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The Cyprus Team Summited Damavand

A team from Cyprus Climbed Mount Damavand Iran on Sep 22nd, 2022
The Cyprus group was led by mountain guide Sergei Broschwan and reached the summit of Damavand, Asia's tallest volcano on 22 September 2022. The climbers said that it was very challenging to Climb Damavand 5,670 meters. The team faced a series of problems, including AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and volcanic smoke and toxic gases released from the cracks of a dormant Damavand volcano. The Cyprus team after reaching the Damavand summit raised the Cyprus flag. Cypriot pianist Tatiana Stupac also set a world record since she was the first to play the song on the ancient Slavic multi-string instrument Gusli at this altitude. Source HERE and HERE. Damavand Info 01 Oct 2022.

Congratulation to Cyprus Team!
I am not sure what kind of instrument is Gusli?! Please let me know if possible, all the best.
The Cyprus Team trekked Damavand DIC22OCT01B

A team from Cyprus Climbed Mount Damavand Iran on Sep 22nd, 2022
The Cyprus Team Climbed Damavand on Sep 22nd, 2022

Environmental problems are the bane of Damavand
There is no choice but for hikers, NGOs and local people to come together and think together to solve Damavand environmental problems. Damavand Mountain is the familiar name of Iran and mythology of our thousands of years of culture, which is a magnificent heritage for all of us, but this precious natural heritage, which is the national symbol of Iran, is now quite difficult due to environmental problems. Damavand Volcano is the highest peak of Iran in the middle of central Alborz, which in 2002, with the approval of the Supreme Council of the Environment, joined the collection of areas under the management of the EPA as a national natural effect, but today it is faced with many environmental problems and challenges that the lovers of this field believe that by inserting the national day of Damavand in the official calendar of the country, more attention is paid to this unique natural phenomenon. And of course, no action has been taken so far.

Damavand Iran, nicknamed as white giant! Damavand protected wildlife zone
Damavand Iran, nicknamed as white giant!
Damavand protected wildlife zone!

Road construction on mountainous slopes of Damavand, high traffic of Damavand mountain tours, indiscriminate harvesting of mines, indiscriminate grazing of livestock in pastures around the hillsides and Lar plains, destruction of anemones plains by tourists, damage to mountain slopes and plains and surrounding pastures under the pretext of building houses, villas and hotels, over-capacity climbing climbs, non-compliance with environmental points such as dumping unexplained waste at heights that can be collected and it is almost impossible to clean it by unprofessional people, the lack of restrooms along the way, permitted and unauthorized hunting, the presence of a large number of herd dogs that have caused wildlife to take refuge in areas above the mountain and are wasted due to foodlessness and lack of water, as well as destruction of antiquities in this area are among the threat factors of Damavand Iran, which has numbered the breath of this magnificent mountain. Threats that, if no solution is taken, could put this natural heritage at serious risk. 

While the mountains are among the most oppressed natural ecosystems, they have a collection of the most beautiful natural effects. High altitude, valley, waterfall, flower and plant are among the landscapes that have collectively turned mountains into unique natural museums, relaxing the environment and avoiding the tumult and bustle of cities are the reasons that draw millions of people to the mountains every year, bushes, flowers, plants, trees and shrubs form the green carpet of the mountains, which are the protective layer of soil in mountainous areas. And in case of degradation of this protective layer, the soil on mountainous slopes of Damavand Kouh will be exposed to severe water and soil erosion, which Mount Damavand is no exception.
In recent decades, due to some Damavand environmental problems, the government has tried to solve these problems with some investments, such as considering budget rows. In the meantime, environmental NGOs have also done some work to address these problems, and some local and local people whose residences are vulnerable to environmental damage have protected the environment of their regions, but due to some problems, the government and NGOs have not been able to do as they should in common. In the few cases where the government and environmental NGOs and the public have taken action to solve environmental problems together and with proper planning to solve the problems, good achievements have been achieved from these activities.

