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Helpful info for Climbing Mount Damavand 5671m.

Virtual Trip to Damavand by GoogleEarth

It is a good idea to have a virtual trip to Damavand Iran by GoogleEarth before you actually start climbing. It gives you an impression about the area, route, places and answers some of your questions. All you need is Google Earth software installed on your PC, labtop, smart mobile phone, or your pocket pc and the following placemark files.

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Download: GoogleEarth Files.
Just click on the landmark files which you are interested in, and you go there in few moments!

If you don't have access to GoogleEarth software, you may visit or download these Google Earth satellite images and landmarks in the JPG format:

Download: Photos by Google Earth,
There are some interesting useful photos/images to help you. Mount Damavand Guide.

South Route Mt Damavand
Mt Damavand South Route Map
Mount Damavand Iran Climbing

Road Map Tehran To Mt Damavand, Haraz Road Polour Junction
Road Map Tehran To Mount Damawand
Haraz Road Polour Junction
Trek Mount Damavand

South Route Damavand
Mount Damawand South Route
Mount Damavand Trekking Tour

Damavand Base Camp to Summit
Mt Damawand Base Camp to Summit
Mount Damavand Ski

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