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Damavand-Info is the most experienced and reliable mountain climbing tour agency for adventures on Mount Damavand, Iran, can turn your dream of conquering the Middle East's highest peak into reality. With years of expertise, we specialize in organizing safe and unforgettable hiking, trekking, climbing, and even skiing expeditions on this majestic mountain. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or a beginner; Damavand-Info hiking tour organizer has the right tour and the know-how to ensure a successful and unforgettable trip.

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Damavand-Info Trekking Tour Agency
Hike Trek Ski Tours to Mount Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand Climbing Guide Team

The Damavand Guide, with its full name being 'The Mount Damavand Climbing Tour Guide Team,' specializes in organizing guided mountain climbing tours across Iranian mountains. The Damavand Guide Group is a dedicated and motivated group of professionals mountain tour guides based in Tehran, Iran.

Mr. Ardeshir Soltani is the founder of the Damavand Mountain Climbing Guide Team, the official website and the main web page for the team is Damavand-Info: http://www.damawand.de, it serves as a central hub for adventure seekers in Iran's mountains, providing valuable insights, advice, technical information and VIP guided tours for Damavand and other destinations.

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Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Guide. Ardeshir Soltani and Gilad Stern on Mount Damavand Summit. Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Guide. Guide for Trekking Mount Damavand, Iran. Damavand Climbing Tours
Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Guide
Ardeshir Soltani and Gilad Stern
Mount Damavand Summit - October 2007
Photo by Ali Najafi

Mount Damavand Campsites

On Mount Damavand, ten camps and shelters offer hikers and mountaineers a place to rest with basic amenities. Placed strategically along the four routes to the summit, these mountain campsites provide a chance for trekkers to relax, get used to the high altitude, and plan overnight stays safely. This guide gives a thorough introduction to Damavand camps, including mountain huts, shelters, and tenting spots, along with their locations and safety details. It helps hikers plan and carry out treks on different routes.

Mount Damavand Campsites' Coordinates and Heights
Polour Village Camp (lat: 35.8465°, lon: 52.0605°, alt: 2,270 m).
Rineh Town Camp (lat: 35.8816°, lon: 52.1661°, alt: 2,050 m).
Gosfandsara Shelter (lat: 35.9020°, lon: 52.1094°, alt: 3,025 m).
Bargah Sevom Old Shelter (lat: 35.9305°, lon: 52.1085°, alt: 4,210 m).
Bargah Sevom New Hut (lat: 35.9316°, lon: 52.1093°, alt: 4,245 m).
Simorgh Shelter (lat: 35.9564°, lon: 52.0825°, alt: 4,200 m).
Takhte-e Feridoun Refuge (lat: 35.9665°, lon: 52.1341°, alt: 4,380 m).
Nandal Mountaineering House (lat: 36.0303°, lon: 52.1740°, alt: 2,350 m).
Damavand 4000 Shelter (lat: 35.9782°, lon: 52.1112°, alt: 3,996 m).
Damavand 5000 Refuge (lat: 35.9681°, lon: 52.1147°, alt: 4,624 m ).

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Damavand Camp - Bargah Sevom Old Shelter and the New Hut, Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand Camp
Bargah Sevom Old Shelter and the New Hut
Photo by: Ardeshir Soltani

How To Climb Mount Damavand?

A Simple Guide to Climbing Mount Damavand

This guide teaches you How to climb Mount Damavand in Iran using four different routes. It provides clear instructions to help you plan and manage your Damavand trek tour effectively, increasing your chances of reaching the Damavand summit safely. The information is suitable for regular climbers with basic skills and standard trekking equipment.

Mount Damavand Climbing Routes
Mount Damavand offers 16 routes for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, climbing and ski touring. Among them, the South, West, North, and North-East routes are the most preferred. Mainly because each route has at least one shelter/refuge at approximately 4000m altitude, find details of the Most Popular Mount Damavand Trekking Trails. and Damavand Camping Sites.

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Climbing Damavand Mountain, Iran. Damavand winter view from Mt Tochal Peak. How To Climb Mount Damavand Iran. Information for climbing Damavand. Trek Damavand Iran
Climbing Damavand Mountain, Iran
winter view from Mt Tochal Peak
Photo Damavand Info

Mount Damavand Trekking Tour

No doubt, many of you may have dreamt of going on a trek to Mount Damavand, the highest point in Iran. Now, we're offering you the chance to make that dream a reality and truly experience the magic of this beautiful mountain. Stay connected for more details, and let's work together to finalize all the plans for a guided trek to Damavand. We organize various tours, ranging from simple summer hikes ideal for beginners to advanced winter mountaineering tours suitable for experienced climbers. Many individuals, climbing groups, and tour agencies use our guidance every year. We provide the best possible services for incoming groups.

