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Damawand FAQ

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Damavand Iran, Photo by A. Soltani
Mt. Damavand Iran
Photo by A. Soltani

FAQ - Part 1

Befor asking a question, please try to find your answer here, if you couldn't find an appropriate answer then feel free to ask , we will reply to all emails who have indicated Mt Damavand in the subject.


Q- How much aclimatisation do we need for Climbing Damavand in Iran?
A- Before we talk about acclimatization, please give us more information about your team and the individual fitness!
What kind of mountains have you climbed so far ?
What was the highest elevation ?
when was your last climb ?
Where do you live ? what is the elevation above sea level there ?
Do you have any extra weight ?
Or any kind of sickness ?
your age ?
Please give any information which you think might be helpful in this regard .

Q- Do you have any alternative programme to acclimatize on another mountain prior to Damavand for one week duration?
A- Yes we have different and more relaxing intinerary for more aclimatisation for foreign climbers.

Q- Would it be better to stay one day in Polour camp3 for more time to acclimatise?
A- Yes, good idea.

Q- i am unfamiliar with the acclimatization thats neede?
A- Could you please tell me more about yourself and your fitness? if possible we recommend to climb mountain about 4000 m height and sleep few nights there.


Q- I also want to ask if you can advise me with low budget, but affordable accommodation in Teheran.
A- There are some low price guest hoses in Tehran, visit topice hotels.

Q- If we stay over night in base camp/Godfandsara, we have to use tent plus sleeping bag ?
A- Yes tent and sleeping bag and not the shelter in summer, generaly we do not use or suggest this camp for tours. See also our advise in Warning .

Q- Can we rent a tent in Polour, we would like to sleep in the tent in Camp3
A- No problem, we can order it to be ready before your arrive there .

Q- Is any suitale accomodation place in camp2 Damavand Base?
A- No.

Q- What do you think? Is it better to rent a tent or use the hut in camp3 ?
A- Please remember in case of bad weather and emergency, no ordinary tent can stand there, but you are safe in the hut.

Q- Please give me ---- hotel Tel no.
A- Visit Hotels.

Q- Is it possible to hire a tent at camp3 in crowded seasons?
A- Yes, but you should book in advance.

Q- is a sleeping bag is enought to stay the night in a tent at campsite3 in summer?
A- Yes, a suitable one is quite enough.

Q- Is there another shelter you can recommend in stead of Camp 2 Base for acclimatization ?
A- Camp 1 Polour and Camp 3 Bargah hut .

Q- Is it true that “the faster you ascend the less chance the body has to acclamatize”.
A- Yes it is true, we usually suggest everyone to go slow.

Q-We need Hotel for our accommodation in Tehran and Abe Garm e Larigan.
A- No problem, choose which kind of Hotel do you need in the hotel page, we will book for you.

Q- Could you possibly organize an accommodation for us in Lasem for three nights (including breakfast and dinner) in May or April?
A- Yes, but not sure about breakfast and dinner, because it is a remote area in winter.

Arrival in Tehran

Q- what kind of accomodation will be at Camp 1 & Camp 3 (I think we will not have to sleep at Camp 2)
A- To have some idea about these campsites, you may visit photo gallery, quite good places, you will have a good accomodation there. You better forget about Camp2 Base see also Warning .

Q- What is the best way to go to hotel after arriving in Tehran ?
A- We may greet you at airport and take you to your hotel, or take you directly to a mountaineering, or you can take airport taxi to your hotel.

Q- Can I easıly get a taxı to my hotel from Tehran aırport after mıdnıght?
A- We can take you to your hotel, or you can use airport taxi, depends to you .

Camps and Huts

Q- Are there any beds, toilet, can we use the hot water (sowers) in camps?
A- In camp1 hut there are: beds, toilet, hot water, shower, kitchen and cooking equipments.
In camp3 hut there are: beds, toilet (outside), kitchen and cooking equipments.

Q- Can you please tell me what facilities are available at Polour camp and Bargah camp. For example, are there matresses to sleep on? Is there hot water available for making food or do we have to bring our own water and stove?
A- Polour Hut and Bargah Sevom Hut have most of the mentioned facilities, for more info see related topics.

Q- can we use the private room in hut in August? Or we should use shared room with the other climbers ?
A- You should book private rooms it in both huts in advance because August is a very crowded season.

Q- are there possibilities to boil water in the huts without bringing own stove?
A- Yes, there are kitchen in the huts which you can use.

Q- Any costs for camping in Camp2 Gosfansara?
A- we do not recommend camping in this palce in summer.

