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How To Climb Damavand?

In this topic you learn how to climb Damavand from four different routes and find the best instructions to organize and manage your plan to Damavand. Also increase your chance of success to the summit and enjoy a safe trek to Damavand peak. This guidance is ideal for ordinary mountaineers with ordinary climbing skills and common gears.

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Climbing Mount Damavand Iran, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
How To Climb Damavand Mountain in Iran
Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom Old Shelter at 4200 m (and the New Hut)
Photo by A. Soltani

Damavand Climbing Routes

Mt. Damavand has 16 routes for hiking trekking, mountaineering and climbing. Among these routes four trekking trails are preferred above others. The four favorite routes are South, West, North and the North-East routes. Each of these trails have at least one shelter/refuge at about 4000m altitude.

Mount Demavand Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering and Climbing Route Map
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Mount Demavand Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering and Climbing Route Map
By Simaye Kouch

Damavand South Route

Damavand classic south route is the most popular side of Damavand, with an excellent new mountain resort at 4250m. Most climbers prefer the South route. Damavand southern side is the easiest and the quickest route to climb Mount Damavand. This route begins a drive from Tehran to Polour Village. In this route you will see very beautiful views.

How To Climb Damavand from South Route?

Damavand South Route Itinerary in Details

Relaxing Itinerary for Mt Damavand South Face
There are different Itineraries for Trekking Tour to Damavand Iran. Here we have choosen and explained a simple and the most favorite one. You can make some modifications to this program to best suite your time and plan. This five days favorite Damavand Itinerary is ideal for newcomers, ordinary climbers and foreign mountain tourist who intend to challenge the mountain from the south route. After finishing your program, you may have some spared time to go to Abe Garm Larijan thermal hot spring too.

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Mt Damavand Route Map
Damavand South Route Map
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Damavand West Route

Damavand west route type is basic mountaineering with difficulty and climbing grade moderate walk-up, basic snow and cold and very difficult descend. There is a refuge at 4200 m called Simorgh Shelter. The refuge is called Panagah Simorgh in Farsi. 
: Simorgh means Roc. Roc is a gigantic legendary bird, said to carry off elephants and other large beasts for food. It is mentioned in the famous collection of Iranian tales.

How to Climb Damavand from West Route?

The west route is another way to climb Damavand. Its the second popular side of the mountain after the classic south route. If you intend to trek Damavand from the western front, you have to go to Haraz road, then go to Polour Village. In summer season, from Polour 4WD cars may take you to Lar Dam Road and up to the starting point which is called Parking Area. Generally, the ascent starts from this base in Vararo. The altitude of this base camping site is about 3400 meters high. After reaching the Parking area, you should hike to Simorgh Shelter. A good feature of Simorgh Refuge is the presence of running water there. Overnight stay at Simorgh refuge or in the tenting area.

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Climb Damavand from the Western Route
Climb Damavand from the West Route

Damavand North-East Route

Damavand North-East Route
Climbing from the northeastern side of Damavand Iran

The northeast front of Damavand (Nandel village path) is one of the most beautiful routes to climb to Damavand peak. If you intend to climb Damavand or visit its sights, choose this route. The beauties of the northeastern part of Damavand are countless and even pictures cannot show it.
Damavand north-east route type is mountaineering with difficulty long and hard ascend with cold and wind and long descend. It has a shelter called Takht-e Fereydoun at about 4380m.

How to Climb Damavand from North-East Route?

Damavand North-East side is another way to climb to Damavand Peak, it is longer than other routes. For this side, climbers have two different trails:

A- Starting from the Gazaneh Village, this route is longer and crosses the Talkh Roud (bitter river).

Climb Mount Damavand from the Northeastern Route Map - Gazaneh Trail
Climb Mount Damavand Iran
North East Route Map - Gazaneh Trail

B- Another option is through Nandal Village, this route shorter and the recommended trail.

Climb Mount Damavand from the Northeastern Route Map - Nandal Trail
Climb Mount Damavand From North East Route - Nandal Trail

Of course, these two routes meet at a place known as the refuge of Takht Fereydoun Shelter and after that, the ascent from the northeastern front has a specific and identical route. Because the ascent through the village of Gazneh is longer, most climbers prefer to start from Nandel village. If you travel from Nandal village, then you can rent a 4WD car to take you to starting point called Gardaneh-Sar sheepfold (or walk the route by yourself).

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Damavand North Route

Trekking Mount Damavand From North Face
Mt Damavand north face is considered Damavand most difficult route among the main routes, but due to the existence of a dirt road, facilities and shelters, it can be said to be easier than some of Damavand's secondary unpopular routes. In general terms, climbing to Damavand from any route is always a difficult program due to the great height of this giant volcano.

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Hiking Trekking Damavand - Tehran to Nandal Village Road Map
Trekking Damavand Iran
Tehran to Nandal Village Road Map

Climb Mount Damavand Iran - Northe Face Road Map
Climb Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Northe Face Road Map

How to Climb Damavand North Face?

Climbing Mount Damavand Iran from North Route

Generally speaking, Climbing Damavand mountain from the north face is usually done by groups in the form of 3-5 days program. In such a plan on the first day, in the early morning travel from Tehran to Nandel Village and then by a 4WD car drive to the hiking starting point called the Big Stone at an altitude of 2,900 meters above sea level before the noon. And trek to the first campsite, called 4000 refuge or to the second camp, called 5000 shelter before the darkness.  

