Damavand Common Mistakes

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Common Mistakes in Trekking Damawand

Some common mistakes cause new climbers and even experinced ones to be unsuccessful in Mt Damavand, by avoiding these mistakes you can increase your chance of ascend to the summit.
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1- Climbing at Night

There has been a wrong believe for years (also exist in present) which insist that you should ascend the last part of the mountain only at night, and because of sulfur gas near the summit creater this is the only possible way! It suggests to start climbing from Camp3 to the summit at about 1 or 2 AM to reach the volcanic area early morning because of less sulfur gas.

We (members of 100 Damavand club) believe it is a quite wrong way to challenge Damavand Mountain Iran and strongly advice you never start at night and use day lights only. In summer season the best starting time to kick off from camp 3 to the summit is 5 to 6 am.

Disadvantages of Clombing at Night
- At night the risks are higher.
- You can not find suitable footpaths.
- You may make many mistakes.
- You will lose more energy because the weather is colder.
- You do not have enough rest, and the most important thing, you may be awake but you body is not and the biological clock of your body says it is sleeping time!
- You may see some climbers attempt at night; to be honest most of these guys, about 60% do not succeed and never see the summit!

2- Sleeping in Camp3 Bargah Sevom old Shellter/Refuge

During the summer season especially in Iranian weekend and holidays, Camp3 Shellter is too crowded and too noisy and is not suitable for use, you are advised to use your own tent for better comfort and privacy, reserve and use private rooms in the Camp3 New Hut or bring and use a suitable tent. Remember that there is no other camp or shelter from this point upwards on the South Facce of the Mountain. Climbing Mount Damavand Iran.

3- Carring Heavy Equipment

Do not carry heavy equipments from camp2 (base camp) to camp3, carring heavy gears by yourself will make you tired for the summit day, use mule/ porters or just leave the extra staff at Camp1 Polour.

4- Short Acclimatization

If you live in a city with low elevation, like the sea level, you better to have an extra day rest at camp1 or camp3 for better acclimatization. Remmeber camp2 ist not recommended for use.

5- Lack of Sufficient Information

If you intend to ascend to peak of Mt Damavand for the first time, you better to get some information such as Timing, Itinerary, Camps, Map, Equipments, GPS Track and so on.
It is recommended to have an experienced guide with you.

6- AMS Mountain Sickness

Take AMS seriously, a family of related medical conditions that sometimes develop when people travel to altitudes above 3500m (11,500ft), at times even lower. There is a wide variation in both the speed of onset, the severity of symptoms and also at the height at which they occur – this is different for each person. The problems are caused by lack of oxygen.
Read more in Mountain Sickness.

7- Bad Weather

Do not leave your camp and do not atempt climbig when weather is not good enough. Damavand weather is mostly good in summer season, but it could change very rapidly and you may not have enough time or energy to find a suitable shelter. So have enough cloths and gears with yourself even during a good weather to save your life in case of emergency.

8- Insufficient Equipment

In order to enjoy a safe hike to the summit, it is essential to bring the proper equipments.
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Vinegar Mask

Prepare a dust mask or a handkerchief and some vinegar and if/when necessary make a simple vinegar mask quickly, it helps you. Trekking Mount Damavand Iran.

When reaching the sulphur area, dependent upon the wind direction, change your way opposit the gas and smoke and keep away as far as possible from the smokes.

In case of feeling and smelling too much gas, it is a good idea to make the vinegar mask!
Apply/spread a little vinegar on the handkerchief and cover your mouth and nose with this mask and pass the area. Damavand Mountain Hiking Trekking Tour.

Important Note
Mountaineers who ascend from the South face are advised to remain at least 50 meters away from the main vent of the vlcano which is located on the Sout route near the summit crater.

Vinegar Mask for Mt Damavand
Damavand Volcano Iran
To pass the sulphuric area a vinegar mask is helpful!
Behind the Main Vent of the Volcano is visibale
Damavand Mountain Guide, Iran

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