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Mount Damavand Climate

Damavand mountain is standing at an elevation of 5,670 meters (18,600 feet), therefore its climate is heavily influenced by its high elevation and location. At the lower elevations of the mountain, such as a Damavand Campsite, the climate is typically semi-arid with moderate summers and very cold winters. As you ascend higher up the mountain, the Damavand climate becomes colder and more alpine in nature.

Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran
Summer Season

The temperature and wind-chill at the summit of Mount Damavand can drop to -70 degrees in Celsius (-95 degrees in Fahrenheit) and during summer the temperature usually ranges between 5 to 15°C (40 to 60°F) during the day, and drops to below zero at night. The wind speeds at Damavand high altitudes can vary significantly and can be affected by many factors, including altitude, weather patterns, and topography. Damavand wind speed may reach 125 Km/h (78 Mile/h) in winter. Visit also Damavand weather forecast.

Wind Speed Mount Damavand Iran
Demavand Strog Wind
Wind Speed 125 Km/h (78 Mile/h) 29 March 2016
Damavand Weather Forecast By Mountain Forecast

The falling of any form of rain, snow, hail, sleet or mist on Mount Damavand is variable depending on location and altitude. The lower slopes typically receive less precipitation than the higher elevations, with an average of 200-400 mm of rainfall per year. Higher up, the mountain receives more snowfall, which can persist throughout the year in the higher elevations. As the result, the weather on Mount Damavand can be quite harsh and unpredictable, particularly at higher elevations. Climbers and hikers should take appropriate measures to prepare for the weather conditions and ensure their safety.

Weather Winter Temperature Mount Damavand Iran
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Mt Demavand, Iran Freezing Winter Temprature
-71° Celsius (-95° Fahrenheit) 4 February 2012
Damavand Meteo By Snow Forecast

Climate of Mount Damavand

Generally speaking Damavand Iran has only two seasons, summer and winter! Spring and autumn are too short and are considered as cold weather for climbing. Summer has an ideal climate for mountaineering and the other seasons are considerd as tough climate and off-season for trekking and climbing. This is the right webpage for anybody who wishes to learn more Damavand Camps.

It is essential to learn the general Weather Forecast Mount Damavand, Iran conditions prevailing in Damavand area over a long period before you attempt the mountain. Regardless of the season, you need a good weather condition for any successful climb. Allways reserve a day or two in your itinerary for bad weather and do not forget to bring enough gears.


(April, May)
Climbing Damavand is difficult because the weather is unstable and cold. However the mountain nature is imaginary in spring specially for its beautiful natural red poppy fields which start blooming in May in lower slopes and gratually covers the upper parts. May and June are the best months for natural and eco hiking & trekking tours. Guide Mt. Damavand.

Climate Spring Mount Damavand
Mt Damavand in Spring


(After mid June, July, August, before mid September)
Damavand Weather is suitable for mountaineering in summer. Climbing season starts from mid June, and lasts to mid September. July and August are the best and recommended climbing months for the mountain. During these months, footpaths are usually free of snow, the weather is relatively mild, access by public transportation to base camp is easy, but the mountain shelters are crowded. See also Damavand trekking tour.

Ordinary climbers are strongly advised to tackle Damavand during this climbing season only. Remember the weather is fine mostly in summer, but it could change quickly, and the temperatures may drop to far below zero, so bring enough Gears even during a good weather.

Climate Summer Mount Damavand
Mt Damavand in Summer

(September, October)
Autum is usually cold and windy, no running water is available in the area. The mountain shelters are not crowded. You are advised to bring good winter Equipment with you. Due to icy footpath ascend and descend is difficult for Hike tour to Damavand Iran.

Climate Autumn Mount Damavand
Mount Damavand in Autumn

(November, December, January, February, March)
The winter climate may begin from October and last to April. Climbing to the Damavand summit is very tough and highly dangerous, due to excessive wind and severe weather conditions, snow, ice and other risks, ascend and descend is graded very difficult. The south route is the best side in winter for mountaineering and ski touring. Visit also Winter Equipments.

Due to vicinity of Caspian Sea, there are heavy snow falls in winter. The season for ski and snowboard is from December to mid May, the best ski months are March & April.

In winter you need a high skilled experienced guide. Cars can not go up to the base camp and it is not possible to use mules in the area, so you should carry all equipments yourself. Visit also Damavand Meteo.

In winter, shelters need some cleaning from snow and garbage if you are luckky enough to find them under snow! To be successful in winter, you should be very experienced and well-equipped, you need a good timing and good weather too.

Climate Winter Mount Damavand
Damavand Mountain in Winter

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