Q- Can hut beds and rooms be booked via you in advance?
A- Yes, no problem.

Q- But there are new Hut in Bargah (Camp No.3), aren't they ?
A- Yes, and we book and use new hut private rooms for our clients.

Q- I would like to ask if there is any Hut in Gosfandsara (Camp N.o2)?
A- No hut , just a shelter which is not suitable for use.

Q- If we book a place in the new hut, do we need to bring our mattress ?
A- No, the idea is that you climb with lighter equipmets.

Q- Is there any beds in damavand huts ?
A- Yes, bunk beds in camp 1 hut and camp 3 new hut.

Q- Will this be ok to use Camp3 Barga Sevom in June, because it still isn't really high season?
A- No problem..

Q- We would like to stay one night in the shelters at Base camp in july.
A- We do not recommend Camp 2 Base , see also Warning.

Q- please tell what is in Camp 2 base?
A- There is a shelter and a mosque, and a sheepfold, see also topic Camp 2 Base.

Q- I am planing to use the new hut in August, is it vacant ?
A- It is crowded in August, it is a good idea to book a place in advance.

Q- Is the new constructed hut ready by now?
A- Yes.

Q- can you tell me how many people new hut can accomodate?
A- About 100, it is quite big.

Q- Are there beds avalable in huts?
A- Yes, in Polour Hut and camp3 new Hut, room + bed.

Q- to what extent would we need outside (expert) help to climb and to reach the 3 camps before the summit?
a- In a clear day you can find your way and the route with no problem.

Q- do we need to book the huts?
A- Yes, it is recommende to reserve hut in crowded seasons.

Q- We are planning to go in May, will be new shelter in Camp3 open for this time?
A- Yes, I think so.

Q- In May can we spend the night in the old shelter? What can be found in the old one?
A- Yes you can , nothing only empty bunk beds.

Q-Can you help us to book the accomodation in Polour Hut?
A- Yes, we can reserve for you.

Q- Is it possible to spend a night after the climb in the Rineh mountain federation hut?
A- Yes it is possible, but Camp 1 Polour is a much better place.

Q- In winter when the gravel road is closed, is there any possibility to sleep somwhere else other than in tents?
A- From Camp1 polour you go by car towards camp2 Base, as far as car can go, after one hour trekking you will reach the camp2, and from camp2 by 5 to 7 hours you may reach camp 3 which is the last camp. So if you strat early morning from camp1, you will reach camp3 in time.

Q- We would like to trek as much as possible, do we have to go to base camps with cars or can we trek?
A- You may also trek 17.7 Km without using cars, it is not recommended.

Q- How long will it take if we choose to only trek from camp1 to camp3 as opposed to take cars?
A- Depends what is your final destination? Trekking or going to the summit?!

Q- I think we will go from camp1 to camp2 by foots for better acclimatisation.
A- Please visit Facts And Figuers
- Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base distance 17.7 Km, it is not recommend.

Q- Would it be better to walk from camp 1 to 2 and to 3, rather than take a car?
A- Please visit Facts And Figuers
- Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base distance 17.7 Km, we do not recommend because we do not know about your team fitness and for sure your team will be very tired for the summit day.

Q- We want to trek Damavand, so from the foot to the summit. Instead of driving to camp 1 and 2, we would like to trek. And continue trekking to summit. After we will descend and return to UAE.
A- If you intend to climb to the summit, I beleive you better to do some modification to this and your itinerary, because you are living at the sea level, to avoid AMS you need more acclimatization, and going to the peak without using the camps is very difficult for your team.

Trekking Damavand Iran, Photo by A. Soltani
Summer Trekking Mt Damavand Iran
Photo by A. Soltani

FAQ - Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions Damavand


Q- please be so kind to advise me about the technical part and how hard is the climb...
A- Mount Damavand south face is not a technical routh in summer, as far as you are fit enough and know ordinary climbing, have ordinary equipments and listen to your guide advices, you have the chance of success.

Q- We are not experienced climbers but we are in good physical conditions. Do you think that is a problem?
A- We are glad to share our experience with newcomers, a good physical conditions is great. Climb to the top of always starts with the first step !!

Q- how many days are required to climb?
A- In summer condition 2 to 4 days climb is usually enough, but in other season and condition you need more.

Q- how long is the duration of round trip?
A- 2 to 4 days.

Q- I was thinking to make the trip in 3 to 4 days, starting on … from Tehran. Does that sound possible?
A- Yes that sounds good .

