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Trekking and Climbing Popular Mountains in Iran

Iran has numerous beautiful mountains to offer to global mountaineering and climbing society both in summer and winter with hundreds peaks above 4000 metres in Alborz and Zagros Mountain Chains.

Trekking and climbing are popular all over Iran. The treks start from very simple routes upto very technical winter ascents on mountains such as Damavand 5671m and Alam Kouh 4850 m (which has a 750m vertical granite wall). We will introduce the most popular Iranian Mounts in this topic. Visit also Other Iran Mountains.

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Iran Mountains

Mount Sabalan.
Mount Tochal.
Mount Dena.

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Mount Alam.
Mount Oshteran.
Mount Shirkoh.
Mount Taftan.

Mount Sabalan 4811 m

Volcano Sabalan
For detailed info visit: Mt Sabalan
Mount Sabalan is the second highest volcano in Iran, the first is Mount/Volcano Damavand 5671m. Sabalan is located in Azarbaija Iran, Ardabil province.

Mount Sabalan Slide Show by Ardeshir Soltani

Mount Savalan; Sabalân; also called Sāvālān
Elevation 4,811 m (15,784 ft)
Location Ardabil, Iran
Prominence 3,283 m (10,771 ft)
Coordinates 38.25° N 47.92° E
Type Stratovolcano
Age of rock 5.6–1.4 million years
Last eruption unknown, possibly Holocene
Easiest route hiking/scrambling

Sabalan (in Persian سبلان Sabalân ;also called Sāvālān in Azerbaijani) is an inactive stratovolcano in Ardabil province of northwestern Iran. Sabalan is the third highest mountain in Iran and a permanent crater lake has formed at the summit. Sabalan has a ski resort (Alvares) and different tourist areas such as the Sarein spa. The mountain is known for its beautiful vistas, including the Shirvan gorge, where few climbers ever venture. ....

Mount Tochal

For detailed info visit : Mt Tochal
Mount Tochal 3965m, adjacent to metropolitan Tehran is one of the best places to practice and get acclimatize for Mount Damavand. It is one of the most popular and most crowded mountain not only in Iran but also in the world. Every Thursday and Friday, Iranian weekends, thousands of Iranian climber go to Mount Tochal for hiking & trekking and rock limbing .

Mount Tochal is a mountain in the Alborz range and adjacent to metropolitan Tehran, Iran. The mountain has a 12 km long ridgeline. The highest peak, also called Mount Tochal, is at an elevation of 3,964 m (13,005 feet) and at coordinates 35.88° N 51.42° E. A seven station gondola lift runs from Tehran to the Tochal Ski Resort and a modern hotel. Tochal is a popular recreational region for Tehran's.

Visit also Iran Nature and find useful info for travel to Iran natural attractions and landscapes, hiking & trekking nature and ecosystem, mountain, valley, and cave, forest and garden, plain and desert, lake, river and waterfall, Iran protected and wildlife zone and many more.