The necessity of forming a working group to protect Damavand Iran
Environmental activists in this field say that due to the experience of more than three decades of environmental activity among environmental activists, especially in the mountainous sector, it is now necessary for grassroots organizations, government institutions and indigenous peoples of the region to protect Mount Damavand by forming a special task force.

This year, environmentalists and lovers of Damavand Volcano have been holding National Damavand Day for the 16th year (although due to the coronavirus conditions this year, this virtual ceremony is scheduled to take place), during this time they have gained good experience in defending the environment of Damavand, as well as more than 15 years to protect the Wild Poppy Fields (Wild poppy flowers on the slopes of Mount Damavand, Wild Poppies, Poppy Flowers, Shaghayegh plain), environmental activists from Tehran and Mazandarani for several weeks to the slopes. Damavand's peaks are going, yet environmentalists have not been able to, as they should, spur locals and locals' susceptibility to the complications of destroying natural areas around their lives. Therefore, the presence of indigenous peoples in damavand peak environmental defense programs should be taken seriously …

Environmental problems are the bane of Damavand DIC22SEP24C

Damavand Environmental Concerns

Damavand is a unique ecosystem and an important protected wildlife zone!

Sep 16, 2022 Damavand Info - Damavand Iran (also called Damavand Kooh) is a valuable biodiversity in terms of natural, cultural and economic, and conservation is of great importance, but this natural work remains an environmental concern despite 15 years of naming a national day in its name and taking useful measures. Indiscriminate grazing and over-capacity of rangelands on the slopes of the mountain, construction on the paths along the Damavand Mountain Road, mining and harvesting of mines, mountaineering and unqualified tourism and camps, unprincipled mountaineering and destruction of cultural artifacts and original rural textures in the area of this mountain are some of the threats of Mountaineering Damavand Mountain, Iran.

Mount Damavand Iran, Lar National Park, Lar Lake & Damavand unique ecosystem and protected wild life zone!
Mount Damavand Iran, Lar National Park, Lar Lake
Damavand unique ecosystem and protected wildlife zone!

Damavand near Tehran was ranked among the four most valuable areas in terms of environmental protection in 2002 and on July 21, 2008, Damavand Volcano, Iran was registered as the first natural monument of Iran in the National Monuments List of Iran. But it still struggles with a lot of environmental problems and challenges. July 4, 2004 coincided with Tirgan Day, the national day of Damavand was named, and since then the Iranian Mountaineering Association has held a celebration on this day every year on the slopes of Damavand Peak in Rineh Larijan city of Amol. The celebration has also been registered nationally.

Kooh-e Damavand is one of the sources of fresh waters. This mountain is full of rich economic resources, so it is always under attack and greed of people who die without thinking and considering the biological power of this mountain with the latest equipment to empty its mines, which will inflict the biggest blow on Damavand. Mt. Damavand, Iran, like other mountains in Iran, is plagued by many environmental problems and problems, sometimes very high levels of destruction.

15 years have passed since the naming of National Day of Damavand and during this period some of the problems of the peak by institutions and organizations have decreased significantly, of course there is still work to do to minimize these problems. The environmental activists say: "Indiscriminate grazing, construction, mining and harvesting of mines located in Volcano Damavand, Iran are some of these threats, which of course the judiciary has done very well in this regard and has prevented the activities of some mines.

Damavand Kooh for several years had led the region's environment to destruction, which, with the efforts and follow-up of more than 10 years of mountaineers and NGOs, these mines were shut down by judicial order. Due to the water problems of the country and the existence of Lar Damar Dam in this area, part of which originates from the mountains and slopes of Damavand summit and supplies water from part of Tehran and Amol cities, in the situation that the water problem is becoming more and more difficult, the role of Mt. Damavand in this area is also very sensitive.

