Damavand Fake Summit

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Fake Peak of Mount Damawand (at 5400m)

Damavand real summit is not visible while looking to the top at at Camp3 Bargah sevom, instead you can see a fake peak which is located at altitude 5400 m. This fake peak is called Sang Mosalasi and it is just 270 meters below the real peak, about an hour to the top. This impersonating peak is a big boulder which looks like a pyramid.

When ascending the South route of the mountain from 3rd camp, you can not see the real summit until you pass the virtual summit and reach the sulphuric area. Remember Damavand is a volcano and has a big crater and not a single rocky peak!

In a clear weather when reaching the fake peak you will see the Volcano's crater and volcanic fumarolic activity which releases a great amount of hot gases and you will smell sulphuric smokes. The area between the fake and real summit has a mild slope with easy climbing grade, and is called the Dangrous Zone.

Fake Summit Mt Damavand Baam Jonobi, Photo by A.Soltani
Mt Damawand Fake Summit 5400 m

In bad weather
- Do not go upper than fake peak 5400m. Read carefuly Dangrous Zone.
- A reliable hand held GPS receiver is essential.
- An experienced Mt Damawand guide is helpful.

19- Fake Summit Facts

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Get ready for sulphuric smell of the mountain!

Altitude 5400 m
Latitude 35-57-05 N
Longitude 52-06-37 E

Distance from Camp3 Bargah Sevom about 4 to 5 Hours
Ascent to the summit about 1 hour
Descent from summit about 15 minutes

Alternate Names for the Fake Peak:
Baam e Jonobi, Sang e Pes-tan, Dood Kouh, Sang Mosalaci, Southern Pyramid, Virtual Summit.

Mt Damavand Camp3 Shelter/New Hut to Summit Route Map
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Camp3 Bargah Sevom to the Summit Route Map
The highest visible peak is the Fake Summit
Photo By Ardeshir Soltani

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