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How To Climb Damavand?

How to conquer Damavand Peak with confidence?

Trek to the summit of Damavand, with assurance! Reach this majestic peak with our comprehensive Damavand Guide! The Damavand guidebook is the most informative resource available online for climbing Damavand with Mount Damavand Climbing Guide Team.

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Conquer Damavand Peak with confidence
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Mount Damavand Handbook highlights the challenges and rewards of this incredible journey, providing you with everything you need for a successful ascent. Explore everything you need for a successful Damavand climbing tour, including detailed descriptions of the four most popular mountaineering routes. Plan your ascent of Iran's highest summit and the Middle East's tallest peak, with our expert guidebook. For more information on planning your climb, check out Damavand Info, a helpful resource for exploring this impressive peak.

What are the keys to conquering Damavand Peak with confidence?

Damavand travel guide is designed for regular climbers with basic skills and standard equipment, Damavand guide aims to ensure your climb is safe and successful. Inside Damavand Adventure Guide, you'll find comprehensive information about guided Damavand ascends. Your guide to conquering Damavand includes detailed descriptions of the four most popular Damavand routes, in-depth breakdowns of the four main climbing trails, necessary equipment lists, acclimatization strategies, climbing tips and tricks. You’ll also find information on Damavand weather forecasts and weather warnings, GPS landmarks, tracks, and campsite coordinates, as well as climbing permit requirements.

Climbing Mount Damavand Iran, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
How To Climb Damavand Mountain in Iran
Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom
Old Shelter at 4200 m and the New Hut

Photo by A. Soltani

Additionally, Damavand handbook provide details on comfortable camping accommodations, the best-guided Damavand trekking tours, and the most experienced climbing guide team. You'll have access to facts and figures about the mountain, technical climbing information, trekking difficulty and climbing grades. Explore illustrated trekking maps and trails, discover the best Damavand climbing season and timing, and find options for guided ski mountaineering, ski touring, and snowboarding tours. Enjoy mountain photos and videos to get inspired for your adventure. This guidebook equips you to plan your adventure with all the essentials for a safe and rewarding climb on one of Iran's most iconic mountains.

Mt Damavand Route Map
Damavand Hiking Trekking and Climbing Guide
Damavand South Route Map
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Damavand South Route

Damavand's hiking classic south route is the top choice for many climbers, featuring a fantastic new mountain resort at 4250 meters. This side of Damavand is the most popular and considered the easiest and quickest way to climb the mountain. The journey begins with a drive from Tehran to Polour Village, offering breathtaking views along the way. The southern route provides not only convenience but also stunning landscapes to admire during the climb. If you're interested in exploring Mount Damavand through hiking and trekking tours, be sure to check out Damavand tour. This resource offers valuable information on various routes, difficulty levels, necessary gear, and reliable tour operators. Whether you're a novice or an experienced climber, Damavand tour provides comprehensive details to help you plan and enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

How To Climb Damavand from the South Route?

Detailed Itinerary for Damavand South Route For those seeking a relaxing itinerary to conquer Mt. Damavand's South Face, various trekking tour options are available in Iran. Among them, we've selected and outlined two simple yet popular three-day and seven-day itineraries. Feel free to adjust the programs to fit your schedule and preferences. This particular itineraries are well-suited for newcomers, casual climbers, and foreign mountain enthusiasts looking to take on the challenge from the south route. Upon completing the programs, you might also have some spare time to visit the Abe Garm Larijan thermal hot spring. Make the most of your Damavand adventure with this carefully curated plans.

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Damavand Summit
Mount Damavand Summit 5671 m
Highest Summit in the Middle East 18,605 ft
Second Highest Volcano in Asia and Northen Hemisphere

Damavand West Route

Damavand west route type is basic mountaineering with difficulty and climbing grade moderate walk-up, basic snow and cold and very difficult descend. There is a refuge at 4200 m called Simorgh Shelter. The refuge is called Panagah Simorgh in Farsi. 
: Simorgh means Roc. Roc is a gigantic legendary bird, said to carry off elephants and other large beasts for food. It is mentioned in the famous collection of Iranian tales.

How to Climb Damavand from the West Route?

The west route is another way to climb Damavand. Its the second popular side of the mountain after the classic south route. If you intend to trek Damavand from the western front, you have to go to Haraz road, then go to Polour Village. In summer season, from Polour 4WD cars may take you to Lar Dam Road and up to the starting point which is called Parking Area. Generally, the ascent starts from this base in Vararo. The altitude of this base camping site is about 3400 meters high. After reaching the Parking area, you should hike to Simorgh Shelter. A good feature of Simorgh Refuge is the presence of running water there. Overnight stay at Simorgh refuge or in the tenting area.

