Damavand Winter Warning

Useful info for Winter Ascend and skitour to Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand Winter Warning

Alerts for Winter Sports Mt Damawand Iran

Damavand is a popular Mountain for summer sport activities. It is one of the most difficult mountains in the world for winter sports. Freezing temperature and strong winds makes winter ascend, skitouring and snowboarding very difficult. South face is the best side for winter sports, other faces are much more difficult.

Mt Damawand Iran Winter View from Polur Village, Photo Ardeshir Soltani January 2016
Mt Damawand Iran
Winter View from Polur Village
Photo Ardeshir Soltani, January 2016

Damavand is near the Caspian Sea and it receives heavy snowfalls in winter. For a successful winter climb you need a good timing and good weather. You must be ready for any risky and unexpected condition. Visit also Winter Equipments and Damavand Meteo.

Skitour Damavand Iran, Tadeusz Kacprowski From Poland
Tadeusz Kacprowski From Poland
Damavand Peak, April 2013
Picture by Ali Fard

Damavand Winter Season

Damavand winter season may start from mid October and last to mid April. Due to high wind speed, very low temperature, stormy weather, too much snowfall, icy trails and other risks in winter season the winter sport activities are tough and very risky. So winter climbs, skitour, snowboard and snowshoes sports are graded as very difficult on Mt Damavand Iran.

Weather Winter Temperature Mount Damavand Iran
Mt Demavand, Iran Freezing Winter Temprature
-71° Celsius (-95° Fahrenheit) 4 February 2012
By Snow Forecast
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Damavand Winter Alert

Warning for Winter Climb and Skitour to Damavand Iran

The weather on Damavand could change quickly to disastrous in winter. The wind speed may reach more than100km/h and the freezing temprature may fall to far below -70°C. You must be well-experienced for such a difficult winter ascend or any expeditions in harsh condition.

Remember that the rescue and medical facilities are not available in the are in case of injury or any emergency. So extra care should be taken for any winter sports and it is done by your own risk only. The weather has caused more deaths than any other factor besides bad judgment by climbers. Some climbers appear to rely on weather forecast reports or none at all, but one should note they are forecasts too, and one day their forecast will probably be wrong.

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Mount DamavandWind Speed
Damavand Strog Wind
Wind Speed 125 Km/h (77.6 M/h) 29 March 2016
Damavand Weather Forecast By Mountain Forecast
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Iran & Damavand Cloud Pattern, Rain, Showers and Snowfall Forecast 26 March 2016 By India Meteorology

Cloud Pattern Iran & Mount Damavand
Heavy Cloud Cover, Heavy Showers and Snowfall Forecast Damavand Mountain
Meteo Damavand Iran, Cloud Pattern, Rain and Snow Forecast, 26 March 2016
By By India Meteorology

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Damavand Warnung für den Wintersport acivities. Winter-Benachrichtigung für Winterbesteigung, Skitour, Snowboard und Schneeschuhen Iran. Vorsicht Alpine Ski-und Snowboard Abenteuertouren. Skitouren in den Iran Skigebiete in Alborz Mountains. Beratung Winter-Trekking und Klettern. Winterwetter Warnung und Alarmierung. Damawand Teheran. demavand Wintersport Warnung Demawand Gefriertemperatur, starker Wind Alarm, damavend Winterbesteigung, Skitouren und Snowboarden, Schneeschuhe iran.


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Advertencia Damavand para acivities deportes de invierno. Alerta de invierno para el ascenso de invierno, Skitour, snowboard y raquetas Irán. Precaución alpinas de esquí y de snowboard de aventura tours. Esquí de fondo a Irán de centros de esquí en las montañas de Alborz. Consejos de senderismo de invierno y escalada. Advertencia de clima invernal y alertas. Damawand Teherán. demavand advertencia deportes de invierno, demawand temperatura de congelación, fuerte alerta viento, damavend subida invierno, skirando y snowboard, raquetas de irán.


Avertissement Damavand pour acivities de sports d'hiver. Alerte hiver pour la montée d'hiver, skitour, snowboard et raquettes Iran. ATTENTION Alpine ski et snowboard Adventure Tours. Ski de randonnée à l'Iran Stations de ski en Alborz Mountains. Trekking d'hiver de conseils et de l'escalade. Hiver alerte météo et des alertes. Damawand Téhéran. demavand avertissement de sports d'hiver, la température de congélation demawand, alerte de vent fort, damavend ascension d'hiver, rando et le snowboard, raquettes iran.


Warning Damavand per _ACTIVITES_ENVIRONS sport invernali. Avviso invernale per salita invernale, Skitour, snowboard e racchette da neve Iran. Attenzione sci alpinismo e snowboard avventura alpini. Scialpinismo a Iran Stazioni sciistiche in Alborz Mountains. Consigli trekking invernale e arrampicata. Inverno avvertimento tempo e avvisi. Damawand Teheran. demavand avvertimento sport invernali, demawand temperatura di congelamento, forte allarme vento, damavend salita inverno, sci alpinismo e snowboard, racchette da neve iran.


Damavand advarsel for vintersports servering og aktivitetar. Vinter varsling for vinter klatre, skitur, snowboard og truger Iran. Forsiktig Alpin og snowboard opplevelsesturer. Skiturer til Iran Ski Resorts i Alborz-fjellene. Råd vinter trekking og klatring. Vintervær advarsel og varsler. Damawand Teheran. demavand vintersport advarsel, demawand kuldegrader, sterk vind våken, damavend vinter klatre, skitouring og snowboard, truger iran.


Damavand предупреждение для зимних видов спорта acivities. Зима тревоги для зимнего восхождения, Скитур, сноуборд и снегоступы Ирана. Внимание горнолыжного спорта и сноуборда приключенческие туры. Лыжные прогулки в Иран горнолыжных курортов в Эльбрус гор. Советы зима треккинг и альпинизм. Предупреждение погода зимы и оповещения. Damawand Тегеран. demavand зимние виды спорта предупреждение, demawand температура замерзания, сильный ветер оповещения, damavend зимнее восхождение, skitouring и сноуборде, снегоступы Ирана.

Damavand preduprezhdeniye dlya zimnikh vidov sporta acivities . Zima trevogi dlya zimnego voskhozhdeniya , Skitur , snoubord i snegostupy Irana . Vnimaniye gornolyzhnogo sporta i snouborda priklyuchencheskiye tury . Lyzhnyye progulki v Iran gornolyzhnykh kurortov v El'brus gor. Sovety zima trekking i al'pinizm . Preduprezhdeniye pogoda zimy i opoveshcheniya . Damawand Tegeran . demavand zimniye vidy sporta preduprezhdeniye, demawand temperatura zamerzaniya , sil'nyy veter opoveshcheniya , damavend zimneye voskhozhdeniye , skitouring i snouborde , snegostupy Irana.

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