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Climbing is a Dangerous Activity and Can Kill You!

High Altitude Mountaineering, such as climbing Mount Damavand Iran and other high peaks are dangerous activities, where people die every year. Frankly we cannot think of any more dangerous sport activity on earth!

Some climbers appear not to understand the risks, or do not take them seriously. "It just happens to people who make mistakes." There are so many ways one can die on mountain. In 2002 Babu Chiri Sherpa, probably the strongest Everest climber ever, died simply by stepping in the wrong place and falling into a crevasse.

Mt Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand Iran 5671 m
Highest Peak of in the Middle East 18,605 ft
The Second Highest Volcano in Asia and Northen Hemisphere

Insurance Important Note

We strongly recommended you to have all risk insurance that covering medical and evacuation from remote area. The insurance should cover also helicopter flight that could occured in Mt. Damavand expedition.


The main aim of this topic is to help make you aware of dangers in mount climbing, it is necessary to have a certain level of experience in mountaineering as a requirement for joining a Mt Damavand climbing tour.

Mountaineering high altitude are amoung the most dangerous sport activity on earth, climbers get injured, harmed, wounded or die every year. Perhaps some climbers do not understand or do not take the risks seriously enough.

It is impossible to know what it looks like to be on Damavand unless you're been to 5000m or higher altitude before, many climbers attempting Mt Everest haven't the mountaineering experience above 6000 meters.

Just because you can climb to 2000 or even 3000 meters mountains doesn't mean you can climb to 5671m. only some of the equipments are similar, its a whole new game.

They think accidents just happens to others or to those who make mistakes, one can get injured or die in differen ways on mountain. The strongest Mt. Everest climber ever, Babu Chiri Sherpa, simply stepped in the wrong place and fell into a crevasse and died in 2002.


The weather and bad judgment are the main caused of deaths and injuries on mountains. Some climbers rely on weather forecast reports, but they are forecasts, and one day could be wrong too. Visit also Danger Zone.


Climbing too slow on the summit day may cause problems to some climbers if they reach late to the summit, they may get caught in the darkness and bad weather on the way down. See also How To Climb.

Avalanches and Falls

Falls and avalanches are another major cause of injuries and deaths on the mountains, everyone has his own risk level. Mountaineering is a high risk activity, what is your risk level? A lot of people get injured or die in car and train accidents in the city, in airplane crash, by crimes or due to terror every year, much more than on the mountains. Everyone should make his own judgment on the risks. Traveling is a risk even to your friend or family's house, even in traveling you have to judge the level of risk you are willing to take. Visit also Avalanche.


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Haftungsausschluss: Höhenbergsteigen , Trekking, Winterbergsteigen oder Skitouren auf Damavand Iran ist eine gefährliche Tätigkeit. Führungen und steigt 2013 Notwendige Informationen für den Aufstieg Tour und Skitour zu Alborz und Zagros-Gebirge. Expedition zu Fuß und Trekking Tour Iran Bergzone. Transfer von / zur IKA Int. Flughafen Teheran Iran Berge. Damavand Teheran. Damavand Info Haftungsausschluss, Höhenbergsteigen, Winterbergsteigen , Skitouren Damavand. Sport Activity. Wandern & Trekking Seidenstraße Tour. Seen, Feuchtgebiete und Waldtouren . Winter Berg- und Skitouren Vulkangipfel. Thermalquellen, Naturattraktion und umwelt Trek Tour. Persische kulturelle und historische Tour.


Disclaimer: High Altitude Mountaineering, Trekking, Winter Climbing or Skitouring to Damavand Iran is a Dangerous Activity. Guided tours and ascends 2013. Necessary info for ascending tour and skitour to Alborz and Zagros Mountains. Expedition walk and trek tour Iran mountain zone. Transport to/from IKA Int. Airport Tehran to Iran mountains. Damavand Teheran. Damavand Info Disclaimer, High Altitude Mountaineering, Winter Climbing, Skitouring Damavand. Sport Activity. Hiking & trekking silk road tour. Lakes, wetlands and forest tours. Winter ascent and ski touring volcanic summit. Thermal spring, nature attraction and eco trek tour. Persian cultural and historical tour.


Descargo de responsabilidad: Alta Altitud Montañismo, Trekking, escalada o invierno Skirando a Damavand Irán es una actividad peligrosa. Visitas guiadas y asciende 2013. información necesaria para el viaje ascendente y Skitour de Alborz y las montañas de Zagros. Paseo Expedición y recorrido caminata Irán zona de montaña. Transporte a / desde IKA Int. Aeropuerto Teherán a las montañas de Irán. Damavand Teherán. Info Damavand Descargo de responsabilidad, alta montaña, Escalada Invierno, Skirando Damavand. Actividad Deporte. Senderismo y Trekking Tour ruta de la seda. Lagos, humedales y excursiones forestales. Ascensión invernal y cumbre volcánica esquí de montaña. Fuente termal, naturaleza atracción turística y caminata ecológica. Recorrido cultural e histórico persa.