Q- I am making plans to come mid-October. How many days do I need to climb ?
A- Depends to the weather, at this time of the year usually takes 3 to 4 days.

Q- What route are we taking to the summit and what techniques does it require? Do we need crampons and ice axes? or is it merely a tough and long trek?
A- South route, ordinary climbing and trekking, you don not need crampons and ice axes in summer.

Cost and Price

There are too many questions about the cost and price, we are not able to give a prcise reply without having complete info about your trip.

Q- We would of course like to know a little about the prices.
A- Your timing and itinerary determines the price and cost of your trip, it is recommended to clarify in what season you decide ascending, fix your programme, choose your itinerary, and let us know more details such as arrival day, number of clombers in your group and logistic you need so we can give you the best possible services and discuss the price.

some sample:
Q- How much will the guided trip cost?
Q- How much is the costs per group or per person
Q- How much will it cost for 2 people to go to the top as a private group?
Q- What is the cost From Tehran to Damavand Mount, back to Tehran ? everything included.

Q- Does it affect (the per person) price if the number of participant in a group decreases?
A- Yes, any change in number of the group or itinerary will affect the price.

Q- how much will it be for a shared group?
A- Visit Event Calendar and then Contact us.

Q- How much does it cost to hire a porter.
A- It depend to the season, amount of snow and the route conditinon,

Q- How much does it cost to hire a guide.
A- Low in summer, high in winter and off season.

Q- What would the cost be for transport from Teheran airport straight to camp 1 ?
A- please let us know the exact number of your team, so we can give you the best possible services and price.

Q- What are your fees/costs? Can you please give a breakdown of visa, supplies, porter service, transportation, and guide separately?
A- Please let me know the exact number of your team, arrival day, itinerary and logistic you need so I can give you the best possible services and price. It is recommended that you first fix you programme, so we can discuss the details later.

Q- Please tell me the price if we bring our tents. I mean: transport + stay in the camps?
A- In a full package tour the price is for everthing you may bring your tent if you like, it does not effect the price.

Q- Please also let us know how much you would charge for airport pickup and transport to Polour.
A- Depends to the number of your group and you arrival date and time.

Q-What is the cost for a guide up the mountain?
A- Price for a high skilled experienced English speaking guide vary in different seasons.

Q- Do you also know how much it costs to rent a tent on location? It could be cheaper than camps.
A- While there are so good camps and huts in the area why do you need tents in none crowded season?

Q- Could you tell me the prices (hiring sticks, sleeping bag and tent)?
A- Resonable price!


Q- What are the most crowded days for Mt Damavand in summer?
A- Most crowded days are Iranian weekend,Thursday and Friday, and holidays, best days to be away from the crowds in summer are Iranian midweek. See also Crowd.


Q- Can I use ATM system and my credit card in Iran?
A- No, due to boycott of Iranian banks, you can not use ATM system and your credit card, it means, no credit cards, no travellers cheques. Cash Only.

Q- Shall I bring US dollars with me or Euro. Which is best ?
A- Both are ok, but Euro if preferred in Iran.

Q- can I pay in US dollars in Iran?
A- Yes, but Euro is preferred.

Q- Is the money/ currency of Saudi (Saudi riyals) easily accepted there?
A- No, only Euro, USD and Iranian Rials.

Q- In what currency Can we pay the mountain permit ?
A- Euro, USD and Iranian Rials.


Q- can the transfer driver speak English from IKA Airport to Tehran?
A- Yes, if you request for English speaking driver too.

Equipment and Gear

Q- Are crampons still necessary in winter?
A- Yes.

Q- is it necessary to take a harness in winter?
A- you may bring in case you need it.

Q- is it necessary to take a plastic boots or is sufficient to have a boots for the glacial?
A- Ordinay mountain boot is sufficient in summer.

Q- Do we need crampon and ice-axe in winter? Maybe trekking stiks will be enought? Please - advice me! You know it better.
A- Yes, see also winter equipment.

Q- kindly be informed that we are all well prepared with the required equipments.
A- See also required Equipment List.

Q- any suggestions about clothing?
A- Have enough warm clothing , see also Equipment .

Q- Do you think we will need ice axe and crampons fro Feb ? We are planning to bring it.
A- Please bring all necessary equipments.

Q- what sort of stove fuel is available in Iran? (and what is the common stoves used)
A- Almost all kind of fuel you can find In Iran. The most common one is Butane Gas Stove.

Q- We will have personal equipment, all of us will have trekking shoes and clothes,
A- Ok , that sounds quite good.