Mount Tochal & Shirpala Camp Photo Gallery by Ardeshir Soltani

Highest Mountain Peaks of the World

Mountain peak Range Location Height ft. m
Everest1 Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 29,035 8,850
K2 (Godwin Austen) Karakoram Pakistan/China 28,250 8,611
Kanchenjunga Himalayas India/Nepal 28,169 8,586
Lhotse I Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 27,940 8,516
Makalu I Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 27,766 8,463
Cho Oyu Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 26,906 8,201
Dhaulagiri Himalayas Nepal 26,795 8,167
Manaslu I Himalayas Nepal 26,781 8,163
Nanga Parbat Himalayas Pakistan 26,660 8,125
Annapurna Himalayas Nepal 26,545 8,091
Gasherbrum I Karakoram Pakistan/China 26,470 8,068
Broad Peak Karakoram Pakistan/China 26,400 8,047
Gasherbrum II Karakoram Pakistan/China 26,360 8,035
Shishma Pangma (Gosainthan) Himalayas Tibet 26,289 8,013
Annapurna II Himalayas Nepal 26,041 7,937
Gyachung Kang Himalayas Nepal 25,910 7,897
Disteghil Sar Karakoram Pakistan 25,858 7,882
Himalchuli Himalayas Nepal 25,801 7,864
Nuptse Himalayas Nepal 25,726 7,841
Nanda Devi Himalayas India 25,663 7,824
Masherbrum Karakoram Kashmir2 25,660 7,821
Rakaposhi Karakoram Pakistan 25,551 7,788
Kanjut Sar Karakoram Pakistan 25,461 7,761
Kamet Himalayas India/Tibet 25,446 7,756
Namcha Barwa Himalayas Tibet 25,445 7,756
Gurla Mandhata Himalayas Tibet 25,355 7,728
Ulugh Muztagh Kunlun Tibet 25,340 7,723
Kungur Muztagh Ata China 25,325 7,719
Tirich Mir Hindu Kush Pakistan 25,230 7,690
Saser Kangri Karakoram India 25,172 7,672
Makalu II Himalayas Nepal 25,120 7,657
Minya Konka (Gongga Shan) Daxue Shan China 24,900 7,590
Kula Kangri Himalayas Bhutan 24,783 7,554
Chang-tzu Himalayas Tibet 24,780 7,553
Muztagh Ata Muztagh Ata China 24,757 7,546
Kangri Himalayas Kashmir 24,750 7,544
Ismail Samani Peak (formerly Communism Peak) Pamirs Tajikistan 24,590 7,495
Jongsong Peak Himalayas Nepal 24,472 7,459
Pobeda Peak Tien Shan Kyrgyzstan 24,406 7,439
Sia Kangri Himalayas Kashmir 24,350 7,422
Haramosh Peak Karakoram Pakistan 24,270 7,397
Istoro Nal Hindu Kush Pakistan 24,240 7,388
Tent Peak Himalayas Nepal 24,165 7,365
Chomo Lhari Himalayas Tibet/Bhutan 24,040 7,327
Chamlang Himalayas Nepal 24,012 7,319
Kabru Himalayas Nepal 24,002 7,316
Alung Gangri Himalayas Tibet 24,000 7,315
Baltoro Kangri Himalayas Kashmir 23,990 7,312
Muztagh Ata (K-5) Kunlun China 23,890 7,282
Mana Himalayas India 23,860 7,273
Baruntse Himalayas Nepal 23,688 7,220
Nepal Peak Himalayas Nepal 23,500 7,163
Amne Machin Kunlun China 23,490 7,160
Gauri Sankar Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 23,440 7,145
Badrinath Himalayas India 23,420 7,138
Nunkun Himalayas Kashmir 23,410 7,135
Lenin Peak Pamirs Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan 23,405 7,134
Pyramid Himalayas Nepal 23,400 7,132
Api Himalayas Nepal 23,399 7,132
Pauhunri Himalayas India/China 23,385 7,128
Trisul Himalayas India 23,360 7,120
Korzhenevski Peak Pamirs Tajikistan 23,310 7,105
Kangto Himalayas Tibet 23,260 7,090
Nyainqentanglha Nyainqentanglha Shan China 23,255 7,088
Trisuli Himalayas India 23,210 7,074
Dunagiri Himalayas India 23,184 7,066
Revolution Peak Pamirs Tajikistan 22,880 6,974
Aconcagua Andes Argentina 22,834 6,960
Ojos del Salado Andes Argentina/Chile 22,664 6,908
Bonete Andes Argentina/Chile 22,546 6,872
Ama Dablam Himalayas Nepal 22,494 6,856
Tupungato Andes Argentina/Chile 22,310 6,800
Moscow Peak Pamirs Tajikistan 22,260 6,785
Pissis Andes Argentina 22,241 6,779
Mercedario Andes Argentina/Chile 22,211 6,770
Huascarán Andes Peru 22,205 6,768
Llullaillaco Andes Argentina/Chile 22,057 6,723
El Libertador Andes Argentina 22,047 6,720
Cachi Andes Argentina 22,047 6,720
Kailas Himalayas Tibet 22,027 6,714
Incahuasi Andes Argentina/Chile 21,720 6,620
Yerupaja Andes Peru 21,709 6,617
Kurumda Pamirs Tajikistan 21,686 6,610
Galan Andes Argentina 21,654 6,600
El Muerto Andes Argentina/Chile 21,463 6,542
Sajama Andes Bolivia 21,391 6,520
Nacimiento Andes Argentina 21,302 6,493
Illampu Andes Bolivia 21,276 6,485
Illimani Andes Bolivia 21,201 6,462
Coropuna Andes Peru 21,083 6,426
Laudo Andes Argentina 20,997 6,400
Ancohuma Andes Bolivia 20,958 6,388
Cuzco Andes Peru 20,945 6,384
Toro Andes Argentina/Chile 20,932 6,380
Tres Cruces Andes Argentina/Chile 20,853 6,356
Huandoy Andes Peru 20,852 6,356
Parinacota Andes Bolivia/Chile 20,768 6,330
Tortolas Andes Argentina/Chile 20,745 6,323
Chimborazo Andes Ecuador 20,702 6,310
Ampato Andes Peru 20,702 6,310
El Condor Andes Argentina 20,669 6,300
Salcantay Andes Peru 20,574 6,271
Huancarhuas Andes Peru 20,531 6,258
Famatina Andes Argentina 20,505 6,250
Pumasillo Andes Peru 20,492 6,246
Solo Andes Argentina 20,492 6,246
Polleras Andes Argentina 20,456 6,235
Pular Andes Chile 20,423 6,225
Chañi Andes Argentina 20,341 6,200
McKinley (Denali) Alaska Alaska 20,320 6,194
Aucanquilcha Andes Chile 20,295 6,186
Juncal Andes Argentina/Chile 20,276 6,180
Negro Andes Argentina 20,184 6,152
Quela Andes Argentina 20,128 6,135
Condoriri Andes Bolivia 20,095 6,125
Palermo Andes Argentina 20,079 6,120
Solimana Andes Peru 20,068 6,117
San Juan Andes Argentina/Chile 20,049 6,111
Sierra Nevada Andes Argentina 20,023 6,103
Antofalla Andes Argentina 20,013 6,100
Marmolejo Andes Argentina/Chile 20,013 6,100

