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Useful information for Climbing Mount Damavand Iran.

Mount Damavand Climbing Season

Mid June to mid September is the best season for Climbing Mount Damavand. During this period the footpaths are usually free of snow, the weather is relatively mild and access by public transportation to the basecamp is easy, but the mountain shelters/refuges are crowded.

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Everybody without much hiking experience is strongly advised to Trek Damavand Iran during this climbing season. Best days are Iranian midweek days. Saturday to Monday are recommended days to start. Iranian weekend are Thursday and Friday.

Mt Damavand South Route beginning of climbing season
Mt Damavand South Route
Mid June Climbing Ridge Pop-Up from Ice and Snow
By Ardeshir Soltani, Guide Mount Damavand Iran

When Not to Climb (Off Season)?!

Damavand Mountain shelters are open for use in all climbing seasons in Iran. While there is usually little snow on the mountain, even during summer temperatures at the summit drops to far below zero eg down to -25C at a summer night. Climbing Damavand Mountain.

Only experienced hikers with a strong urge to avoid the crowd, should consider an off season ascend. From mid October to around mid May climbing to the summit is highly perilous due to extreme wind and weather conditions, snow, ice and other risks.

Mt Damavand Climbing Season
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Damavand South Face Route
Mid June Beginning of Climbing Season
Photo A. Soltani
Mount Damavand Hiking Tour

Mountain Crowd

Trekking Damavand is very popular not only among the Iranians, but also among foreign tourists, who seem to make up less than a fifth of all hikers. The peak season for climbing is during the school vacations which last from around 20 June to 23 Sep. The peak of the peak is reached about 6 August. Mount Damavand Iran Ski Tour. It is recommended to avoid climbing in this period.

In order to encounter neither too large nor too small crowds, we suggest you to ascend on a weekday (Saturday to Monday) in the first half of July before the start of the crowd. The downside of a climb in early July is the weather, which tends to be somewhat more unstable than later in the season. Avoid any program in Iranian weekends in summer, because of road traffic and crowds.
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