Mount Damavand, Iran, Trek Iran Mountains - Mount Damavand Trekking Tour
Mount Damavand, Iran
Mt. Damavand Trekking Tour - Trek Iran Mountains
Photo by Damavand Info

Mount Damavand Ski Tour

Mount Damavand: Winter Wonderland for Adventure Enthusiasts
Located near the Caspian Sea, Damavand Mountain is blanketed in heavy snowfall during the winter months, creating a perfect setting for various winter sports. Winter enthusiasts can revel in activities such as ski touring, snowboarding, and ski mountaineering against the stunning backdrop of Damavand's majestic peaks.

The renowned Damavand Ski Resort proudly holds the title of the highest skiing destination in Iran and the Middle East, standing tall among the world's premier off-piste ski resorts. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a thrill-seeker looking for a new adventure, Damavand offers a unique and exhilarating experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

Ski Resorts and Weather Conditions
Near Damavand, you'll find popular ski resorts like Shemshak, Darbandsar and Tochal ski resort. These spots, along with places like Polour and Dizin, offer thrilling skiing adventures and chances to enjoy breathtaking mountain views. It's important to check the weather forecasts for Polour and Damavand peak when planning your skiing or climbing adventures.

Ski Touring Damavand Iran, Ski Touring to Mt Damavand summit
Mount Damavand, Tehran Iran
Ski Touring Damavand Iran
Ski Team Matthiasb Liebig From Germany
Photo by Damavand Info

Mount Damavand Weather Forecast

Damavand Mountain offers two main seasons for climbers: moderate (summer) and cold (winter). The shorter periods of autumn and spring are too chilly for trekking activities and are considered part of the cold season. For an optimal trekking experience, plan your ascent between mid-June and September, during the summer season. During this time, the weather is more favorable, providing better conditions for a successful climb.

It's crucial to pay attention to Mount Damavand's weather forecast, especially if you're planning to trek during the transitional seasons. Autumn and spring can bring challenging weather conditions, including abrupt temperature changes and unpredictable weather patterns. Therefore, staying informed about the weather forecast is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable climbing experience on Damavand Mountain.

Damavand Weather Forecast - Weather Damavand Iran, Mt Damavand Strog Wind - Wind Speed 135 Km/h (84 mile/h), Damavand Mountain Weather, Damavand Weather, Damavand Weather Forecast, Mount Damavand Meteo, Mount Damavand Weather, Mount Damavand Weather Forecast, Meteo summit Damāvand. Meteorology forecast Tehran. Mount Damavand - Long term forecast
Damavand Weather Forecast - Weather Damavand Iran
Damavand Winter Weather - Strog Wind 25 March 2021
Wind Speed 135 Kilometers per hour (84 miles per hour)

Mount Damavand Facts

Damavand Mountain in Iran is a fantastic place for trekking and skiing. Climbing to the top is exciting, with different paths for beginners and experienced climbers. It takes two to five days to reach the summit with a recommended 3 to 5-day Damavand trekking tour program, depending on the route and your fitness level. Ideal trekking time is from July to September.

As you climb, you'll see amazing views of the Alborz Range and the green valleys below. On clear days, you might even catch a glimpse of the Caspian Sea from the top. But climbing Damavand is no walk in the park. The paths can be steep, icy, and at a high altitude. Still, the feeling of accomplishment and the incredible views at the top make it all worthwhile. If you're up for an adventure in the Middle East, Damavand is a place you shouldn't miss.

Here are some key details about Mount Damavand:
Damavand Height: Standing tall at 18,600 feet (5,670 meters), Mount Damavand holds the title of Iran's highest peak. It forms a part of the majestic Alborz Mountain Range and sits adjacent to the Caspian Sea.
Damavand Volcanic Type: Mount Damavand is a dormant stratovolcano, marking its geological classification.
Damavand Volcanic Age: The mountain took shape during the Holocene Epoch, approximately 10,000 years ago.
Damavand Volcanic Eruptions: Its most recent eruption dates back around 7,300 years.
Damavand Features: Notable characteristics include its steep snowcapped cone, a modest crater, some glaciers, fumaroles, hot springs, and travertine deposits.
Damavand Climate: The climate around Mount Damavand is characterized as humid continental, with distinct seasonal variations. Summers tend to be hot, winters cold, while springs and autumns offer cooler temperatures. On average, the mountain experiences an annual temperature of 9.6°C.
Damavand Cultural Significance: Mount Damavand holds profound cultural significance in Persian folklore and mythology, featuring prominently in various legends. According to Persian lore, it is revered as a sacred mountain and is even mentioned as the legendary resting place of Noah's ark.
Wild Life Protection: Recognizing its ecological importance, the Iranian government has designated Mount Damavand as a protected wildlife zone.
Damavand Research: Mount Damavand has attracted scientific attention, with endeavors such as a study conducted by the University of Tehran focusing on the impact of climate change on the mountain's glaciers.

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Damavand (دماوند). Hike Trek Tour Ski Tour Mount Damavand Iran. Damavand Trekking Info
Mount Damavand Iran
Hike Trek Tour Ski Tour Mount Damavand Iran
Summer View from Haraz Road and Polour Village
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani: Mount Damavand Trekking Guide

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