Q- Do we need crampons, ice-axes and rope to climb the south route in the end of june?
A- No you do not need those , the route is ok in June.

Q- How much "logistics" do you think we need? I expect that we bring sleeping bags and all hiking gear with us. We may bring food for 3 days as well as a stove.
A- I believe you have the necessary logistics with you.

Q- What special equipment we would need for the climb in summer.
A- No special equipment is neccesary at this time of the year, only ordinary mount climbing equipments is enough.

Q- I don't see cramp and ice axe in the equipment list, does it mean it is useless?
A- You do not need those equipments in summer season, just ordinary tools are enough.

Q-Do I need double plastic boots in Oct. ?
A- depends to the weather and the footpath condition, usually you do not need it at this time of the year, but if you have one, take it with you, we decide it on the last day before the climb.

Q- What other gear must I bring for an October climb?
A- The same as Ararat ! ( the client comes from Ararat ).

Q- I have to decide whether or not to bring crampons with me... is there any chance I may need crampons middle of October?
A-In less than 10% of the climbs you may need it. But you may bring it with you. We can decide on the last day before the climb.

Equipment Buy/Rent

Q- Does Tehran have a number of outfitters that carry necessary gear so I might buy these things on arrival?
A- Yes you can find all your needs in Tehran, you just need one (or two) extra day(s) for shopping in Tehran.

Q- Do you know if it is possible to buy gas catrige in Tehran/Polour?
A- Yes, you may buy it in Tehran and Polour Camp.

Q- I also wonder if there is a possibility to rent some gears like tent,mat.
A- Yes it is possible in summer.

Q- Do you know where can I buy gas bottle in Iran ?
A- There are many sport shops in this area: Vali Asr Ave., Near Moniriyeh Sq. Tehran. But if you use huts you may not need those because you may find cooking equipments!

Q- Is it possible to rent ice axes in the area?
A- No, I don`t think so.

Q- can we hire a small gas cooker as well from you?
A- No problem for registered clients.

Q- Can you help us in renting or selling a gas-stove (As I've heard the european style
gas-stoves does'nt work)
A- We may supply you gas-stoves or gas cartridge (for registered clients).

Q- Is it possible to buy fuel to multifuel burners (primus) there ?
A- Yes fuel ( benzine )is easy to find anywhere in Iran .

Q- how to buy some basic logistics support in Iran ?
A-You can find any thing you need in Tehran.

Q- is it possible to buy water and some food in Polour?
A- Yes you can buy water and some basic food there .But if you need some special food, Tehran is recommended.

Q- Is it possible to buy the sleeping bag in Iran or should i bring my own?
A- Depends to you , you can also buy in Tehran ?

Q- is there always enough equipment for rent in July (tent and sleeping bag?)
A- No , some days in july it is so crowded that you can not find these equipments. Therefore it is recommended to bring your owns.

Q- Where can we find Sleeping pads, etc..A tent?
A- Maybe at Bargahe Sevom in summer.

Q- Can you tell me if I can rent equipment anywhere...only a sleeping bag and a tent...?
A- Perhaps in summer you can rent these equipments at Pargahe Sevom ( 4220m ).

Q- We will only need camping equipment.
A- We may support our registered clients

Q- Can you supply trekking poles or ice axe if needed? o I need to bring crampons?
A- Yes we may support (registered clients) trekking pole and ice axe. Depends to the weather, usually you wont need ice axe and crampons in summer season?

Trekking Equipments for Mt Damavand Iran
Equipments for Mt Damavand Iran

FAQ - Part 3

Frequently Asked Questions Mt Damavand


Q- In our group, some of us did Kilimanjaro but others have never climbed before. Is possible two organize separate teams for different level of fitness?
A- No problem.

Q- What is the required level of fitness?
A- Very good fitness is required for the summit, ordinary fitness for 4200m or lower parts.

Q- at the mean time please let me know what sort of exercise would help me to be ready for the climb ?
A- Mount climbing, running, cycling, swiming are very useful, and it is recommended to sleep few nights at the elevation about 4000m for better acclimatization.

Q- Please advise me what should I do and how to get fit for the climb.
A- These activities are very useful, running for 1 hour twice a week or walking-tracking for 2 hours 3 times a week, or cycling for 2 hours twice a week, best place to do these exercises are mountains or hills If you have any access, swimming for 2 hour twice a week.

Food and Drink

Q- I am a vegetarian, and do not eat meat or fish what do you recommend?
A- I have no idea for this one ! But I will do my best to find some suitable food for you with your advice.