Major Mountains of the World

World Map Of Major Mountains
Mt.Everest 8848 Nepal - China
K2 (Godwin Austen) 8611 Himalayan Range
Kanchenjunga 8586 Nepal - India
Makalu 8470 Nepal - China
Dhaulagiri 8172 Nepal
Nanga Parbat 8125 Himalayan Range
Annapurna 8078 Nepal
Aconcagua 6958 Argentina
Ojas Del Saledo 6880 Argentina - Chile
Mt. Chimborazo 6050 Ecquador
Mt. McKinley 6200 U.S.A. (Alaska)
Logan 6050 Canada
Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895 Tanzania
Citlatepeti 5700 Mexico
Elbrus 5633 Russia
Kenya 5200 Kenya

Other Important Mountain Peaks

Ararat 51.85 Turkey
Cotopaxi 5897 Ecuador
Fuji 3,776 Japan
Jungfrau 4,158 Switzerland
Kosciusko 2,228 Australia
Margherita 5127 Zaire
Mont Blanc 4807 France
Mauna Kea 42 Hawaii (US) (Highest Island Peak in the World)
Orizaba 5,700 Mexico
Popocatapetl 5,452 Mexico
Sukamao Point 5030 Russia
Vesuvius 1,277 Italy

Peaks of Atlas Mountains

Akioud Buimras - 13156 ft./4010 m.
Anghomar - 11844 ft./3610 m.
Angour - 11864 ft./3616 m.
Imaradene - 11650 ft./3551 m.
Immuzer - 13156 ft./4010 m.
Jbel Mgoum - 13336 ft./4065 m.
Jebel Chaambi - 5066 ft./1544 m.
m'goun - 13346 ft./4068 m.
Ras N'ouanoukrim - 13396 ft./4083 m.
Timesguida - 13415 ft./4089 m.
Toubkal - 13665 ft./4167 m.
Toubkal Ouest - 13222 ft./4030 m.

