagros mountain range for ski tour packages as well as for regular skiing on designated ski runs and slopes for snowboarding and snow skiing, such as ski guides to Tochal, Dizin ski resorts, and ski mountaineering guides to Shemshak ski slopes, etc. Read more about Iran ski resorts in Lasem and DarbandSar.

Iran Ski Touring
Iran Ski Tour

Iran Ski Tour

Other Iran Ski Touring; Ski Mountaineering and Ski Resorts
Iran is home to many enormous mountains with high tops and slopes suitable for various types of skiing. Take advantage of your ski trip. Packages for all-inclusive, individualized care in Iran. Skiing and mountaineering are both well-liked pastimes in the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges. In these mountain ranges, there is tremendous potential for wild ski touring. Fantastic skiing trip with friendly company! Contact Damavand Ski Tour Guide if you've been wanting to go skiing in Iran for a while.

A full-board five to ten-day ski trip's itinerary calls for skiing Mount Damavand as well as taking advantage of the country's powder snow conditions in the Alborz and Zagros mountains, Mount Alam Kouh (Iran's Alpine), Mount Doberar ridgeline, Mount Sabalan, and Mount Zard Kouh. Due to the stunning snow on Alborz Mountain, the ski season in Iran starts earlier than usual. Adventure skiing in the Iranian mountains over snowy terrain.

In addition to a cultural tour of Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, or Kashan, the Alamkouh ski touring itinerary includes trips to Mount Alam kouh and Mount Damavand. On this route, you will ski up Alam-kouh (4850 m) and Damavand (5670 m). Alborz ski resorts. Mount Damavand skiing, tailored travel. Skiing on long runs near to a reachable ski resort was a highlight of the vacation. Trek Iran's Mount Damavand: You can climb Mount Damavand and Mount Alam Koh if you wish to go hiking, mountaineering, ski touring, or snowboarding.

Mt. Damavand and Mt. Doberar Ski Tour
Mount Doberar, also referred to as Doberar Ridgeline and Doberar Massif, is located in the middle of the Alborz mountain range near to Damavand Iran. A premier ski expedition excursion for experienced skiers to the ski regions near Lasem village. The widest selection of outstanding and noteworthy Iran ski trips.

One of the top ski mountaineering trips in Iran is the Mount Damavand ski adventure along the Doberar Ridgeline ski tour. A unique experience and off-piste ski touring in wild remote area. There are lots of slopes without any trees or rocks. The greatest skiing Iran has to offer. Packages for upscale ski vacations. Your ideal ski trip to Iran is what we arrange.

Ski the Do-Berar Ridge and Mount Damavand
Do-Berar Ridge and Mount Damavand skiing
Lasem village, the beginning of the Mount Doberar ridgeline, is about a 40-minute drive from Polour Resort. Ski all day to one of the following summits: Changizchal Peak (4100 m), Doberar summit (4250 m), or Parvaneh Peak (3950 m), then drive back to Polour Campsite (2,200 m) or spend the night in Lasem village (2750 m). It might be possible to modify the tour itinerary in some ways to suit your needs.

The route includes ascents of Sabalan (4810 meters) and Damavand (5670 meters) by ski. The world's best terrain for assurance, style, and ease is found atop Damavand Iran's tallest mountain. by taking a cultural tour to Shiraz or Esfahan. With the Mt. Sabalan ski-touring package, skiers may enjoy skiing in Iran while simultaneously climbing one of the country's most famous peaks. Before attempting Mount Damavand, one of the preferred targets is Mount Savlan Iran. Off-piste ski touring, snowboarding, and wild skiing are all popular at this resort.

Zard Kouh Ski Touring
The Zagros mountain range in Iran features many significant mountain peaks that are over 4,000-meter above sea level, including Zard Kouh, which is the best skiable summit. If you deviate from the path, Mount Zard-Kouh is a great, untouched place for extreme skiers. One of the best ski trip in Iran is Mount ZardKuh ski tour. Plus, Damavand Iran, the tallest ski resort in the middle east which is located in Alborz mountain range, a well-liked destination for winter sports activities. Ski the backcountry with experienced guides in safety. With Iran Mountain Guides, you may go split-boarding and backcountry skiing too.

