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Recent Volcanic Activities of Mt Damavand

There was some unverified news about new volcanic activity of Damavand Volcano Iran on the media in April 2012. To give a clear view of what is happening, here you can read the latest information by climbers who have been to the volcano summit in early April 2012.

About the Trip Report

Damavand from the South route on 5 April 2012. Remember these guys are just focused on climbing and they are not geologist and nor the experts who studies the history and development of the volcanoes!
Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

The Main Vent of the Volcano Located on the Sout Route near Summit Crater.

Trip Report I

18 April 2012 By Azad Mountaineering Group Iran.
This observation indicates a common view of Damavand since 2007 and signifies the volcano visually shows the regular white emissions rising about few meters above the summit form the main southern vent.

- On 5 April regular sulfur emission was observed on the main Southern vent.
- This southern vent has been active since June 2007.
- This current emission has entered its 5th year.
- The volcano has been on stable condition since 2007.
- The volcano has not shown any signs of major unrest recently.

- There has been no recorded volcanic tremor or earthquakes recently.
- No recent eruptions were observed or occurred at the volcano.
- No new lava flow observed at summit crater or on the flanks.
- There is no ash fall.
- No exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.

Trip Report II

A new smoke emission is reported on the West face of Damavand by another team, and for the first time this year, some new smoke and gas emission was reported in April 2012 on the Western side by a mountaineering group, but not verified yet by anyother teams.


There was a good amount of rain and snow fall in winter 2011 on the area. This could increases the amount of gas and steam emission from the vents in the in following year, also it may increase the temperature of thermal springs in 2012. We experienced similar events in winter 2006 and consequently some volcanic activities in 2007.

Volcanic Activity 2007

The volcanic activity of Damawand is unusual and much higher than usual in this year (2007), the photos shows the most active part very closed to the top on the South route. When reaching this area keep away from the smokes and continue your way up against the wind direction. In case of feeling too much gas a handkerchief spread with vinegar is enough to pass the area. You do not necessarily need oxygen mask, it is optional.

Visit Also This Video Clip Recorded on 19 June 2007
Activity of Damavand Volcan 19 June 2007

Volcano Damavand, Volcanic Activity

Vinegar Mask

Don't be afraid of the sulfuric area, prepare a dust mask or a handkerchief and some vinegar and if/when necessary make a simple vinegar mask quickly! This mask has been practiced successfully may times before. It helps you a lot!

When reaching the sulphur area, dependent upon the wind direction, change your way opposit the gas and smoke and keep away as far as possible from the smokes.

In case of feeling and smelling too much gas, it is the moment to make the vinegar mask! Apply/spread little vinegar on the handkerchief and cover your mouth and nose with this mask and pass the area. You do not necessarily need oxygen mask, it is optional.

Important Note

Mountaineers who ascend from the South face are advised to remain at least 20 meters away from the main vent of the vlcano which is located on the South route near the summit crater.

Vinegar Mask for Mt Damavand
Damavand Volcano Iran
To pass the sulphur area you may make a vinegar mask!!
Behind the Main Vent of the Volcano is visibale

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