Q- Can we buy breakfast/dinner at Camp1 Polour Hut or Lodge?
A- Yes, depends to the kind of food you need.

Q- What is situation with water in the camps 2 and 3.
A- There is no running water in the area in except in summer, you may melt ice and snow.

Q- can we eat the hot meals in the area in a tour?
A- Yes, we will support you with hot meal in huts.

Q- Is there possible to obtain food and drinking water in the new hut?
A- Just few items.

Q- Do you supplying food at Mt. Damavand camps (Goosfand Sara, Bargah Sevom)
A- Yes for our tours, we will supply all food and drinks during the tour.

Q- is there going to be a chance to buy food on the way/near the camps or we will have to shop for 4 days in Tehran?
A- Yes you can, but best place for shopping is Tehran.

Q- Is it possible to get food in Polour or should we get that in Teheran in advance?
A- Tehran is preferd for any shopping.

Q- Can we bring camping food through Iranian customs?
A- Yes, no problem you may bring any food you like.

General Info

Q- Can you help us to arrange somewhere we can put our gear that we are not taking with us on Damavand?
A- No problem, you may leave unnecessary ones behind in Camp 1 Plour or in your hotel in Tehran.

Q- Are there special conditions attached for women mountaineers?
A- No, Just like ordinerary climbers.

Q- I hope there is no restriction for woman climbers?
A- No, there is no restriction for women.

Q- of course we can bring our eqipment, but in rest of our expedition, we would like to travel in few parts of Iran, it will be unconfortable to bring it all the way.
A- It is possible to leave unnecessar stuff behind in you hotel or Polour Hut till you come back.

Q- Do you provide certified mountaineer / medic?
A- Please let me know what do you need exactly.

Q- I have uploaded your GPS coordinates to my GPS!
Seems to work perfect. A very good climbing aid!
A- You are welcome.

Q- Would it be possible to leave our mountaineering gear in Tehran hotel while traveling to Shiraz and back the second week of our stay?
A- Generaly it is no problem, in case of they do not offer this service you may leave your mountaineering gear in Polour hut.

Q- What is the distance from the airport to the base camp ?
A- Tehran IKA Airport to Camp1 Polour distance 133 Km, See more details in Facts And Figuers

Q- We will take the risk of cancellation of any domestic flights in Iran !
A- You understand the situation at this end.


Q- we want to make sure that a certified mountaineer is with us and knows how to deal with AMS or other frequent climbing medical situations
A- No problem.

Q- Do you think we will need the second guide because of 7 people in the group?
A- Yes, extra guide is recommended.

Q- Is it compulsory to have a guide for damavand climbing?
A- It is not compulsory, but a guide will increase your chance of success and decreases your other costs.

Q- Will you be our tour guide for ---- ?
A- I hope so !

Q- I wonder if you could help me. I would like a guide to take me up Damavan in … this year. Can you recommend me to a guide please?
A- We can provide you the most experienced guide and any necessary service you need.

Q- may I ask you to coach me on my journey? I surely make it up to you in the future.
A- My pleasure, I do my best to be in that programme.

Q- How much does it cost to hire a guide.
A- Low in summer, high in winter and off season.


Q- Do u You know maybe some nice (and cheap) hotel in the centrum of Tehran city ?
A- Depends how much money you want to spend for hotel ? My suggestion for the cheapest and best accommodation is, to go directly from airport to the Iranian Mountaineering facilities closed to Mt.Damavand ... much better weather than in Tehran, you can save your money and time and best place for acclimatization.

Q- Could you possibly give us a tip for a cheap but nice hotel in Teheran for three nights?
A- Please choose your Hotel in topic Hotel, we will book it for you.

Q- Can you please book me a simple hotel in Tehran,?
A- Yes, we will book a room for you, please be in touch for the hotel address. If you have Google Earth software installed on your PC just click on the attached placemark file to see your Hotel location in Tehran!!


Q- Which itinerary do you recommend, I believe our physical condition, which seems not to be good enough right now !
A- We suggested 3 or 4 days itinerary for your programme, see also Itinerary pages.

Winter Damavand
Damavand Mount, Winter View
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

FAQ - Part 4

Frequently Asked Questions Damavand Mountain


Q- Do you know if there are any available maps over the Mount Damavand? Where could we in that case buy it?
A- Yes there are many maps you can find in Tehran book shops and sport shops in Enqelab St. opposite Tehran University and ValiAsr Street, near Moniriyeh Sq. And you may use Google Earth which you can see the routes much clearer, (if you need help about Google Earth I can show you the Pointers).

