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The official website of the Damavand Mountain Guides in Iran is called Damavand Info. Mount Damavand Guide is a team of motivated professionals, dedicated to providing their clients with adventurous and safe mountain trips and high quality mountain trekking tours in Iran. Based in Tehran, Iran Mountain Climbing Guides provides access to the most amazing mountain experiences the Iran Mountains has to offer.

Damavand Mountain Guides, Iran, Last steps to Mount Damavand Peak
Damavand Mountain Guide
Last steps to Damavand Summit

Damavand Mountain Guides are a team of most experienced Iranian mountaineers (also called Azad Mountaineering Group), who offer mountain guiding support for hiking trekking, climbing and ski touring to Alborz Mountain Range and Zagros Mountain Chain in Iran. We are mainly focused on hiking & trekking Mount Damavand, Iran and specialists in VIP guided tours to Damawand Mountain.

Mount Trekking Tour Damavand Guide have been mountaineering since 1980 and offering Iran mountain guide support since 1995. Our mountain climbing guides are the guarantee of safety and quality days for your team on Iranian mountains. Iran Mountain Trekking Guides are senior and the most experienced guides in Iran. Some of them have climbed more than one hundred times to Mount Damawand Peak and are the members of 100 Damavand Club, some are members of Iran Mountain Hiking Guides & Iran Mountain Climbing Federation.

If you are planning for Damavand Trekking Tour or Damavand Ski Touring feel free to contact us to get our advice from Iran Mountain Guides. By sharing our experience, we try to make climbing easy for newcomers to Iran mountains.

10 Reasons to Choose a Professional Damavand Trekking Tour Guide Team

1- Safety is the main priority for Damavand Mountain Guide Team in trekking and ski tours.
2- Mount Damavand Guide Group are certified and have 100+ climbs to Damavand summit.
3- Damavand Mountain Guides are senior and the most experienced trekking guides in Iran.
4- Damavand Trekking Guides are the guarantee of safety trekking tours to Iran mountains.
5- Mount Damavand Guides share their experience and make climbing easy for newcomers.
6- Damavand Guiding support will increase your chance of success to Iran mountain peaks.
7- Adventurous and safe mountain trips and tours with Iran Mountain Climbing Guides.
8- Iran Mountain Guides, experiences in Alborz and Zagros Mountain Ranges in Iran.
9- Teamwork with Iran Mountain Trekking Guides is very helpful, particularly in an emergency.
10- Mount Damavand Guides've been guiding on Mt. Damavand Iran for decades.

Mt Damavand summit
Mount Damavand Iran
Mt, Damavand Summit
Photo Damavand Info

Mount Damavand Trekking Tour Guide Services
Mount Damavand Guides support incoming groups with the best possible Services for climbing and ski mountaineering to Mt Damavand Iran. Let us know the exact logistic and support you need so we can discuss the details. To get the best possible support and services from Damavand Mountain Guides team, it ishighly recommended to fix and register your program
at least 30 days before your arrival to Iran. We support incoming tourists with the best possible services available in the area to ascend Mount Damavand Iran.

If you want to use Mt Damavand Guides services, please let us know as soon as possible to enable us to book your place in camps, if you are coming to Mt Damavand in the crowded season and we may not be able to give you our best services in case of any delayed request. Let us know the exact logistic and support you need so we can discuss the details.
Mount Damavand trekking tour has all the info you need on Damavand climbing tours, including routes, difficulty, gear, and operators.

Damavand Mountain Guides may support Mt Damavand VIP Tour Packages with the following Services (Included):
• Visa support: Iran Visa Authorization Code.
• Greeting and welcome you at IKA airport in Tehran and transfer you to hotel.
• Guide: Experienced mountain guide or ski guide.
• Booking accommodation: In 1st and 3rd campsites, hut (when possible), local house or tent.
• Food: All scheduled meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) while you are on the mountain camps.
• Transport: All the necessary land transfers to/from airport, Tehran hotel & mountain camps.
• Hotel reservation in Tehran. 2-3 star hotel. Bed & Breakfast. Twin or triple bed rooms.
• Booking/Buying your domestic flights for Iran sightseeing tours.
• Sightseeing tour in Tehran and other Iranian cities.
• Mount Damavand Thermal Spring.
• Porter/Mule to take your extra languages to high camps.
• Lunchbox/snacks during the trek.
• Sleeping bag (recommended to bring a small light weight warm sleeping bag or a lining).