Disclaimer: alpinisme en haute altitude, Trekking, hiver Randonnées à l'escalade ou à Damavand Iran est une activité dangereuse. Visites guidées et monte 2013. informations nécessaires pour monter la tournée et skitour à Alborz et Monts Zagros. Expédition à pied et de la zone de montagne Iran tour de trek. Transfert de / IKA Int. Aéroport Téhéran de montagnes Iran. Damavand Téhéran. Damavand Infos légales, alpinisme en haute altitude, Hiver Escalade, Randonnées à Damavand. Activité de Sport. Randonnées et trekking de route de la soie. Lacs, zones humides et des visites de la forêt. Ascension hivernale et le sommet volcanique de ski de randonnée. Thermale, la nature et visite attraction éco trek. Visite culturelle et historique Persique.


Disclaimer: High Altitude Alpinismo, Trekking, arrampicata o Inverno Sci alpinismo a Damavand Iran è un'attività pericolosa. Visite guidate e ascende 2013. informazioni necessarie per il tour ascendente e Skitour di Alborz e Monti Zagros. Expedition passeggiata e visita trekking Iran zone di montagna. Trasferimenti da / IKA Int. Aeroporto Teheran alle montagne dell'Iran. Damavand Teheran. Damavand Info Disclaimer, High Altitude Alpinismo, Arrampicata Inverno, Skitouring Damavand. Sport Activity. Escursioni a piedi Tour via della seta. Laghi, zone umide e tour forestali. Invernale e sci alpinismo vetta vulcanica. Sorgenti termali, la natura e attrazione Tour trekking eco. Persiano tour culturale e storico.


Ansvarsfraskrivelse: High Altitude Mountaineering, Trekking, vinterklatring eller Skitouring til Damavand Iran er en farlig aktivitet. Guidede turer og stiger 2013. Nødvendig informasjon for stigende tur og skitur til Alborz og Zagros. Ekspedisjon tur og trek tur Iran fjellsonen. Transport til / fra IKA Int. Airport Teheran til Iran fjell. Damavand Teheran. Damavand Info Ansvarsfraskrivelse, High Altitude Mountaineering, vinterklatring, Skitouring Damavand. Sport Activity. Fotturer og trekking silke veien tur. Innsjøer, våtmarker og skog turer. Vinterbestigning og skiturer vulkansk toppmøtet. Termisk våren, natur attraksjon og øko trek tur. Persisk kulturell og historisk tur.


Отказ от ответственности: High Altitude Альпинизм, Треккинг, зимних восхождений или Skitouring в Damavand Ирана опасная деятельность. Экскурсии и поднимается 2013. необходимую информацию для возрастания тура и Скитур к Эльбрус и Загрос гор. Экспедиция ходьбы и поход тур Иран горная зона. Транспорт в / из IKA Int. Аэропорт Тегеран Иран горах. Damavand Тегеран. Damavand информация Все права защищены, Высотный Альпинизм, зимних восхождений, Skitouring Damavand. Sport Activity. Туризм и экскурсии Тур Шелковый Путь. Озера, водно-болотные угодья и лесные туры. Зимнее восхождение и лыжный кросс саммит вулканическая. Термальный источник, привлечение природа и экологически тур поход. Персидский культурный и исторический тур.

Otkaz ot otvetstvennosti: High Altitude Al'pinizm, Trekking , zimnikh voskhozhdeniy ili Skitouring v Damavand Irana opasnaya deyatel'nost' . Ekskursii i podnimayetsya 2013. neobkhodimuyu informatsiyu dlya vozrastaniya tura i Skitur k El'brus i Zagros gor. Ekspeditsiya khod'by i pokhod tur Iran gornaya zona . Transport v / iz IKA Int. Aeroport Tegeran Iran gorakh. Damavand Tegeran . Damavand informatsiya Vse prava zashchishcheny, Vysotnyy Al'pinizm, zimnikh voskhozhdeniy , Skitouring Damavand . Sport Activity . Turizm i ekskursii Tur Shelkovyy Put' . Ozera, vodno-bolotnyye ugod'ya i lesnyye tury . Zimneye voskhozhdeniye i lyzhnyy kross sammit vulkanicheskaya . Termal'nyy istochnik , privlecheniye priroda i ekologicheski tur pokhod . Persidskiy kul'turnyy i istoricheskiy tur.

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