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Natural Attraction of Mount Damavand

Damavand is one of the unique volcanic mountains in the world and has a beautiful landscape especially in spring. With its special funa and flora, distinct species such as tulipa, iris flora and plant communities and about 2000 plants and numerous important endemic species, also fruit orchards on the slopes.

There are many natural beauty and attractive sightseeing in Damavand region such as, Abe Ask and Gol e Zard natural and historical Caves, Larijan hot thermal springs, Vararoo with 8 meters of snow fall in winter season and the Lar Lake.

Although the climbing might be hard but the nature is fantastic in spring specially for its beautiful red flaowers. Natural red poppy fields start blooming in May at lower parts and gratually covers the upper area. It is a variety of natural colored flowers, green grass and plants which cover the ground like a Persian carpet! Best trekking time to see these phenomenal is June and July.

Damavand wild poppy, Photo by A. Soltani
Damavand Nature
Wild Poppy Start Blooming Beigining of June
Photo by A.Soltani

Mount Damavand Nature, Damavand poppy fields above clouds, Photo by A. Soltani
Natural Attraction of Damavand Iran
Poppy Fields Above Clouds
Damavand Nature Hiking & Trekking

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