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Climb Damavand from the Western Route
Climb Damavand from the West Route

Damavand North-East Route

Damavand North-East Route
Climbing from the northeastern side of Damavand Iran

The northeast front of Damavand (Nandel village path) is one of the most beautiful routes to climb to Damavand peak. If you intend to climb Damavand or visit its sights, choose this route. The beauties of the northeastern part of Damavand are countless and even pictures cannot show it.
Damavand north-east route type is mountaineering with difficulty long and hard ascend with cold and wind and long descend. It has a shelter called Takht-e Fereydoun at about 4380m.

How to Climb Damavand from the North-East Route?

Damavand North-East side is another way to climb to Damavand Peak, it is longer than other routes. For this side, climbers have two different trails:

A- Starting from Gazaneh Village, this route is longer and crosses the Talkh Roud River.
B- Trekking from Nandal Village; this route is shorter and is the recommended trail.

Both routes meet at the Takht Fereydoun Shelter, and from there, the climb from the northeastern side follows the same path. Since the route from Gazaneh Village is longer, most climbers prefer to start from Nandal Village. If you start from Nandal Village, you can rent a 4WD car to take you to the starting point called Gardaneh-Sar Sheepfold, or you can walk there yourself.

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Climb Mount Damavand from the Northeastern Route Map - Gazaneh Trail
Climb Mount Damavand Iran
North East Route Map - Gazaneh Trail

Climb Mount Damavand from the Northeastern Route Map - Nandal Trail
Climb Mount Damavand From North East Route - Nandal Trail

Damavand North Route

Trekking Mount Damavand From North Face
Mt Damavand north face is considered Damavand most difficult route among the main routes, but due to the existence of a dirt road, facilities and shelters, it can be said to be easier than some of Damavand's secondary unpopular routes. In general terms, climbing to Damavand from any route is always a difficult program due to the great height of this giant volcano.

How to Climb Damavand the North Face?

Climbing Mount Damavand Iran from North Route

Generally speaking, Climbing Damavand mountain from the north face is usually done by groups in the form of 3-5 days program. In such a plan on the first day, in the early morning travel from Tehran to Nandel Village and then by a 4WD car drive to the hiking starting point called the Big Stone at an altitude of 2,900 meters above sea level before the noon. And trek to the first campsite, called 4000 refuge or to the second camp, called 5000 shelter before the darkness.  

From the Big Rock you may give the extra luggage to the mules to carry to the first campsite (4 thousand shelter) or maybe below the second shelter (5 thousand shelter) at altitude of about 4400 meters and half an hour before the second shelter. The porter and mule can be arranged in advance in the Nandal village.

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Mountaineering Mount Damavand Iran - Damavand Mountain Northe Face Route Map
Mountaineering Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Mountain Northe Face Route Map

Damavand Climbing Routes

There are 16 different paths for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and climbing on Mt. Damavand. Four of these trails stand out as popular choices: South, West, North, and North-East routes. Each of these routes has at least one shelter or refuge situated at an altitude of approximately 4000 meters. These shelters provide a resting place and support for climbers along their journey. The South, West, North, and North-East routes offer diverse landscapes and challenges, making them the preferred choices for those seeking a memorable and rewarding climbing experience on majestic Mt. Damavand.

Damavand peak can be climbed from different routes. The length of the trekking trail, the amount of height increase from the base, the presence of facilities such as vehicles and mule, as well as the presence of shelters, springs and running water along the route determine the degree of difficulty of Damavand climbing.

Mount Demavand Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering and Climbing Route Map
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Mount Demavand Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering and Climbing Route Map
By Simaye Kouch

Damavand Camps

Coordinates and Heights for the Mount Damavand campsites

Discover Damavand camps, strategically placed for climbers' safety. These rest stops ensure a secure ascent, supporting the journey without specifying altitudes. Key for breaks and support, they create a balanced, safe climbing experience, emphasizing their crucial role in overall climbing strategy.

South Route:

Polour Village Damavand Camp:
Coordinates: Latitude 35.8465°, Longitude 52.0605°, Altitude: 2,270 meters

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Damavand Summer Climbing Tour, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Mount Damavand Climbing Tour
Summer View from Haraz Road
Photo by A. Soltani

FAQs about How to Climb Damavand?

FAQs about Climbing Mount Damavand Iran

Please note that trekking and climbing on Mount Damavand require careful planning, preparation, and safety considerations. It's essential to be well-equipped, physically fit, and accompanied by experienced guides for a successful and enjoyable experience on this magnificent peak. Always check local conditions, obtain necessary permits, and follow proper safety guidelines before embarking on any mountain adventur.

