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Damavand Campsites - Camp 3 New Resort

The Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut is made at altitude 4250 meters above sea level on the South trekking route of Damavand and very closed to the Camp3 Bargah Sevom Old Shelter/Refuge 4220m.

This mount hut is made by Iran Mount Climbing Federation, the construction of this resort was finished in 2009. It is one of the highest mountain huts in the word and without doubt it is the best place for acclimatization and accommodation in the area.

It is a comfortable hostel/lodge with private and common rooms with bunk beds, a very safe haven in case of emergency and any bad weather. More in Damavand Camp3 New Hut FAQ.

It is scheduled to be open in climbing season only and not through the entire year, if you want to use this resort, it is suggested to get the latest news and by booking information in advance to get the benefit of its very comfortable private rooms. So reserve your place and make sure of your the room vacancy before your travel to the area.

Booking Damavand Camps

Update 8 June 2017 - Unfortunately at the moment we have no clear answer for foreign mountaineers for how to book Damavand camps! Already Iran Mountain Federation has stopped the former reservation system and intends to make an online registration for Damavand Camps. But we are not sure when and how they can manage it for foreigners!

Booking Damavand Camps

Update 4 July 2016 - In Crowded Season it is very difficult to book a private room at Damavand campsites, especially for Camp 3 New Hut. At the moment there is no specified contact for booking the camps. Generally Damavand tour operators refer directly to Camp 1 Polour and make the reservation. If you do not have any Iranian tour operator then you may refer to Polour resort in person and do the booking if available.

Private Rooms

The common way is to do the reservation by tour organizers (and not by individuals). To make sure about your place you may pay deposit in advance to your tour agency few months before starting the trek and they do the reservation (if available). In none crowded season they work on the base of first come first served!

Public Rooms (Dorm)

There is no booking system for public rooms (dorms) in Camp 1 Polour Resort and also for Camp 3 New Hut. They work all season simply on the base of first come first served!

Mt Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut
Mt Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut (Altitude 4250 m)
Photo A.Soltani, 2 June 2009



- A safe haven in case of emergency and bad weather.
- Good place for acclimatization and accommodation.
- There are private and shared rooms (dorm) with bunk beds.
- 4 private rooms with bunk beds.
- One big common saloon (dorm) with bunk beds.
- kitchen and cooking equipments.
- Solar electricity.
- Some foods, water and drink avalable.
- Mobile network is avalable in some places.
- Running water avalable in summer.
- Good management in not crowded season.


- You should book a place in advance because it is crowded in climbing season.
- No telepnone lines.
- No central heating, it is quite cold especially in cold seasons.
- No Cold & hot water taps.
- Toilet outside.
- Poor management in crowded season.

Impotant Note

This is the last campsite of the South route and there is not any more campsite above here.


- Remember that there is in no hut in other routes of Mt Damavand and you have to use shelter/refuge or tent in other sides only.

- Bunk beds = two beds, one above the other, 2 stage beds.

Tenting around Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut
Tenting around Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut


(Located near the old shelter)
Altitude 4250 m
Latitude 35 - 55 - 57 N
Longitude 52 - 06 - 32 E

Quick Facts

Distance from Camp 2 Base 3-5 hours
Ascent to summit 5-7 hours
Descent from summit 3 - 4 hours

How to go to Camp3

GPS Tracks and Route Map Camp2 Base to Camp3 Bargah Sevom
Track Camp2 Base to Camp3 Bargah Sevom Old Shelter or the New Hut.
Visit GPS Landmarks.
Download GPS Track File: Download.
Full Size Route Map: Download.

Camp2 to Camp3 Map

Track Camp2 Base to Camp3 Bargah Sevom Old Shelter and the New Hut.

Damavand Camp2 to Camp3 Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Damavand Camp2 to Camp3 Route Map

Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
By Ardeshir Soltani

Accommodation in Mt Damavand  Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut
Mt Damavand south route Camp3 New Hut
Accommodation in Private Rooms

Mount Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut
Mount Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut

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