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Routes and Tracks to Damavand Summit

Damavand Mountain, Iran has sixteen trekking routes. Four of these routes are popular for hiking trekking and climbing. The four common routes are South, West, North and the North-East route. Each of these faces have a shelter/refuge at about 4000 meters altitude. The North face has an extra shelter at about 5000m. Damavand Classic South Route is the most popular side of the mountain, with an excellent new mountain resort at 4250m. Most mountaineers prefer to climb from the South face.

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Mount Demavand Others Map
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Mount Demavand Iran Map
By Simaye Kouch

South Route

It is easily accessible from Tehran or North of Iran.The short distance from Tehran to the Haraz main road make southern approach the best trail. This is by far the easiest and the best side and the ascent to Mt. Damavand Peak by this way is also shorter.

A wrong way is to start climbing the mountain during the night from 3rd camp and hike through the night to reach the summit around sunrise. Obviously, this is a more tiring way of climbing the mountain and brings an increased risk of falling victim to altitude sickness (ams).
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Most climbers who summit the moountain from West, North East, or North Face prefer to descent from South face because of its easy descend footpaths!

Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
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Mt Damavand Iran Road and Route Map
By A. Soltani, Mount Damavand Guide

North East Route

Route type is mountaineering with difficulty long and hard ascend with cold and wind and long descend. It has a shelter called Takht e Fereydoun at about 4500m.

West Route

West route type is basic mountaineering with difficulty and climbing grade moderate walk-up, basic snow and cold and very difficult descend. There is a refuge at 4200 m called Simorgh Camp. The refuge is called Panagah Simorgh in Persian. Mount Damavand Iran Climbing.

Simorgh means Roc
Roc is a gigantic legendary bird, said to carry off elephants and other large beasts for food. It is mentioned in the famous collection of Iranian tales.

North Route

The north face is the most difficult side of Mt Damavand with difficulty and climbing grade scramble mountaineering, steep, hard ascend, depending on season, cold and windy, snow & ice, difficult descend, It has two shelter called 4000 and 5000.
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Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran
Photo By Anosh Soltani
Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

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