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Damavand Volcano, Iran

Damavand Volcano in Iran is a silent dormant volcano. It looks like Fujiyama in Japan but much greater. Its snowy white top with its regular clouds is the most nice-loking vista of Iran. There has been no eruption in historical times and records so Mount Damavand in Iran is regarded as an extinct silent volcano. There are some hot springs on its lower slopes like Larijan village. At Damavand summit there is a crater about 150-200 meters across, with a lot of yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones.
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Damavand Iran
Volcanic Activity Damavand Volcano, Iran

The Main Vent of the Volcano Located on the Sout Route near Summit Crater
Mount Damavand Info

At altitude 5400-5500 meters there are also some sulfuric gas making a little problem for climbers. Because of its great height, the view from top is very extensive, a big panorama of mountains and valley covering many hundreds of square Kilometers. All around are other peaks of the Alborz Mountains, in the north to the Caspian Sea plane and in the south descending to the deserts of central Iran. It is the highest peak of Iran and Middle East and the highest summit if you travel from Europe eastward to Iran.

Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Volcano Iran

Damavand Volcanic Activity
Since spring 2007, there has been some extraordinary activities such as significant emission of gas, steam, sulfurous materials and increase in hot spring temperature of Volcano Damawand.

There was some unverified news about new volcanic activity of Damavand Volcano, Iran on the media in April 2012. To give a clear view of what is happening, here you may read the latest information by climbers who have been to the volcano summit in early April 2012.

Note about the Trip Reports
Remember these guys are mountaineers and just focused on trekking Damavand mountain and they are not geologist and nor the experts who studies the history and development of the volcanoes!

Trip Report I
18 April 2012 By Azad Mountaineering Group Iran.
This observation indicates an ordinary gas emissions (no change since 2007) of Damavand activity and signifies the volcano visually shows the regular white emissions rising about few meters above the summit form the main southern vent.

- On 5th April regular sulfur emission was observed on the main Southern vent.
- This southern vent has been active since June 2007.
- This current emission has entered its 5th year.
- The volcano has been on stable condition since 2007.
- The volcano has not shown any signs of major unrest recently.
- There has been no recorded volcanic tremor or earthquakes recently.
- No recent eruptions were observed or occurred at the volcano.
- No new lava flow observed at summit crater or on the flanks.
- There is no ash fall.
- No exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.

Trip Report II
A new smoke emission is reported on the West face of Damavand by another team, and for the first time this year, some new smoke and gas emission was reported in April 2012 on the Western side by a mountaineering group, but not verified yet by any other teams.

There was a good amount of rain and snow fall in winter 2011 on the area. This could increase the amount of gas and steam emission from the vents in the in following year, also it may increase the temperature of thermal springs in 2012. We experienced similar events in winter 2006 and consequently some small volcanic activities in 2007.

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Activity of Damavand Volcan 19 June 2007

Volcano Damavand, Volcanic Activity

Damavand Volcanic Activity in 2007
The volcanic activity of Damawand is unusual and much higher than usual in this year (2007), the photos shows the most active part very closed to the top on the South route. When reaching this area keep away from the smokes and continue your way up against the wind direction. In case of feeling too much gas a handkerchief spread with vinegar is enough to pass the area. You do not necessarily need oxygen mask, it is optional.

Vinegar Mask for Mt Damavand
Damavand Volcano Iran
To pass the sulphur area you may make a vinegar mask!!
Behind the Main Vent of the Volcano is visibale

Vinegar Mask
While trekking near Damavand summit, don’t be afraid of the sulfuric area, prepare a mask or a handkerchief and some vinegar and if/when necessary, make a simple vinegar mask quickly! It may help you! When reaching the sulphur area, dependent upon the wind direction, change your way opposite the gas and smoke and keep away as far as possible from the smokes.
In case of feeling and smelling too much gas, it is the moment to make the vinegar mask! Apply/spread little vinegar on the handkerchief and cover your mouth and nose with this mask and pass the area. You do not necessarily need oxygen mask.