The average rainfall at Mount Damavand heights is 1400 mm per year, and precipitation at high altitudes is usually snow. This year, as in previous years, at the invitation of the Damavand Kooh Association, the 14th Tirgan Celebration and National Damavand Day will be held on July 6th (Friday) at Payam-e-Noor University in Rineh. On this day, which is held in the presence of local officials and environmentalists, a variety of programs are held with the aim of recognizing the importance of preserving Damavand Vulcan.

Damavand is the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East and the highest volcanic peak in Asia, located in the central part of the Alborz Mountains in the south of the Caspian Sea and in the Larijan section of Amol city, but Damavand Volcano is involved in problems that have challenged its life. Sep 16, 2022 Damavand Info.

Damavand Environmental Concerns MDIC22USEP17C

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Photo: Ardeshir Soltani

Damavand Cultural Heritage and Tourism

In response to Ilna, the cultural deputy of the Austrian Embassy stated:

The main challenge of Mount Damavand tourism is in the field of sustainable tourism and environment. The meeting of the international sustainable tourism symposium centered on nature tourism was held at noon today with the presence of the cultural deputy of the Austrian Embassy, ​​the president of the University of Science and Culture and the scientific secretary of the symposium at the University of Science and Culture. Damavand Info.

According to Ilna reporter, Seyed Saeed Hashemi (President of the University of Science and Culture), referring to the interactions between Iran and Austria in the field of natural tourism, said: Austria has many concerns in the field of nature tourism. Damavand Ski Touring.

We held Damavand Peak Tourism Symposium with Austria and we believe that this event will be a good opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge between Iran and Austria.

He continued: In the field of nature tourism, we have taken into consideration the local way of life, attention to local culture, sustainable tourism centered on ecotourism, because we believe that sustainable tourism strengthens subcultures. It provides suitable for the education of local communities. All these things will bring environmental development in the country. Damavand Guide.

Referring to the holding of the international sustainable tourism symposium focusing on nature tourism on October 3 and 4, Hashemi said: this symposium will be accompanied by the holding of scientific and specialized workshops conducted by Iranian and Austrian professors.

Was. At the same time, a side exhibition in the field of handicrafts related to tourism will be held in 40 booths, which will be attended by people from different provinces.

He also announced the holding of a student festival of the culture of nations on the sidelines of this symposium and said that students from 18 countries including Lebanon, Somalia, Algeria and other Asian countries and neighboring countries will participate in this festival.

According to the president of the University of Science and Culture, IMC University in Austria is one of the universities that works as our partner in Austria and makes cultural and artistic interactions between Iran and Austria more than ever. In this regard.

It is to take new steps for interactions between Iran and Austria in the field of tourism with the presence of professors from this university. In addition, on the 4th of Mehr, a memorandum of understanding and a contract in the field of tourism between the two ministries of tourism of Iran and Austria will be concluded.

Alexander Rieger (Cultural Deputy of the Austrian Embassy) in the continuation of the meeting, referring to the objectives of the Austrian Embassy in holding this symposium, said: Last year, the first exhibition of Austria was held at the Damavand Mountain Symposium, and one of the largest clubs

Austrian mountaineering participated in this exhibition together with Austrian tourism activists. There we realized that we can enter the field of tourism. Considering that Austria and Iran have many similarities in the field of tourism and Austria.

It is ahead in the two fields of cultural tourism and nature tourism, Iran can also benefit from Austria's experiences in the field of nature tourism.

He continued: Until 40 years ago, Austria made many mistakes in the field of nature tourism, especially winter tourism, as we suffered many cultural and environmental damages due to the large number of tourists, but we tried.

Let's control this because we saw the contamination of water sources in the mountainous regions of Austria. Therefore, we tried to control the number of tourists and the quality level of their presence.

Rieger pointed out: What is important in the field of tourism is that a tourist chooses that destination for the second and third time after traveling once and it is an amount for the presence of other tourists. In this regard, Iran can Benefit from Austria's experience.

In response to the question of the Ilna reporter regarding the evaluation of the tourism situation we are witnessing today at Mount Damavand Iran, the cultural deputy of the Austrian Embassy said: Damavand is very important for us as a symbol of Iran's mountains. should not be forgotten.