Snowboarding Mt Damavand
Snowboarding Mt Damavand
Photo A. Soltani

Ski Touring Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Mountain, Iran is the highest ski resort in the middle-east and is a popular target for winter sport activities. In good snow condition it is possible to ski the whole mountain, a very impressive 12,000 metres (39,370 feet) of vertical descent. Damawand Ski Resort is a suitable resort for wild ski touring, off-piste ski tour and snowboarding.
Find extremely well written articles in Damavand Info.

Due to its vicinity to the Caspian Sea Mount Damavand receives a good amount of snowfalls during the year, especially in winter season. Damavand South Route is the best route for ski touring, it has a mild slope for ascending up to 5200 meters and after that it gets steeper. Ski mountaineering is much more difficult on other faces. It is possible to ski Damawand in winter and spring.

Damavand resort has no mechanical facility like ski lift, cable cabin, chair lift, gondola or telecabin. Therefore ascend is done on feet (crampons), snowshoes or by ski (skins).

Damavand Ski and Snowboard Season

Damavand ski timing is depended to the amount of snowfall in the area. The amount of snow is different each year and it relys on the weather and the amount of snowfall. The ski season may starts from Mid November and last until mid May. Damavand Ski Tours generally go in March & April. It is recommended to check the snow condition in advance before you fix your program and travelling to the area. Climb Damavand Mountain in Iran.

Skitour Damavand Iran, Tadeusz Kacprowski From Poland
Tadeusz Kacprowski From Poland, Frozen Mustache
Damavand Peak, April 2013
Picture by Ali Fard
Damavand Ski Tour Guide

Damavand Ski GPS Track

This GPS track file is ideal for Damavand ski touring and snowboarding to enjoy about 3000 meters long distance and 1400 meters vertical drop during winter and go down from the Damavand Summit 5671 m to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom 4200 m.

It is the best descend trail of the south face and a good downhill track for wild skitour and freestyle snowboarding to avoid rocky parts, suitable when the valleys are covered with enough ice and snow. Trekking Mt. Damavand Iran.

This descend route is located between summit and the Camp3 New Hut, the covered area is  without guideposts, but in good visibility you can find your way easily. Please remember this track is slightly different from ascend trail.


GPS Track File in GPX Format for Downhill Skitours

(Damavand summit to Camp3 New Hut)
by Garmin Oregon 550 Navigator

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GPS Landmarks.

Damavand Ski Resort Facts and Statistics

Snow Depths: 2 to 5m
Distance from Tehran: 80km

Targeted Activities

Skitour, snowboard, off-piste skiing, ski mountaineering, wild dowhill skitouring, mountaineering, climbing, hiking trekking.

Skiiable Distance

Go downhill from one of the following places to the winter starting point:
Gravel Road Junction No5 in GPS Landmark.

Summit to Camp3 Hut: 3300 m  
Camp3 to Camp2 Base: 4700 m
Camp2 Base to Junction: 4000 m
Total Distance Summit to Gravel Road Junction: 12000 m

Vertical Drop

Damavand Altitude: 5671m
Max Vertical Drop: 3400 m


Highest Resort Altitude, Camp3 New Hut: 4250 m
Lowest Resort Altitude Camp1 Polour: 2270 m

Season Availability

Skiing season varies from November to April.


6 Day Weather Forecast for Mt Damavand.


Damavand is located on Haraz Road 80km North East of Tehran, in Mazandaran Province Iran,
about 90 Km south of the Caspian Sea. The closest international airport is IKA Airport in south Tehran and the nearest domestic Airport is Mehrabad in west Tehran, the transfer time is about 2 hours. The nearest train station is at Tehran. Damavand Mountain Trekking Guide.

Major Ski Resorts Nearby

AbAli Resort.
Darbandsar Resort.
Dizin Resort.
Lasem off piste area.
Shemshak Resort.
Tochal Resort.

Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Mt Damavand Road and Route Map
By A. Soltani

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