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Mount Damavand

Damavand Mountain is the highest summit in Iran and the highest volcano in all Asia. This giant 5,671 meters volcano is situated in the central part of the Alborz Mountain Range in the south coast of the Caspian Sea north-east of Tehran, Iran. Damawand Mountain is a perfect cone-shape volcano, it has a narrow peak with snowcap. Damavand is surrounded by many beautiful peaks of the Alburz Mountain Chain such as Doberar Mountain.

Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

Many climbers have dreamed of standing on the peak of Damavand, a giant (18,606 feet) high mountain, the highest summit in Iran. Now it is the time to let your dreams come true. We have a team of the most experienced Iranian mountain guides who are mainly focused on Mount Damawand Iran. Many mountaineering groups, individuals and tour agencies use our guiding support each year. More in Damavand General Info FAQ.

The snowy peak of Damavand with its regular cloud caps is one of the most beautiful sight of Iran.There is no recorded historic eruptions on Damawand Volcano so that is why some people believe it is a silent volcano. But Volcano Damāwand is considered as a potentially active dormant volcano as it has fumaroles and sulfur gas coming out near the crater.

Climbing Damavand Iran
Climbing Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand Iran
At the stature of 5,670 meters (18,600 feet) above sea level, Damavand is the most noteworthy crest in Iran and nicknamed as the top-of-Iran. Situated amidst Elburz Mountain Range, this excellent well of lava is something beyond one of the nation's fabulous regular miracles. For more data on the best way to trek Damavand read our sites to perceive what's out there.

With so much antiquated history and design to wonder about, you may overlook that Iran has additionally made some amazing nature. Sitting gladly at the highest priority on the rundown is the image of Iran, Mount Damavand, whose pinnacle dependably is by all accounts encompassed in a radiance of mists. Find your next incredible experience in Iran with our manual for climbing damavand.

Quick Guide to Hiking Up Mount Damavand in Iran
Damavand is a standout amongst the most open 5,000-meter crests on the planet, and there are 16 courses of fluctuating trouble. Some are more qualified towards increasingly experienced climbers with access to specialized gear. Then again, a course like Yakhar Valley, which is home to one of the biggest ice sheets, is viewed as almost difficult to climb. Hot springs flank the southern face, making it the most prominent course, with a halfway camp at 4,250 meters (13,943.5 feet), while the western way is known for its stunning perspective on the nightfall. The suggested season is among June and September, with winter months prescribed distinctly for prepared mountain climbers. Visit also Damavand Itinerary.

A perfect climbing schedule to Damavand would take around four to five days, however cultivated and physically fit explorers might probably achieve the summit in the better piece of two days.

Damavand Map
Damavand Map
By Simaye Kouch

Trek Damavand

A trek to the top of-Iran is certain to be a standout amongst the most noteworthy and one of a kind encounters you'll have while visiting. You'll have an amazing feeling of achievement, however you will have additionally earned the most extreme regard of any Iranian you meet from that point, which is maybe significantly all the more fulfilling.

Trek Damavand with 4-multi day visit with Damavand Info, a group of specialists who arrange mountain, culture and nature visits with adequate acclimatization to maintain a strategic distance from any elevation disorder, which means move higher than the rest stops at that point return so as to become accustomed to the height.

In many mountains in Iran, asylums, camps, and visitor houses are accessible in route, the best of which is Polour Complex (named after the town) was worked by the Iran Mountaineering Federation.

Damavand assumes a noticeable job in Iranian fables, specifically in Ferdowsi's epic sonnet Shahnameh. In one legend, detestable dictator Zahak is detained here in the wake of being crushed in a revolt. It's additionally the site where unbelievable legend Arash the Archer shoots a bolt to characterize the outskirt between the contesting grounds of Iran and Turan. Nowadays, Mount Damavand is delineated on both the turn around side of the 10,000 Rial note and some Damavand-brand organizations and trekking visit associations.

Volcano (Fountain of liquid magma)
Since there haven't been any emissions on record, Damavand is thought of as a lethargic fountain of liquid magma, in spite of the fact that it is here and there considered possibly dynamic because of the sulfurous gases produced from close to the cavity.

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