Mount Damavand Iran
Volcano Damavand Iran

Important Note
Mountaineers who ascend from the South face are advised to remain at least 20 meters away from the main vent of the volcano which is located on the South route near the summit crater.

Damavand Volcano is the most noteworthy peak in Iran and the most elevated well of lava in all Asia. The last eruption and most recent volcanic activity happened around 7000 years ago and delivered magma streams from the summit hole that spread the western flank. It has dynamic fumaroles just underneath the summit, fumaroles vent just beneath the summit transmits hot steam and hot SO2-rich gases. Mt. Damavand Trekking Tour. Damavand has just couple of flank vents. There is an amazing fumaroles vent on the south route close to the summit peak which discharges hot steam and SO2-rich gases. Dynamic fumaroles at the summit propose that the well of lava is as yet dynamic. Just underneath the summit, there are squares of unadulterated Sulfur and expansive Sulfur-bearing squares. Sulfur stores are available on the encompassing inclines.

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Damavand Mountain, Iran, Tenting in Damavand Climbing Itinerary
Damavand Mountain, Iran
Tenting in Damavand Climbing Itinerary

FAQ Damavand Volcano

Is Damavand Volcano active?
Is Mount Damavand still an active Volcano?
Damavand in Iran is a silent dormant volcano. There has been no eruption in historical times and records. Damavand Iran is regarded as a potentially active volcano and it may erupt in future. Fumaroles at the summit crater suggest that the volcano is still active.

What is the highest volcano in Iran?
Damavand Volcano (5670 m - 18600 ft) is the highest volcanic mountain in Iran and Asia and the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere. Damavand is one of the Volcanic Seven Summits in the world. It is the most significant peak in Iran and the most remarkable volcano in Asia. Damavand is a potentially active stratovolcano, it is the twelfth most prominent top in the world and the second prominent in Asia after Mt Everest. Damavand is situated between Tehran and the Caspian Sea in the middle of Elburs Mountains Iran.

What is the highest volcano in Asia?
Volcano Damavand (5670 m - 18600 ft) in Persia. The highest volcano in Asia and the 2nd largest volcano in Northern Hemisphere. It is an active stratovolcano situated in the center of the Alborz Mountains, near the south shore of the Caspian Sea. Snow covers the entire Damavand in winter.

When was the last time Damavand erupted?

When was the last eruption of Damavand Volcano in Iran?

Volcano Damāvand became volcanically active at least 1.8 million years ago, and its most-recent eruption was about 7,000 years ago, but some evidence suggests magmatic activity between 2,000 and 3,000 years ago. Although there is no recorded eruption in the recent history, but fumaroles at the summit crater and hot spring at slopes suggest that Damavand volcano is still active.

Does Iran have any volcanic mountain?
Yes, Iran has some volcanoes such as Damavand Volcano 5,670 m, Sabalan Volcano 4,811 m, Sahand Volcano 3,707 m and Taftan Volcano 3,941 m. Persian plateau is located at impact belt between the Eurasian and the Arabian tectonic plate and has at some active intraplate volcanoes, most notably volcano Damavand which is a stratovolcano, and the highest mountain of the middle Eastern and west Asia region.

Which continent has the most volcanoes?
Asia , Indonesia in Asia. Indonesia in Asia has the most volcanoes in the world. Volcano Tambora erupted in 1815 and still holds the record for the largest in recent history.

Where is the highest volcano in the world?
Volcano Nevados Ojos del Salado (Nevado de Incahuasi), 6,640 mabsl (21790 ft) on the border of Chile-Argentina is the highest volcano in the world, but it rises only about 2,000 m (6560 feet) above its base.

Mt Damavand Iran, Damavand Cap Cloud, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand volcano, Iran
Damavand Cap Cloud During Sunrise
View from Sorkheh-Hesar Park Tehran
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

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