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Mt Damavand Ski Mountaineering

Damavand giant volcano is a popular destination for summer hiking, trekking and climbing. Due to its 5671 m great height and easy accessibility from capital city Tehran, Damavand is also gaining its popularity for ski touring and snowboarding in recent years.

In an ideal condition it is possible to ski downhill about 12 Km on mild skiable slopes. It is surly one of the world's finest off-piste ski mountaineering resort in the world.
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Skitour Damavand Iran
Skitour Damavand Iran
Photo A. Soltani

C1 - Polour

Polour Village is the start of south and south west route to Damavand Summit, it is about two hours drive from Tehran. Polour Hut is open in winter. This resort is similar in size to the Cosmiques hut in the Mont Blanc Massif. Check the weather forecast carefully before you make your decision to start. In calm condition you aim to summit. Otherwise have spare days for good weather condition and acclimatization. Sort kit at this Iranian Mountaineering Federation resort. Visit also Damavand Meteo.

Acclimatisation at C1

Ski touring may start with acclimatisation at Tochal, Lasem, Dizin or Shemshak ski resorts and then go ski touring at Damavand and enjoy a superior ski adventure at Asia's highest volcano. It is recommended to check the resort snow, weather forecast and latest snow news before you fix your program and travelling to the area.

To C2

Winter Starting Point Mt Damavand winter starting point for winter climbing and ski touring is gravel road junction (No 5 in GPS Landmark). From this point (the base) to summit ascent/descent is at about 12000 meters.

C2 - Summer Starting Point - Goosfand-Sara

The Second Camp is called Goosfand-Sara or the Mosque. This campsite is the starting point for summer trekking tours. The approach to the 2nd campsite (or summer base camp) is drivable in summer.

C3 - Camp 3 New Hut

The Camp 3 New Hut (Bargah Sevom, 4,250m) is too crowded in summer but is usually closed in winter season. Mountaineering groups and ski touring teams may refer to Iran Mountaineering Federation resort at Polour and request to open the hut. They may open it in winter but can only provide limited facilities.

Acclimatisation at C3

To check out the skiing conditions and also to help with acclimatisation, skin up and ascend about 200-300 meters above c3. Do not make a strong start, if you gain slow and steady progress during the trek you would feel less effects of altitude.

Summit Day

Ski Up - Ski Ascend
Get up at about 5 am to start toward the summit. Start with a good breakfast. Plan to climb the remaining part of the way then ski the whole mountain to the road to meet the car. Generally in the morning the weather is colder with a stronger wind. The snow is hard and crusty making skiing difficult. In reality the quality of the snow does not matter, it is all part of the experience.
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At around 5000m the AMS may start and upward movement become slow and hard! In a clear air the prize of summiting is an incredible views of the Caspian sea and other mountain ranges surrounding the peak. For teams progress and to go faster you may put skis on your backs.

Ski Down - Ski Descend

Skiing at high altitude is a hard work, too many turns with low oxygen and difficulty in breath and banging head ache but you can ski down quickly and make it down in time. The ski down of fresh tracks down a huge mountain is the best bit of Damavand skitouring. The snow at the top is hard, the view is incredible and the terrain is great for skiing. Pack skins away and prepared the layers for the descent. Perfect for high altitude skiing. You can ski back to c2 in 40 minutes.

Damavand GPS Tracks and Map

Here you can find the necessary GPS tracks and route maps for Damavand winter sports, skiing and snowboarding. The Classic south route has an off-piste mild ski slope suitable for ski downhill descent. These data are useful and would help you to find your way and save your life especially in case of bad weather and foggy condition.

Camp3 to Summit

Camp3 to Summit GPS Ascend Track: Download
Summit to Camp3 GPS Descend Track: Download
From Old Shelter/Refuge or the New Hut to the peak.
Green foot path is for ascend and the red trail is suitable for descend.

Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom to the Summit Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Damawand Camp3 Bargah Sevom to the Summit Route Map
Green line for ascend from Old Shelter or New Hut to the top
Red line for descend or ski from Mt Damavand peak to Camp3
By A. Soltani

Camp3 to Summit

Mt Damavand Camp3 Shelter/New Hut to Summit Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Mt Damawand Camp3 Shelter/New Hut to Summit Route Map
Photo By Ardeshir Soltani

Camp2 to Camp3

GPS Track Camp2 to Camp3: Download.
Track Camp2 Base to Camp3 Bargah Sevom Old Shelter and the New Hut.

Damavand Camp2 to Camp3 Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Demavand Camp2 to Camp3 Route Map

Camp1 to Camp2

GPS Track Camp1 to Camp2: Download .
Gravel Road, by car in summer, walk or on ski in winter.

Damavand Camp1 to Camp2 Road and Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Damawand Camp1 to Camp2 Road and Route Map
Drive the Gravel Road by car in summer or walk and on ski in winter

- If you intend to go as high as the summit, ie 5671 meters and descend down by ski from the peak, you should be very strong skier and experienced climber too.

- South route is the best route to ascend Damavand either on ski or on feet, and the best starting point is Camp1 Polour Hut. Other sides are more difficult and dangerous in winter.

- Remember there is no gondola, cable car, telecabin or chair lift in this resort, so you should ascend on feet or on ski.

How to go there, Transportation

Tehran> Haraz Road> Plour Village> Camp1 Polour.
Fly to Tehran IKA International Airport and then travel by road to Polour Village (or Reyneh Town). Depending to the traffic jam on the Haraz road, the journey time is about two hours drive from Tehran. After a heavy snowfall, snow chains may be necessary for some part of the journey. There is no railway station in the area, the closest railway station is in Tehran.

Haraz Road is crowded with traffic jams in holidays and weekends.

GPS Track in GPX format: IKA Airport to Camp1 Polour: Download
Full Size Rote Map IKA Airport to Camp1 Polour: Download

Damavand South Route Resorts

Camp 1 Polour 2270 m - 7,447 ft
Tehran > Haraz Road > Polour Village > Polour Camp. ( approx 1.5 Hours )

Camp 1 Reineh 2078 m - 6,817
Tehran > Haraz Road > Reineh Town> Reineh Camp.( approx 2.5 Hours )

Camp 2 Base 3040 m - 9,973 ft

Camp 3 Bargah 4220 m - 13,845 ft

Damavand Winter Starting Point

GPS Landmarks
Start of gravel road to base camp, you should start climbing from this point in winter, specially when it is imposible to use the gravel road by car because of snow and ice condition. If you travel either from Tehran or The North of Iran, you will come to this junction anyway.

35-52-47 N
52-07-16 E
2458 m

Mount Demavand Others Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Mount Demavand Iran Map
By Simaye Kouch


12- Research Tour
Visit Iran fauna, flora and various specious of animals and plants, biological and geological zones, minerals and fossils, discovered by the scientific communities, eco-tour research.
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- Ecosystem, fauna and flora,
- Fauna and flora
- Biological Geological, geographical,
- Minerals and fossils
- Bird watching,
- Butterfly catching

13- Other Tour
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Based in Tehran near Alborz Mountains, we offer high quality hiking tours and cultural guiding services to all tourists wishing to visit iran nature, lanscapes and mountains.

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Winter Mount Damavand Iran
Damawand Mountain Winter View

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