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Reineh Hut is the first mountaineering resort made for Hiking Damavand Iran. It is located in Reyneh Town in Larijan district. It was built in 1939 and reconstructed in 1969. Since then there has been no major reconstruction in this building. Among the Damavand Camps, this small old camp was the main resort for climbers before Polour complex campsite was made in 2004. Reineh hut is losing its popularity among climbers rapidly in the recent years. Damawand Camp1 Reyneh FAQ.

If you travel from north of Iran, ie Gilan or Mazandaran province, you may use this camp. But if you travel from Tehran you have a better option and recommended to go to Camp 1 Polour Hut which is a much better place and a shortcut to Damavand Iran.

Accommodation in Mt Damavand Camp 1 Reineh Camp
Damavand Camp 1 Reineh Resort (Altitude 2078 masl)
Guide Mt. Damavand

Accommodation in Mt Damavand Camp 1 Reineh Camp
Mt Damavand Camp 1 Reyneh
Accommodation - Bed Rooms


There is an ordinary old hostel with one public room and one private room with bunk beds (two stage beds), toilet (outside), hot water, shower, kitchen and cooking gears.

Advantages of Reyneh Resort

- Access way to the south face from north of Iran, ie Mazandaran and Gilan province.
- An old and ordinary camp for accommodation and acclimatization.
- Shared rooms with bunk beds and a private suite. Climb Damavand Iran.
- Cooking equipments and kitchen.
- Central heating.
- Telephone line and electricity.
- Water taps, cold & hot, shower and toilet.
- 2 Mobile networks avalable in the area.


- Longer distance from Tehran compared to Polour Resort.
- A small hut with little facilities compared to Polour New Hut.
- This old camp need some major reconstruction.
- Needs better management.

Important Note
Please note, it is not recommended to use any unidentified place as your accommodation either in the towns, villages and the open areas near the mountain. The best resting place are Iran Mountain Federation Campsites. Hike Damavand Iran.


Altitude: 2078 m
Latitude: 35-52-58 N
Longitude: 52-09-58 E
Distance from Tehran: 100 Km, 2.5 hours by car
Distance to Camp2 - BaseCamp: 1 hour by car (mostly gravel road)

Alternate Names and spellings

Reineh City, Reyneh Town, Rayneh, Reneh, Rehneh.
In Persian رینه، شهر رینه (pronounce ray ne)

How to go to Reyneh Town

Reineh Resort is an old starting point, at the present time if you intend to go to Damavand from Tehran, you better may go to Polour Hut in Polour Village which is a shortcut from Tehran and a better place for accomodation and acclimatization. Hiking Tour Damavand, Iran.

Tehran> Haraz Road> Pol e Moon Junction (Akbar Jojeh)> Reineh Town> Reineh Resort
(approx 2.5 hours by car)

By Taxi
You can get a taxi to take you to Reyneh Town, either from airport or any hotel in Tehran.
Remember most taxi drivers do not know about the exact location of this mountain campsite.

By Bus
There is no direct bus to this town, you should go by taxi to the bus terminal called Terminal Shargh, in eastern part of Tehran and find a bus to go closed to the area at Haraz Road, Pol e Moon Junction, and get a local taxi to Reyneh Town, ie taxi + bus + taxi.


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About Reineh Town

Rineh is a beautiful small town located on the south slopes at foot of Mt Damavand in Mazandaran province, Iran. It is the capital of the Larijan district of Amol County.


Alternate spelling: Reyneh, Rayneh, Reneh, Rehneh, in Farsi رینه، شهر رینه

Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
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Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
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Mt Damavand South Route Camp 1 - Reineh Altitude 2078 m
Mt Damawand South Route Camp1 - Reineh Altitude 2078 m

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