Q- Could you show me the pointers for google earth?
A- Yes, please visit Virtual Trip By Google Earth. If you have already installed Google Earth software just download and click on the files and enjoy!

Q- Where can I find and buy a good map so we can find the way on our own?
A- Tehran, Vali Asr Ave, near Moniriyeh Sq.

Q- Are maps available at Polour or Bargah?
A- Perhaps at Polour Camp.

Q- is the track to the summit easy to find or not?
A- In clear day, clear sky and good condition, it is ok and easy to find . But in bad weather and fog it is difficult to find the way and footpaths especially when you return back from peak to Bargah Sevom. If you want to try it alone, it is a good idea to have a GPS with you. Save the useful GPS Landmarks to your GPS unit.

Mobil Network and Telephone

Q- Is there any public phone in Camp 3, we can use?
A- No , but mobile phone works in some area in camp3.

Q- Can i ask you whether mobile phones work at Polour or base camp (or on the mountain ?).
A- Yes in most palces it works.

Q- Maybe I can buy a sim card for my mobile phone when I enter Iran? Is that possible?
A- Yes you can buy some cheap sim cards like IRANCELL.

Mountain Sickness

Q- I wish to know is there any risk for altitude sickness or we climb slowly and get our body chance to acclimatize?
A- There is always the risk of AMS, specialy for the newcomers, so before finalizing the tour we should know about fitness of all individuals. We always go slowly and steady.

Q- do you provide supplementary oxygen incase of any need?
A- Yes, no problem.


Q- Should I send a bank transfer deposit ?
A- Please be advised that for private tours, 50% deposit payment of total invoice is necessary before we can book your hotel & camp room and preparation of other items in your itineary in time and pay the remaining balances in cash in Euro on the first day of the tour. See also Terms of Payment.

Q- Please advise how I have to make the down payment for booking
A- Please be advised that 50% deposit payment of total invoice is necessary before we can book your hotel & camp room and preparation of other items in your itineary in time ,usualy there is a mutual trust between we and you, you may pay the diposit when you confirm your tour and the rest when you arrive in tehran, in case of you decide to change your programme for any reason , just let me know 4 weeks in advance.


Q- Do we need some special permision for climbig Mt. Damavand.
A- Iran Mount Climbing Federation asks all foreign climbers to pay 50 USD per person as permit.

Q- As far as I understand every climber needs to pay USD50 as a climbing fee right?
A- Yes.

Q- How much is the permit fee per person?
A- 50 USD per person.

Q- I understand that we must pay the permit fee for spending the three days on the mountain and to use the shelters. Is the fee per person?
A- The fee is 50 USD per person .See also News 2009.

Q- Can you help us to arrange climbing permit ?
A- Yes we may get necessary permits for you.

Q-Climbing permit (if needed??), where and when (how much?)
A- Climbing permit is necessary for all foreign climbers and the fee is 50 USD per person, political passport holders are not required to pay for permit fee.

Q- do we need a permit to climb or it is just a service charge?
A- Permit is compulsory for all foreign climbers, if the representive of mount federation is in the area you should pay .
See also Warning 2- to all foreign climbers.

Porter and Mule

Q- How do we book mules to carry equipments from Gosfan Sara to Barga Sevom and how much do this cost?
A- In summer you can get mules in Gosfan Sara, they increase their price each year !!

Q- I would like to do the trek on my own and no porters and mules?
A- It is not recommended to carry heavy equipments yourself.

Q- How much does it cost to hire a porter.
A- It depend to the season, amount of snow and the route conditinon,


Q- We would prefer to ascend on the west or north face route.
A- No problem, we will organize in any route you wish, see also Difficulty .

But please be aware of these advantages of south orute:
- South route has the best mountain camps in iran.
- In other routes in case of crowded shelter and bad weather you have to use tent.

- you do have not to stay in tent in case of bad weather.
- we can give you a better support there.
- We can arrange porter and mule for you tour easily and you do not need to carry heavy equipment to 4200m, there is no gurantee for other routes.
- it is almost safe to leave behind the heavy equipments in new camp3 on the summit day.
- Usually rescue team can reach much quicker, or may be avalable, in case of emergency.
In any case and any other route we will do our best for you.

Q- Is it possible to ascend Mt Damavand from the north side in May.
A- North route it is one of the difficult sides in May, you should be very strong and experinced climber to attempt north face in May. See also Winter Climb.

