Volcanic Seven Summits

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Volcanic Seven Summits (V7S)

Once upon a time volcanoes shaped our planet, but today many of the world's magnificent volcanoes become extinct. Volcanos are home of rare animals and plants, some of the living species on the slopes of the volcaninc mountains are not found anywhere else on earth.

Volcano is a popular target for climbers, they like to trek volcanoes because they like the beautiful conical shape, the prominence and the isolation of a volcano (not attached to another mountain), also because of less difficulty. Damavand Guide.

It is quite popular to climb the highest mountains on each continent, called the Seven Summits (7S). An easier option is to climb the Volcanic Seven Summits (V7S) and keep away from from 8000m peaks like Mt Everest! When climbing the Volcanic Seven Summits is concerned it is not difficult to find where to go!

Volcanic Seven Summits (sorted by elevation)

The highest volcanoes on each of the seven continents is concerned.

1 - Ojos del Salado 6,893m - South America
2 - Kilimanjaro 5,895m - Africa
3 - Damavand 5,670m - Asia
4 - Elbrus 5,642m - Europe
5 - Pico de Orizaba 5,636m - North America
6 - Giluwe 4,368m - Australia
7 - Sidley 4,285m - Antarctica

Nevado Ojos del Salado, The highest volcano in the volcanic seven summits
Nevado Ojos del Salado 6,893 m (22,615 ft)
The highest volcano in the volcanic seven summits
Photo from Flickr - Wikimedia

1- Ojos del Salado

Elevation: 6,893 m (22,615 ft)
Prominence: 3,688 m (12,100 ft)
Ranked: 44th
Location: Argentina - Chile border
Geology Type: stratovolcano
Range: Andes
Climbing easiest route: Scramble

The highest volcano in the volcanic seven summits is Nevado Ojos del Salado 6,893 m (22,615 ft). It is a massive stratovolcano located in the Andes on the Argentina–Chile border, about 600 km north of Aconcagua. It is also the second highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere and the highest in Chile. The highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere is Aconcagua 6,962 m . Ojos del Salado si situation near the Atacama Desert, so this mountain has a very dry conditions, snow only remaining on the peak during winter.

though even in summer heavy storms can cover the area with a few meters of snow. The highest lake in the world is standing on its scrater. Despite its dry conditions, it has a permanent crater lake about 100 m in diameter at an elevation of 6,390 m on the eastern side of the mountain. The climb to the of Ojos del Salado is mostly trekking except for the last part near the summit which is a difficult scramble that may require ropes. Climb Damavand Iran.

2- Kilimanjaro

Kibo Summit of Kilimanjaro
Elevation: 5,895 m (19,341 ft)
Prominence: 5,885 m (19,308 ft)
Ranked: 4th
Highest mountains of Africa
Location: Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
Geology Type: Stratovolcano
Climbing easiest route: Hike

The second highest volcano in V7S is Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 m (19,341 ft). It is a dormant volcanic mountain in Tanzania. This large stratovolcano is composed of three distinct volcanic cones: Kibo, the highest; Mawenzi and Shira. Uhuru Peak is the highest summit on Kibo's crater rim. Kili is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 metres.

Tanzania National Parks, a governmental agency, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization list the height of Uhuru Peak as 5,895 m (19,341 ft). Kibo is dormant and could erupt again, it has gas-emitting fumaroles in its crater. But Mawenzi and Shira are extinct. The last major eruption has been dated to 150 thousand years ago or earlier.

3- Mount Damavand

Elevation: 5,671 m (18,606 ft)
Prominence: 4,667 m (15,312 ft)
Ranked: 12th
Listing: Volcanic Seven Summits
Location: Damāvand is located in Iran
Location Amol, Māzandarān, Iran
Range: Alborz Mountain Range
Geology Type: Stratovolcano
Climbing easiest route: Hikking Trekking

The 3rd highest volcano in the volcanic seven summits is Mount Damavand 5,671 m (18,606 ft). It is the earth's 12th highest prominence (the scale is Mt Everest in Himalayan) in the world. Its a massive isolated stratovolcano withe topographic prominence of over 4,600 m. It is the highest Peak in the Middle East, and the highest volcano in Asia and the second highest in northen hemisphere. Hike Damavand Iran.

Damavand is a perfect cone-shape volcanic mountain located in the central part of Alborz Mountains Iran on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Snow covers the mountain in winter and the top parts in other seasons. Snow-cap and cloud covers the summit occasionally. Damawand is surrounded by many good looking peaks of the Alborz Chain.