Mount Damawand Photo Gallery

3- Iran Mountain Tour
We offer private tailor made tours for hiking & trekking, mountaineering, mount climbing, rock and boulder climbing tours and mountain expedition tours in Alborz and Zagros Mountain Ranges and regular tours to Mt Damavand Iran.
With qalified mountain guides which are the most experienced ones in Iran, some have climed more than 100 times to Damavand peak, and the member of 100 Damavand Club or Iran Mountain Federation.

- Mount Alam koh 4850m, Kelardasht, Gilan Provice
- Mount Alvand, Hamedan, Hamedan Provice
- Mount Dena 4250m, Yasuj, kohgiloyeh va Boyerahmadi Provice
- Mount Oshteran, Doroud, Lorestan Provice
- Mt Sabalan 4820, Ardebil, Ardabil Provice
- Mount Shirkoh, Yazd, Yazd Provice
- Mount Tochal 3960m, Tehran
- Mount Zardkouh, Bakhtiyari Provine

Peaks in Alborz Mountain Range
Central Alborz Range
- Mt Azad Koh 4395m
- Mt Kholenow 4375m
- Mt Koloon Bastak 4200m
- Mt Sarakchal 4150m
- Mt Kharsang 4100m
- Mt Tochal 3960m
- Mt Mehrchal 3920m
- Mt Atash Kouh 3850m
- Mt Shahneshin 3850mSummits in West Alborz Range
- Mt Sialan 4250m
- Mt Shah Alborz 4200m
- Mt Khash e chal 4180m
- Mt Kehar 4040mMounts in Takht e Soliman (Soleyman) Range
- Mt Alam 4850m
- Mt Khersan Shomali (North Khersan) 4680m
- Mt Khersan Jonobi (South Khersan) 4660m
- Mt Takht e Soliman (Soleyman) 4660m
- Mt Siasang 4610m
- Mt Haft Khan 4540m
- Mt Chaloon 4515m
- Mt Siagook Shomali (North Siagook) 4445m
- Mt Siakaman 4470m
- Mt Shaneh Kouh 4465m
- Mt Gardoon Kouh 4400m
- Mt Mian Sechal 4350m
- Mt Lashkarak 4255m
- Mt Zarin Kouh 4200m
- Mt Sializ 3975m

Multi-Layer Cloud on Damavand Mountain, Photo by Abdulah Hekmat
A Multi-Layer Cloud on Mt Damavand Iran
Fabulous Photo by Abdulah Hekmat

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Trekking und Klettertouren zu Beliebte Gebirge im Iran. Geführte Skitouren und Skitouren im Iran Skigebiete. Persien kulturelle und historische Touren. Führung durch den Berg Sabalan, Mount Tochal, Mt Alamkouh, Mt Alvand, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Taftan. Höhlentouren zu Ali Sadr Cave die größten Wasserhöhlen des Iran. Outdoor-Tourismus-Aktivität und Trekking Ökosystem des Iran. Jetlag Schwierigkeiten Iran Vogelbeobachtung und Schmetterlingsfang Touren. Damavand Teheran. Trekking und Klettertouren, Beliebte Mountains Iran, geführte Skitouren, Skitouren Iran Skigebiete.


Trekking and Climbing Tours to Popular Mountains in Iran. Guided Ski Mountaineering and Skitouring in Iran Ski Resorts. Persia cultural and historical tours. Guided tour to Mount Sabalan, Mount Tochal, Mt Alamkouh, Mt Alvand, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Taftan. Caving tours to Ali Sadr Cave the largest water caves of Iran. Outdoor tourism activity and trekking ecosystem of Iran. Jet lag difficulty Iran bird watching and butterfly catching tours. Damavand Tehran. Trekking and Climbing Tours, Popular Mountains Iran, Guided Ski Mountaineering, Skitouring Iran Ski Resorts.