Most of the mountains in Iran are technically easy to climb. Therefore, it can be considered a positive point for attracting tourists. In Damavand, in terms of natural facilities, the area is ready to attract tourists, but there are problems in the area. We are sustainable tourism and attention to the environment.

Emphasizing that all these things should be taken into consideration, he said: tourism infrastructure related to the environment should be taken into consideration in Damavand summit and the standards should be defined based on global standards. It should not be forgotten that Iran.

It plans to register Damavand Volcano, Iran as one of its world heritage sites and UNESCO, which is a very good goal, but it must also make the necessary efforts in the field of maintaining environmental standards and sustainable tourism and align with the standards. The world will move forward.

He continued: In the area of ​​the types of accommodation that should be sugared around Mt. Damavand, it is better for the experts to be responsible, but as a tourist, I believe that the recycling of waste water and the type of waste disposal in Damawand should be taken into account in order to reach the levels.

To get closer to international standards, however, the service to tourists and their company and the type of hospitality is very good. However, there may be problems.

Rieger further mentioned the presence of Austrian professors and climbers in Iran and said: relations between the two countries do not happen only through embassies and diplomats, but also through tourists and exchange of students and professors.

Last year, we witnessed the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between the Iran Mountaineering Federation and Austria's Naturefriend, which is one of the oldest mountaineering clubs, after which training programs were held by Austrian mountaineering professors in Iran.

Regarding the impact that sanctions can have on the presence of Austrian tourists in Iran, he said: exchange of professors and tourists are sectors that have not been affected by sanctions, and we do not have any problems in this area for Trekking Damavand.

Not long ago, with officials from five other countries from the European Union, we saw other routes of Iran's nature tourism, and next year we will go to Mount Alamkoh. In fact, the mountain is an excuse to travel to a region. We are going with culture and people.

Let's get to know different parts of Iran and introduce it. If tourists travel to a region, they will definitely get to know the different parts and aspects of tourism in that region in terms of culture, customs, cultural heritage, etc.

The strategic cooperation between Iran and Austria will continue in the direction of forming joint working groups, and in the upcoming symposium professors from Austria will travel to Iran to participate in two working groups for water, environment and tourism. Ilna - Sep 17, 2019

Mount Damavand Iran, Damavand Mountain, Iran
Mount Damavand Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Damavand Environmental News – Damavand Floods

Possibility of severe floods in case of climate change in Damavand Peak!

There is a possibility of severe floods in case of temperature change in Mount Damavand!
August 13, 2022 - The Deputy Director of Geological and Environmental Hazards Review Office of the Geological Organization said: It is clear that if there is a sudden change in the temperature of Damavand peak, huge floods will occur due to the sudden melting of Damavand mountain glaciers.

It turned out that the nettle floods are a proof of this. Referring to the 20-year effort to establish a study station for Mount Damavand, Farhad Ansari emphasized the necessity of continuous monitoring of this volcanic cone, which is currently dead, and said: "It's been 20 years." The Organization of Geology and Mineral Exploration of the country is trying to set up fixed monitoring stations in Mount Damavand Iran, but they are not successful for many reasons.

He added: "The fact that we don't have fixed monitoring stations doesn't mean that no studies have been done about Damavand volcano, but the problem is that our knowledge of Mt. Damavand is small compared to what we don't know." We are the surrounding springs

We are monitoring Damavand Iran and we are trying to monitor the possible movements of the peak and even identify the possible paths of lava in case of an eruption.

The Deputy Director of Geological and Environmental Hazards Review Office of the Geological Organization stated: One of the main issues and risks that the Geological and Mineral Exploration Organization of the country focuses on is the permanent glaciers of Damavand Peak.

It is clear that if we have a sudden change in the temperature of the peak, huge floods will flow due to the sudden melting of these glaciers, which is a proof of this issue.