Q- Are there glaciers on South Route ?
A- No, in south route there is no major glacer.

Q- Is the level of avalanche danger high or low on south route (assuming no large recent snow falls).
A- Very Low in April.


Q- Do you provide the trekking supplies tent, food, water and porter services?
A-Yes, we can offer you all logistic and support you need. See also Services.

Q- Do you think you can help us with guide and sleeping bags in the area?
A- No problem, I should remind our guide to take extra sleeping bags for you.


Q- if we need a sherpa, how does it work in winter?
A- When you have heavy gears you need sherpa, you better to book sherpa in winter and off sesons.


Q- What are the snow conditions around Lasem and Damavand Mt for ski mountaineering in winter?
A- Mostly quite good in some years.

Q- Are there a lot of people coming for ski n April, mainly with respect to the available places in the last bivouac hut. We plan to take a tent and all the cooking gear to the hut, is it worth it?
A- Not crowded in April.

Q- I will be carrying rescue gear (Barivox search and locate 'beeper', spade, probe etc). Will the guide also be carrying this ?
A- If possible please bring an extra beeper plus an extra probe.

Q- Is there any mountain rescue facility there if there is an emergency in winter ?
A- No, but it is possible to contact them by mobile phone.

Q- a certified mountain guide from the Iranian mountain federation with extensive skitouring experience is what i would like. The guide should also be on skis !
A- No problem. You will be guided with an experienced guide with the mentioned capabilities.

Q- Will there be a certified mountain guide taking us up the whole way ? Will this person also be on skis and have extensive skitouring experience ?
A- Which kind of guide do you prefer ? Just let me know, We will support you with the best avalable guide in Iran.

Q- Do you know of any local guides/mountain federation organised trips which will carry out the skitour in April ?
A- Yes, We organize and offer the best possible services for your ski tour.

Q- There are reports of the mountain often having very little snowcover in April - is this true ?
A- Yes it is true in some years with little rain and snow fall, you better to check the snow condition two weeks before your arrival.

Q- I am interested in climbing your mountain. I would prefer to do do when it has substantial snow cover for ski. When would the best time of year to do it?
A- Best winter climb timing is mid Dec to mid Feb, please read this warning in Ski Mountaineering :

Q- Do you have ski guides available?
A-Yes, we will support you with the most expericed guide avalable in Iran for a winter and ski mountaineering.

Route Map Mount Damavand
Route Map Mt Damavand Iran

FAQ - Part 5

Frequently Asked Questions Mt. Damavand Iran


Q- What is situation with snow in spring?
A- too much snow camp3 to the summit, it is recommended to bring winter equipments with you.

Q- What is the snow situation in the winter?
A- Usually there is heavy snow falls in the area. See also warning in Winter Climb .

Q- Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated for spring climb.
A- Usuallu we are have heavy snow fall in the spring, you may face winter condition, so take care and have winter gears with you and do not leave the camps if weather in bad.

Q- What are the best months for trekking in summer? (e.g. June /July) or autumn (September/October)?
A- Best Climbing Time: 10 June To 20 August .

Q- How about climbing during mid September? I guess there are less people on the mountain, but perhaps will there be more rain?
A- In September, yes it could be less crowd but there might be more snow and colder. See also Climate

Q- Do you think it's possible to climb the mountain in May?
A- Yes, when the weather is good.

Q- is there a lot of snow in May ?
A- It depends to the weather, usually there is not a lot of snow at this time of the year.

Q- My preferred dates would be: arrival in Tehran on ----.
A- To get rid of road traffic in Iranian weekends, Saturday to Monday are recommended for starting dates.

Q- So we would like to conquer Damavand in the 1st half of May......
A- Depends to the amount of snow, the condition might be tough early May.

Q- which month you recommend, I would rather not very hot climb and getting to the snow if it is safe..
A- Best climbing time 10 june to 10 August. Even in the peak of summer it is cool and pleasant.


Q- We would like to take the opportunity to see Esfahan, Shiraz and maybe some other places in your exciting country. However, that might be more difficult during Ramadan.
A- There is not much restriction for foreign tourists during Ramadan, you may eat and drink in your hotel any time you like, also there are some open restaurants for tourists during the day in any city.

Q- However, i would like to spend few days in Esfahan. Do you think that this could be worked into the itinerary.
A- Yes we can arrage it.

Q- Would you also have an English speaking guide for my visit to Esfahan ?
A- Yes no problem, we will provide you one.

