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Mythology of Mount Damavand Iran

Damawand is a prominent feature in Iran, as is the Fujiyama in Japan. Damawand Volcano is located only 80 km northeast of the capital, Tehran. Mountaineers who have climbed Damavand mountain say that its snowy-white peak is the most beautiful sight of Iran. A small and beautiful town called Damavand City is situated about 20 Km from the mountain and is much used as a summer resort by the people of Tehran. Mt. Damavand, Iran.

Damavand Myth 1

Damavand is in the centre of Iranian mythology. This distinguished volcano has a special place in Iranian legend. Arash, the Archer (in Farsi آرش کمانگیر Āraš-e Kamāngīr) is a heroic archer of the Iranian mythology. The name Arash is one of the most popular in the Farsi-speaking world. The legend "Arash Kamangir" put all his force and life energy in drawing a powerful bow to transferred to an arrow, a shot which flew a very long distance. Trek Damavand.

At the end of war between Iran and the invaders Turan, Turan had advanced close to Mount Damavand Iran. To declare cease fire, Iranians were to shoot an arrow towards Turan and wherever the arrow landed, the new border between Iran and Turan would be drawn. An old man called Ârash volunteered to shoot the arrow. On the morning of Tirgan, Arash took off his shirt, faced north-east and let the arrow fly, the legend heroic archer became one with the arrow and disappeared. The arrow fell near the Oxus River in what is now Central Asia. The Oxus river was the traditional border between the Iranian and outer central Asia or Turan. Damavand Mountain Tour.

Arash put his life on an arrow and threw it by a bow from the top of Iran's highest peak Damavand to demarcate Iran's border with Turan. The legend describes that Arash died immediately after shooting that arrow. Many Iranian children read this story and are sad about the tragic end of it and are proud of the heroic act of Arash Kamangir. Arash's body was never found. There are still stories from climbers who lost in Damawand Mountain, hear Arash Kamangir's voice who helps them find their way! (arch, archer and the archery may come from the name of Iranian hero Arash). Damavand Ski Resort.

Damavand Myth 2

There are many mythological tales associated with Damavand Mountain. But in fact it is a superb volcano that emits powerful sulphuric smoke and gas. This prominent mountain has a great impression in Iranian legend. Ferdowsi Tousi, the great Iranian poet, tells a story in his epic book "Shahnama" how the dictator Zohak was overthrown by the Feridun and kept in prison in chains to die in a large cave on the slops of Mount Damawand.

Arash the Archer, Arash Kamangir or Arash Tirandaz
Heroic Archer Arash the Archer
Arash Kamangir or Arash Tirandaz

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