Q: How can trekkers acclimatize before climbing Damavand Mountain?
A: To acclimatize effectively before ascending Mount Damavand, trekkers should gradually increase their altitude over several days, staying hydrated and avoiding overexertion. Spending time at Damavand Campsites, intermediate altitudes, like the base camp, and the high camp helps the body adjust to reduced oxygen levels. Prior physical fitness, controlled ascent pace, and sufficient rest aid in minimizing altitude sickness symptoms. Additionally, a balanced diet rich in carbohydrates and proper clothing for changing weather conditions contribute to a successful and safe climb of Mount Damavand.
Tips for Acclimatizing Before Climbing Mount Damavand.

Q: What should I do for acclimatization?
A: Spend a day at Camp 3 to acclimatize, reaching an altitude of about 4800 meters.

Q: How can I acclimatize properly before the summit push?
A: Spend a day at Camp 3 and take a slow hike to about 4800 meters to help your body adjust to the altitude.

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Mt Damavand South Route Camp 1 - Reineh Altitude 2078 m
Mt Damawand South Route Camp1 - Reineh Altitude 2078 m

Climbing Damavand Iran

Mountaineers wish to climb Mount Damavand because it is a beautiful mountain and the ­most popular one in Iran. Damavand Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran, it is nicknamed as the “roof of Iran”. Many mountaineers from all over the world are attracted by its beauty, prominence, and accessibility. As already mentioned, climbing Damavand is a popular vacation activity. People come from all over the world to climb this spectacular mountain, and you should consider joining them. You will be able to see Iran in an entirely new way if you take the time to ascend this iconic mountain.

Mountain climbing in Iran is generally safe if you are prepared to be flexible and make some adjustments to your plans (such as a change in your itinerary or extra time on the acclimatization). A professional Damavand guide can also help with route selection and offer assistance during the climb. Learn about how to trek Mount Damavand Iran and the best places in Iran to enjoy a hiking trip.

Mt. Damavand is a perfect destination for the adventurous travelers who want to explore the Persian beauty and experience the thrill of climbing over 5000 meters. Damavand is located in the north of Tehran, it’s surrounded by lush green Mazandaran forests and you can see Alborz. Ascending Damavand is an unforgettable experience for any adventure-seeker. However, prepare yourself accordingly and you will be guaranteed a memorable trip! Mountaineering Damavand Mountain is an adventure that can be completed in two to four day. Climbing to the peak of Mount Damavand takes more than just determination, as you will need to be fit and prepared for the demanding effort in this strenuous climb.

Mount Damavand Camp2 Mosque, Camp 2 Base or Goosfand Sara
Mount Damavand BaseCamp (alt 3040 meters)

Also called Camp 2 BaseCamp or Goosfand Sara
Gosfandsara Shelter (lat: 35.9020°, lon: 52.1094°, alt: 3,025 m)

More in Damavand Climbing Info
In this section, you may find additional and useful information about hiking, trekking and mountaineering. and ski touring Mount Damavand." "Old but Gold".

This Mount Damavand guidebook gives you all the details you need to climb Damavand in Iran using four popular routes. It's made for regular climbers with basic skills and standard equipment, aiming to make your climb safe and successful. The Damavand climbing guide covers important information about the mountain, like trekking facts, the best times to climb, the hiking routes, campsites for resting and acclimatization, and expert tips. It's a complete Damavand climbing resource for anyone who loves trekking and hiking and wants to reach Iran's highest peak.

The Damavand Trekking guide also teaches climbing techniques and offers the chance to trek with experienced Damavand Mountaineering Guide. These mountain guides have climbed the mountain many times and can make your experience better. The guide highlights the friendly locals in the area, suggesting that meeting them, especially a professional Damavand Summit Guide, can make your trip even more special. Climbing Mount Damavand is a popular activity in Iran for mountaineers of all ages.

It promises an exciting nature adventure with rare plants in one of Iran's less crowded regions. The Damavand climb usually takes 2-4 days and includes hiking, trekking, and climbing. Visit also Damavand trekking tour itinerary. The summit, called the "roof of Iran," offers amazing views of villages, towns, and distant roads. For beginners, the best time to climb Damavand is in the summer (mid-June to mid-September) when there's less snow and the weather is milder. For more information on planning your climb, check out Damavand Info, a helpful resource for exploring this impressive peak.

Mount Damavand Camp III Bargah Sevom Campsite
Mount Damavand Camp III Bargah Sevom Campsite

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