4- Mount Elbrus

Elevation: 5,642 m (18,510 ft)
Prominence: 4,741 m (15,554 ft)
Ranked: 10th
Listing: Volcanic Seven Summits
Location: Mount Elbrus is located in Caucasus mountains, Russia
Range: Caucasus Mountains
Geology Type: Stratovolcano (dormant)
Climbing Easiest route: Basic snow/ice climb

The third highest volcano in v7s is Mount Elbrus 5,642 m (18,510 ft). It has two summits, both of which are dormant volcanic domes. West summit altitude is 5,642 (18,510 ft) metres above sea level and the east summit is slightly lower at 5,621 metres (18,442 ft). Elbrus is a dormant volcano located in the western Caucasus mountains, in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia of Russia, near the border with Georgia.

Mt. Elbrus's highest peak is in the Caucasus Mountains and in Europe. Mount Elbrus is located 20 km north of the main range of the Greater Caucasus and 65 km south-southwest of the Russian town of Kislovodsk. It has a permanent icecap which feeds 22 glaciers.

5- Pico de Orizaba

Elevation: 5,636 m (18,491 ft)
Prominence: 4,922 m (16,148 ft)
Ranked: 7th
Listing: Volcanic Seven Summits
Location: Veracruz-Puebla, Mexico
Geology Type: Stratovolcano
Climbing Easiest route: moderate snow/ice climb

The fourth highest volcano in V7S is Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltépetl 5,636 metres (18,491 ft). It is the highest peak in Mexico and the highest volcano in North America. Orizaba is the second most prominent volcanic peak in the world after Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro and the third highest peak in North America after Mount McKinley and Mount Logan. Citlaltépetl is ranked 7th in the world in topographic prominence. The volcano is currently dormant but not extinct with the last eruption taking place during the 19th century. It is a stratovolcano on the border between the states of Veracruz and Puebla.

Orizaba peak rises dramatically from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico to an elevation of 5,636 masl; it has a topographic prominence of 4,922 m. About 110 km to the west of the port of Veracruz, its peak is visible to ships approaching the port in the Gulf of Mexico. The eastern face is the steepest side of the volcano and the northwestern face the most gradual side. The gradual slopes of the northwestern face of the volcano allows for the presence of large glaciers and is the most traveled route to take for hikers traveling to the summit.

6- Mount Giluwe

Elevation: 4,367 m (14,327 ft)
Prominence: 2,507 m (8,225 ft)
Listing: Volcanic Seven Summits
Location: Papua New Guinea
Geology Type: Eroded shield volcano

The sixth highest volcano in V7S is Mount Giluwe 4,367 metres (14,327 ft). It is located in Southern Highlands province, Papua New Guinea. Giluwe is an old shield volcano with vast alpine grasslands. Mount Wilhelm is the highest peak and Mt. Giluwe is the second highest mountain in Papua New Guinea.

Giluwe is located in the Southern Highlands province. Ancient volcanic plugs form its two summits, with the central peak the highest and an east peak about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) away at 4,300 m (14,108 ft). Giluwe has the distinction of being the highest volcano on the Australian continent, and is thus one of the Volcanic Seven Summits.

7- Mount Sidley

Elevation: 4,285 m (14,058 ft)
Prominence: 2,517 m (8,258 ft)
Listing: Volcanic Seven Summits
Location: Mount Sidley is located in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
Range: Executive Committee Range
Geology Type: Shield volcano

The seventh highest volcano in the volcanic seven summits is Mount Sidley 4,285 m (14,058 ft), its the highest dormant volcano in Antarctica and the last member of the Volcanic Seven Summits (v7s). This massive shield volcano is mainly covered with snow. It is the highest and most impressive of the five volcanic mountains of Marie Byrd Land. Sidley Volcano is little known even in the mountaineering world due to its extremely remote location.

With a summit elevation of 4,285 metres Mt. Sidley was discovered by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd on an airplane flight, in 1934. The second highest Antarctic volcano is called Mount Erebus and is located near the U.S. and New Zealand bases on Ross Island. The first recorded climb to Mount Sidley was by a New Zealander called Bill Atkinson in 1990. Trekking Tour Mount Damavand.

The seventh highest volcano in the volcanic seven summits, Mount Sidley 4,285 m (14,058 ft)
Mount Sidley 4,285 m (14,058 ft)
Aerial view of the Mount Sidley caldera from the southwest
The seventh highest volcano in the volcanic seven summits
Source: U.S. Navy photo - Wikimedia

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