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Damavand Tour, Photo by A. Soltani
Mt. Demavand Iran
Photo by A. Soltani

About Damavand Iran

Damavand Climate

The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world and provides a large amount of humidity and moisture to its surrounding including to Damavand Mountain in Iran. So there is much snow, rain clouds and fog in the region and the mountain has no problem with lack of water. The Damavand soil temperature is warmer compared to other mountains and this is the main reason that snow melts quickly after June.

Climbing Damavand Iran

It is possible to ascend Mount Damavand by at least 16 known tracks, some scramble and risky and require rock climbing techniques. There are four popular main trekking routes with different difficulty and characters. The most favourite path is the classic South route. Many Iranian and foreign climbers prefer the South face and overcame the difficulties and reached the top each year. It is a tough but rewarding ascend.

Beginners should attempt Mt Damavand in summer season only because there isn't much snow on the trails and the weather is relatively mild so the trekking condition is more comfortable. The first recorded ascend to this summit was registered in 1900.

Damawand Location

Mt. Damavand is located 80 Km (by road) North-East of the megalopolis Tehran. The only access to the mountain is by the Haraz Road, a main road which passes through the Alboz Mountain and connects Tehran to the the Caspian Sea. Mnt Damavand is situated midway Haraz Road about 70 Km to the Amol City, in Mazandaran Province.

Damavand Rank

Damavand (5671m - 18,605 ft) is ranked the highest peak not only in Iran but also in the Middle East and it is the second highest volcano in Asia and the North Hemisphere. The highest volcano in Asia is Mount Kunlun in Tibet with the altitude of 7,167 m - 23,514 ft.

Damawand Scenery

Attractive Mountains and snowy peaks of the Elborz and Zagros Ranges decorate the entire territory of Iran. Damavand lies in the middle Alborz Chain near the south seashore of the world's largest lake, the Caspian Sea. It has a wonderful great height and the classic volcanic cone shape; it is a unique mountain in the region.

The vista from the top is an amazing panorama of Iran's mountains and valleys, the green slopes of the north and barren deserts to the south. It is surrounded by relatively smaller peaks of the Elburz Mountains. The area offers a superb view of the natural scenery and good opportunity to photograph.

Shadow of Mt Damavand

One extraordinary sight of the mountain is its pretty shadow. In a clear day in early morning Damavand shadow is thrown onto the western hills and on the Lar Lake. The shadow is a perfect triangular cone shape. But do not expect to find out your own shadows on it!

You need a perfect timing during the sunrise in a clear sunny day in order to witness this beautiful shadow and to take few snap shots. In early morning hours there is a good chance to see the mountain free of clouds and good opportunity take few nice photos.

Damavand Ski and Snowboard

This giant volcano is also a popular target for winter sports. From November until May you may tackle Demavand for snow sports like skitouring and snowboard tours. In a good winter and reasonable snow condition it is possible to ski downhill approx 12 Km on its mild skiable slopes. Surely it is one of the finest off-piste ski resort in the world.

Damavand SPA

Damavand volcano has some thermal hot springs with different qualities. The mineral warm springs are mostly situated on the South base of the vulcan. The most significant hot thermal springs are in Abe Garm Larijan with public baths and pools for public use. These waters are useful for skin health, skin diseases and chronic wounds.

Volcano Demavand

Volcano Damavand is a regular and almost symmetrical cone shape. There is no recorded eruptions in historic time, but it is a potentially active volcano and its present volcanic activity is limited to some hot thermal springs at the flanks plus fumaroles and sulphur fume near the summit crater. Demavand is young volcano and was formed during the Holocene geologic epoch and its last eruption was about 6-10 thousands years ago.

Damavand Weather

Damavand has severe weather in winter. Sometimes the wind speed may reach 150 km (93 M/h) per hour and the temperature may drop to below -71° Celsius (-95° Fahrenheit). The wind blows from the West mostly. You should be well-equipped and well-experienced for difficult winter ascend in harsh weather.

Damavand Wildlife

Mt Damavand is also famous for its beautiful fauna, flora and wildlife. There is a unique flora, about 2000 plants and many significant endemic species like poppy, wild tulip and iris flora plus fruit orchards are on the slopes. Numerous animals and birds are in the area like wolf, jackal, fox, wild goat and pig, rabbits, antelope, gazelle, lizard and mouse, eagles and partridge...

Damavand Quick Facts

Attitude: 5671 meters, 18,605 feet.
Best Climbing Program: 4 to 5 days.
Best Start point: Polour Camp,
Best Starting Days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Best Climbing Time: 15 June To 20 August. See Timing.
Best Climbing Side: South Route.
Best Camp for Acclimatization: Camp3 New Hut.
Worst Campsite in the Area: Camp2 Base (also called Goosfand Sara or sheepfold!).

Highest peak in Persian Plateau and the Middle East.
Second highest dormant volcano in Asia and the North Hemisphere.
Most Recent Eruption: None on record.

Distance from Tehran by road: 80km
Location: North East of Tehran, Iran in Central Alborz Mountain Chain.
Nearest International Airport: IKA Airport (or Mehrabad) Teheran, Iran.

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