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Damavand Campsites - Base Camp Shelter

Also called Base Camp, Goosfand Sar (sheepfold) or Modque

Base camp is a Damavand camping site located at altitude 3040 masl and is the summer starting point for Trekking Mount Damavand. In this area there is a small mountain shelter or refuge, a mosque called Saheb Zaman (or Saheb al Zaman) and a sheepfold!
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In summer and climbing season, strong cars like 4WD Jeeps and land rovers transfer climbers and their equipments to this campsite. It is possible to find some water, food and drink here, but it is recommend to bring and use your own staff and also you may find mule and porter to carry your equipments to the last campsite called Camp3 Bargah Sevom.

Important Note
This campsite is not a suitable place for accommodation and acclimatization in summer and crowded climbing season because it is too crowded, noisy and too dirty, it is full of people, cars... See Also Warning.

Due to heavy snowfall in winter the gravel road is blocked and cars can not reach this place, so Damavand starting point in winter is gravel road junction (GPS Landmark No5) or somewhere closed to that point. Remeber in cold seasons this area is almost remote and resticted, so it is not crowded and you may use the shelter/refuge or the mosque. More in Damawand Camp2 Base FAQ.

Mt Damavand Base Camp or Goosfand Sara
Mt Damavand Base Camp (altitude 3040 masl)
Camp 2 Base or Goosfand Sara

Accommodation in Mt Damavand Camp2 Base Goosfand Sara

As mentioned above this area is not a good place for any use in summer season because it is too crowded, noisy and too dirty, for acclimatization and accommodation while Trekking Mount Damavand you are better to use Camp1 Polour or Camp3 New Hut. But if you insist to use this place, you may bring your own tent and use it few hundred meters away from the area.

A- Shelter or Refuge
It has two old rooms (unfortunately at the moment the doors and the windows are damaged and the rooms are not suitable for use any more!). Damavand Guide.

Damavand Base Camp
Mt Damavand Base Camp or Goosfand Sara
Accommodation in Shelter/Refuge

B- Mosque
It has a vacant room, usually crowded in summer! Climb Damavand.

Damavand Base Camp
Mt Damavand Base Camp or Goosfand Sara
Accommodation in Mosque

C- Tenting
You may bring and use your own tent far from this area for better comfort and privacy.

Mount Damavand Second Camp Goosfand Sara
Damavand Base Camp Goosfand Sara
Accommodation in Tent

Facilities and Advantages

(mostly for summer season)
- It is the starting point of the South route. Damavand Trekking Tour.
- Trasfer by car is possible to this place.
- Mule and porter are avalable.
- Some food, drink, water are avalable.
- Mobile network is avalable.


(mostly in summer)
- Not a good campsite for Mt Damavand, it need some major reconstruction.
- It has an old shelter/refuge with no facilities. Damavand Ski.
- Not a suitable place for acclimatization and accommodation.
- Mostly there is no running water.
- Noisy and crowded and too dirty.
- Not a suitable plcae for foreigners travling to this mountain.
- It is invaded by people, cars....
- No proper toilet.
- No management.


Altitude 3040 m
Latitude 35, 54, 10 N
Longitude 52, 06, 34 E

GPS Track for Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base

GPS Track File: Download
Full Size Image Route Map: Download
Transfer the gravel road, by car in summer or walk in winter.

Distance from Camp1 Polour one hour by car (mostly gravel road.
Ascent to Camp3 Bargah-e Sevom 4 t0 6 hours by slow walk.
Descent from Camp3 - Bargah Sevom 2 -3 hours
See also Maps, GPS Landmark.

Other Names

Farsi Name
Gosfand Sara, Goosfand Sara ye Ehsan, Masjed, Masjed Saheb al Zaman.

Old name

Alaf chin.

English Name

Base Camp, Mosque, Base shelter/refuge, sheepfold.
Gosfand Sara means sheepfold.

How to go to Camp2 Base

From the first Camp either Polour or Reyneh> Transfer by Car>Camp2 Base.
If you are going to start and leave the camp1 early morning, it is suggested to book a car in advance the day before your kick off. It usually takes about one hour to the area by car.

For camp1 Polour or Reyneh you can ask for a car to take you to Base Camp (Gusfandsara), remember most part of the road is gravel and it may not completely be useable in spring and winter and cars may not be able to go all the way, you may consider this gravel road "as far as car can go". The car for this part could be any strong 4WD car such as landrovers, Jeeps and mini trucks. Damavand Myth.

- Try to use landrover, Jeep and 4WD patrol cars. Damavand Volcano.
- Do not use mini trucks .

Camp1 to Camp2 Map

Gravel Road, by car in summer or walk in winter.

Damavand Camp1 to Camp2 Road and Route Map
Download/View The Original Size Image
Damavand Camp1 to Camp2 Road and Route Map
Drive the Gravel Road by car in summer or walk and on ski in winter

Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Mount Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
By A. Soltani

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