Ansari explained: The first challenge that prevents the construction of these stations is the budget and land price in Damavand. We study the risks of mount Damavand from public budgets, so there is no credit for buying its land

We don't have those expensive areas that are mostly touristic.

He pointed out: The second point is the lack of integrated management in volcano Damavand, which denies the possibility of making a single decision, and the third point, which is very important, is the limitation of the number of experts in the country's geological and mineral exploration organization.

Currently, we do not have the possibility to recruit and attract new specialists in the organization of geology and mineral explorations of the country, because the set of these factors work hand in hand so that what is a necessity is not done. Tasnim - August 13, 2022

The Environment News– Does Damavand wakes up?

On the occasion of National Damavand Day (4th july)
Iran's tallest dormant volcanic peak wakes up?
July 4, 2022 - According to studies cited in previous years, damavand volcano's last activity was about 38,000 years ago. Damavand is located in the south of the Caspian Sea, about 80 km drive northeast of Tehran and 30 km northwest of Damavand city. Mount Damavand is a semi-active volcano that the existence of several sulfur springs and spas is the reason for this claim.

Damavand mountain's volcanic activities have been ahead of it for thousands of years, leading to its formation. On the crater of this volcano, which is about 200 meters in diameter, it covers a frozen lake and on its northern and southern flanks. There are signs of old craters and volcanic bowls.

At Damavand peak, temperatures reach 1 to 2 degrees below zero in summer and 60 degrees below zero in winter, to conquer this peak there are four different routes that are located on each route for turret climbers. Damavand was placed on the National Monuments List of Iran in July 2008 and since then it has been called National Day of Damavand.

The current conditions of the Damavand volcano and the gases and heaters it exits, along with the mild earthquakes surrounding it, as well as the spas of its range, suggest the volcano is not extinguished, but dormant. Damavand is a mountain in the geographical location of northern Iran with an altitude of 5,670 meters, making it the highest volcanic mountain in Iran and the Middle East.

Also, the date of formation of this mountain is about 38,500 years ago and most of its volcanic activities were 100,000 years ago, which caused the formation of this mountain. The volcanic crater section of the mountain is about 200 meters in diameter and is covered by a frozen lake. At the summit of this mountain on the northern and southern flanks, there are signs of old craters and volcanic bowls.

You may find it interesting to know that temperatures are 1 to 2 degrees below zero in the highlands of Damavand in summer and 60 degrees below zero in winter. Mount Damavand has glaciers such as: Siuleh Glacier (Northern Front), Dubai Cell Glacier (Northern Front), Dolls Glacier (Northern Front), Yakhtar Valley Glacier (NB), Khertab Sar Glacier, Northwest Refrigerator, Glacier Western.

Every year, many climbers take the Damavand route to conquer this peak 4 different routes are considered and most routes are turrets, but it is better for the first time people unfamiliar with more experienced people climb this route. Climbers usually use the southern front, which is the beginning of the mountain's southeast, to climb.

The anemones plain of this mountain, which in spring at a distance of 2,000 to 3,500 meters from the hillside like a beautiful carpet gives an attractive view to the mountain, is one of the attractions of this mountain. Due to its special location, which overlooks the forest from the north and the mountains bordering the desert in the south, this region hosts a variety of animals, including foxes, jackals and dogs. These animals have seen up to 4,000 meters from Mount Damavand.

There are bears in the area, but it is mostly seen in the west and north, avoiding high altitudes. Except for boars and rabbits living in the foothills of Mount Damavand, other animals spend warm seasons in the highlands and slow down as the weather cools. These animals climb up to 5,000 meters from the summit. Birds of prey, golden eagle, Tiho owl, partridge, quail, black breast, parrot and woodpecker are among the animals in this cold region.

In previous years, there was a debate about moving parts of Mount Damavand to the ownership of the Endowment Organization, which was issued with the follow-up of the Sindh Environmental Organization in the name of natural resources. yjc - July 4, 2022

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