Also Included
We transfer the following equipment to Camp3 few days in advance and will be available at
C3 before your arrival so you do not need to carry any heavy gears by mule, porter or yourself:
• Food and drink.
• Cooking gear.
• Mattress.
• Tent (if necessary).

Insurance Important Note - (Excluded)
We strongly recommended you to have all risk insurance in your country that covering medical and evacuation from all Iranian mountains and remote area. The insurance should cover also helicopter flight that could occur in the expedition.

Iran Mountain Climbing Guide
Damavand Mountain Guide support incoming mountain tourists with the best possible services available in the area to Alborz Mountains and Zagros Mountain in Iran such as:
• Hike Trek climb Ski Tour Guide Mount Damavand 5671m, Mazandaran.
• Hiking Trekking and Ski Touring Guide Mount Touchal 3960m, Tehran.
• Mountaineering and Climbing Tour Guide Mouth Alam-Kuh 4850m Mazandaran Provice.
• Hiking & Trekking Tour Guides Mount Dena 4250m, Yasuj, kohgiloyeh va Boyerahmad.
• Trekking Tour Guide Mt Sabalan 4820, Ardebil, Ardabil Provice.
• Hiking Tour Guide Mount Alvand, Hamedan, Hamedan Provice.
• Climbing Tour Guide Mount Oshteran, Doroud, Lorestan Provice.
• Trekking Tour Guide Mount Shirkoh, Yazd, Yazd Provice.
• Hiking Tour Guide Mount Zardkouh, Bakhtiyari Provine.

Damavand Mountain Ski Tour
Ski Touring Mount Damavand, Iran

FAQs Damavand Guide

Q: What is a Damavand Guide and why do I need one?

A Damavand Guide, also known as a mountain guide or trek leader, is an experienced professional who leads and assists climbers and trekkers on their journey up Mount Damavand. Hiring a Damavand Guide is essential for safety, route navigation, and to enhance your overall experience on the mountain.

Q: What are the benefits of hiring a guided tour for Mount Damavand?
Booking a Damavand guided tour, or a Damavand Ski Touring led by a certified Damavand mountain guide, ensures you have an expert to lead you through the challenges of the trek, provide cultural insights, handle logistics, and keep you safe during your ascent.

Q: Can I climb Damavand without a guide?
While it's possible to climb Damavand without a guide, having a professional Damavand Guide significantly enhances safety, allows for better acclimatization, and offers local knowledge that can greatly enrich your climb.

Q: How experienced are the guides for Damavand expeditions?
Our Damavand guides are certified Iranian mountain guides with extensive experience on Damavand. They are well-versed in the mountain's terrain, Damavand weather patterns, and safety protocols to ensure a successful and secure expedition.

Q: Are Damavand guided tours suitable for beginners?
Yes, guided tours are highly recommended for beginners. A Mount Damavand Guide can provide necessary training, support, and expertise, making the climb accessible and enjoyable for climbers new to the experience.

Q: What services does a Damavand Peak guide offer?
A Damavand summit guide provides route planning, navigation, altitude advice, and emergency support. They play a crucial role in leading you to the peak while ensuring your safety and comfort. See also Mount Damavand tour package included Services.

Q: How can a Mt. Damavand Guide help me prepare physically and mentally?
A Mt Damavand Guide can offer training tips, Damavand acclimatization strategies, and psychological preparation to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared for the challenges of climbing Mount Damavand.

Q: Can I hire a local guide for exploring Damavand beyond climbing?
Absolutely, hiring a local Damavand Guide can provide insights into the region's culture, history, and natural beauty beyond the climb, offering a more holistic travel experience.

Q: How do I find and book a guided tour for Damavand?
To find and book a guided tour for Damavand, search for reputable guiding companies online, read reviews, and directly contact them to discuss your preferences and requirements.

Q: What should I look for when choosing a Damavand Guide?
When selecting a Damavand Mountain Guide, prioritize experience, certifications, reviews from past clients in Damavand Guestbook, communication skills, and their ability to tailor the experience to your needs and skill level.

Damavand Summit
Ski Touring Mount Damavand, Iran

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