Trekking und Klettertouren zu Beliebte Gebirge im Iran. Geführte Skitouren und Skitouren im Iran Skigebiete. Persien kulturelle und historische Touren. Führung durch den Berg Sabalan, Mount Tochal, Mt Alamkouh, Mt Alvand, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Taftan. Höhlentouren zu Ali Sadr Cave die größten Wasserhöhlen des Iran. Outdoor-Tourismus-Aktivität und Trekking Ökosystem des Iran. Jetlag Schwierigkeiten Iran Vogelbeobachtung und Schmetterlingsfang Touren. Damavand Teheran. Trekking und Klettertouren, Beliebte Mountains Iran, geführte Skitouren, Skitouren Iran Skigebiete


Randonnée et l'escalade à Tours Montagnes populaires en Iran. Guidée Ski Alpinisme et Randonnées à en Iran stations de ski. Perse visites culturelles et historiques. Visite guidée sur le mont Sabalan, Mont Tochal, Mt Alamkouh, Mt Alvand, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Taftan. Visites spéléologiques à Ali Sadr Cave les plus grandes grottes d'eau de l'Iran. Activité de tourisme de plein air et le trekking écosystème d'Iran. Jet lag difficulté Iran l'observation des oiseaux et de papillons attraper visites. Damavand Téhéran. Randonnée et l'escalade, Tours Montagnes populaire Iran, guidée Ski Alpinisme, skirando Iran stations de ski.


Trekking e Arrampicata Tours a Monti popolari in Iran. Guidati Sci Alpinismo e Sci alpinismo in Iran stazioni sciistiche. Persia tour culturali e storici. Visita guidata al Monte Sabalan, Monte Tochal, Mt Alamkouh, Mt Alvand, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Taftan. Speleologia tour di Ali Sadr Cave più grandi grotte d'acqua dell'Iran. Attività turistica Outdoor e trekking ecosistema dell'Iran. Jet lag difficoltà Iran bird watching e farfalla cattura tour. Damavand Tehran. Trekking e arrampicate, popolare Monti Iran, guidata da sci alpinismo, sci alpinismo Iran Stazioni sciistiche.


Trekking og klatreturer til populære fjellene i Iran. Guidet Ski Mountaineering og Skitouring i Iran Ski Resorts. Persia kulturelle og historiske turer. Guidet tur til Mount Sabalan, Mount Tochal, Mt Alamkouh, Mt Alvand, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Taftan. Grotting turer til Ali Sadr Cave de største vann grottene i Iran. Utendørs turisme aktivitet og trekking økosystem av Iran. Jetlag vanskeligheter Iran fugletitting og butterfly fange turer. Damavand Teheran. Trekking og klatreturer, Popular Mountains Iran, Guidet Ski Mountaineering, Skitouring Iran Ski Resorts.


Треккинг и альпинизм Туры в популярные гор в Иране. Руководствуясь Альпинизм и Skitouring в Иране горнолыжных курортов. Персия культурные и исторические туры. Экскурсия на гору Сабалан, горы Точал, горы Alamkouh, горы Алванд, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Тафтан. Спелеологические туры Али Садр Пещера крупнейшие водные пещеры Ирана. Открытый туристической деятельности и походы экосистема Ирана. Jet отставание трудность Иран наблюдение за птицами и бабочка поймать туры. Damavand Тегеран. Треккинг и альпинизм Туры, Популярные Горы Иран, руководствуясь Альпинизм, Skitouring Иран горнолыжных курортов.

Trekking i al'pinizm Tury v populyarnyye gor v Irane. Rukovodstvuyas' Al'pinizm i Skitouring v Irane gornolyzhnykh kurortov. Persiya kul'turnyye i istoricheskiye tury . Ekskursiya na goru Sabalan , gory Tochal , gory Alamkouh , gory Alvand , Mnt Dena , Mnt Oshteran , Mnt Shirkoh , Mt. Taftan . Speleologicheskiye tury Ali Sadr Peshchera krupneyshiye vodnyye peshchery Irana. Otkrytyy turisticheskoy deyatel'nosti i pokhody ekosistema Irana. Jet otstavaniye trudnost' Iran nablyudeniye za ptitsami i babochka poymat' tury . Damavand Tegeran . Trekking i al'pinizm Tury, Populyarnyye Gory ​​Iran , rukovodstvuyas' Al'pinizm , Skitouring Iran gornolyzhnykh kurortov.

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