From the Big Rock you may give the extra luggage to the mules to carry to the first campsite (4 thousand shelter) or maybe below the second shelter (5 thousand shelter) at altitude of about 4400 meters and half an hour before the second shelter. The porter and mule can be arranged in advance in the Nandal village.

4-Day Itinerary Damavand North Route

A four-day program to Damavand Peak from the northern route gives climbers the best and most logical itinerary for the ascent.

Travel from Tehran to Nandal Village. Spend the first night before the ascent in the village of Nandel mountaineering house or preferably in the tenting area at Big Stone. Proper sleep is very important before climbing to heights above 4000 meters,

On the second day, trek with a heavy backpack and all the equipment from the Big Rock to the first shelter at an altitude of 4,000 meters. One the first day if you talk to the mule man it is also possible to give your heavy equipment to the porter and mule to be carried to the first shelter before your arrival. In the afternoon at the first shelter, you can spend a good amount of time acclimatizing to a higher altitude and then rest and sleep properly before summit push at the first shelter.

If you are not exhausted, it is also a good idea to go directly to the second shelter because on the summit day you have more time to ascend to Damavand peak and descend back to high campsite. Hiking from the starting point Big Rock to the first shelter takes about 4-5 hours on average.  Mountaineering from the first shelter to the second shelter is about 3 hours. Climbing from the second shelter to Damavand summit is about 5-6 hours.

On the third day start your trek early morning at around 5 am with a light backpack, depending on the season and the weather conditions, after passing the second shelter, challenge the final part to Damavand peak. You should be able to climb about 1600 meters before noon and reach the summit. Then with proper timing, return to the second shelter without pressure and finally to the first shelter, which is your overnight place, and spend the night in the first shelter to recover your lost energy.

On the fourth and final day, take your heavy backpack and overnight equipment and depending on the time you have, reach the Big Stone and your vehicle before noon or evening and return back to Tehran and finish the program.

It is usually more common to go directly to the second shelter because on the second day you have more time to ascend to Damavand peak and descend back to high campsite. Hiking from the starting point Big Rock to the first shelter takes about 4-5 hours on average.  Mountaineering from the first shelter to the second shelter is about 3 hours. Climbing from the second shelter to Damavand summit is about 5-6 hours.
4-Day Itinerary Damavand North Route MDIC22JUL10D

Damavand North Route Campsites

A- Nandal Village
Nandel Village mountaineers' Camp - Mr Salehi.
Height 2350 meters - it is a Local house
Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 36.030330° - Longitude: 52.174072°

B- Big Stone
Summer Base - camping site
Height 2920 meters - Tenting area
Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 36.011929 - Longitude: 52.120590

C- 4000 Shelter
(4 thousand shelter) (Shelter is called Janpanah in Farsi)
Height 3990 meters - It is metal structure and has capacity of 15 people.
Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 35.978231- Longitude: 52.111271

D- 5000 Shelter
(5 thousand shelter)
Height 4625 meters - It is metal structure and has capacity of 15 people.
Geographical coordinates:
latitude: 35.968191 - longitude: 52.114548

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FAQ Damavand North Route

How Long Does It Take To Climb Damavand North Face?

Theaverage time for an expedition to the North Face of Mount Damavand Iran is 3-5 days.
Remember trekking Damavand Iran from the northern route is graded as difficult therefore according to the preparation and physical fitness of the mountaineersin the group, the weight of the backpacks, the weather conditions and theamount of snow on the trail.

How many hours does it take to Ascend Damavand North Route?
NandalVillage to Big Stone = 1 hour by 4WD car (or 2 hours hiking)
Big Stone to First Shelter = 4-5 hours trekking
First Shelter to Second Shelter = 3 hours trekking
Second Shelter to Damavand Summit = 5-6 hours trekking

Some climbers prefer to make the summit push from the first shelter at analtitude of 4000m. But if you start the final climb to the Damavand summit from the secondshelter at a height of 4620m, you will need only 5-6 hours for the final partof the climb. There are many Damavand mountaineers who have better records.

How many hours does it take to Descend Damavand North Front?
Allow at least 4-5 hours to descend from Damavand peak to thesecond shelter, about 2-3 hours to descend from the second shelter to the firstshelter and about 2-3 hours to descend from the first shelter to the big rock.Injuries, weak people in the group and unforeseen events may disturb thisschedule. Therefore, always consider extra time to face these conditions.
FAQ Damavand North Route MDIC22JUL07E

Mountaineering Mount Damavand Iran - Damavand Mountain Northe Face Route Map
Mountaineering Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Mountain Northe Face Route Map

Damavand FAQ

Can You Climb Damavand?
Yes, you can climb Damavand Iran in Summer season.

Mount Damavand is one of the most attractive mountains in Iran, which attracts the attention of many mountain tourists. It’s so high and beautiful that it’s not hard to climb and many people prefer to climb this mountain in summer season. Mount Damavand is one of the highest mountains in Iran and in the same region are other famous mountains such as Mount Tochal, Mount Doberar and Mount Alam-Kouh which you may trek for acclimatization and adaption before attempting Damavand. Climbing Damavand is an amazing experience and certainly worth it. It is not a technical climb but it's high altitude and weather conditions make it challenging.

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Damavand Summer Climbing Tour, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand Climbing Tour
Damavand Basecamp in Summer Season
Photo by A. Soltani

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