Q- Should we book or buy domestic filght tickets to Shiraz or Isfahan in advance?
A- You should buy domestic filght in Iran in advance.

Q- We need domestic flight to Shiraz.
A- Please give us the names and the exat flight days to and from Shiraz.

Q- In a Damavand private tour, will i be the only person or in a group going up ?
A- You will be with your guide only.

Q- When should I ask you to make tour reservation before my arrival.
A- At least one month before your starting day.

Q- well as the round trip takes 3 days I wish to know is this flexible to four days or so if acclimatization takes more time...
A- Please remember, Private Tour are custom designed, but Shared Tours are not flixible.

Q- In a shared tour, Do we need to bring our own food and water for all days?
A- No, we will support you with hot meal at the huts.

Q- Please give the information until which date we need to confirm and register our tour in advance?
A- The sooner the better, it is recommended to register at least one month before the starting date .

Q- We have decided to choose the Shared Tour on event calendar for South Route ...... and we want to take part in.
A- No problem.

Q- In a private tour package, do we sleep in a tent or in the hut in camps?
A- There will be hut + bed + hot meal in camp 1 and camp3 .

Q- In a private package, do we need to get all the cooking stuff with us or you will provide it? And will we have a separate cook on the route or we're gonna cook ourselves?
A- In our private tours, you do not need to bring cooking stuff or cook yourself, you do not need to be wory about anything, just leave all to us and enjoy your tour.

Q- will you organize our trip to Shiraz (and Persipolis) ?
A- Yes, no problem.

Q- I would be interested in climbing Mt Damavand next may or june in 8 days or so.
A- Please choose a suitable programme in the page itinerary.

Q- have you got guides tours?
A- Yes, We offer guided tours, climbs, hiking & trekking.

Q- Should i tell you which hotel i would like to stay in, and you book it ?
A- Yes, choose the kind of hotel then we will book it for you.

Q- any spa in the area ?
A- Yes, Larijan Thermal Spring.

Q-Concerning the date of our arriving in Tehran it is still a bit uncertain .....
A- the sooner you fix your programme, the better time and service you may get.

Q- what is included guided trip ?
A- In a full package, almost every necessary things.


Q- Do you think it is possible to organize transport from Camp 2 to Tehran in summer.
A- Yes we may organize it for you.

Q- Do you know if its possible to catch a bus from the Turky border crossing to Tehran and how I can do that please?
A- Yes you can catch a bus from the border, or you can go to the Makou an Iranian city near the border and find a bus to Tehran. Please remember that after crossing the border, if you go to TABRIZ or OROMIYEH major Iranian city, you have more option to find a bus (or airplane) to Tehran.

Q- We are from..... and will not be able to afford the airport pick-up. We will find a taxi to Polour or take a bus into Theran and then try to find a bus that goes on the Haraz main road to drop us close to Camp 1 Polour.
A- Perhaps this is a cheap way for you: From IKA Airport or any place in Theran you can go to Terminal Shargh by taxi, or bus. From Terminal Shargh you can get a bus to Haraz Road to Polour junction, there is a statue of a mountain climber showing the Damavand way! From here you can get a local Taxi to Iran Mount Federation Camp 1 Polour.

Q- Is it easy to find transport in Polour to take us to Camp 2/ Base Camp in Spring?
A- Yes, but remember that cars may not be able to go all the way to camp2 in this time of the year.

Q- Can you please tell us if it is possible to get a bus or taxi from the airport directly to Polour, or does one need to go into Theran first and then get transport from there?
A- There is no direct bus from IKA Airport to Polour, some taxis may know about this mountain camp but not all of them.

Q- Could you possibly organize a transport to Gusfansara "as far as car can go" in May or April?
A- No problem.

Q- Could you possibly organize a transport for us from Teheran to Lasem?
A- No problem, we can offer you this Service.

Q- I am not sure if the road to Camp 2 Base (Gusfansara) is completely useable in April?
A- We may consider this road "as far as car can go" in April.

Q- Is it possible to get a transportation means from Rineh to Tehran on Friday ?
A- Yes it is possible, remember Friday is not a good day to be on the Haraz Road See details in Haraz !

Q- Is it possible to get a taxi or transportation means from Gusfansara to Rineh on the way back from the summit?
A- Yes it is possible, but we do not recommend Camp 1 Reineh ,we recommend to use Camp 1 Polour instead.

Q- Is it possible to get a taxi/bus in Lasem to go to Gusfansara or is it better to book a taxi in advance?
A- You may find one, but it is recommended to book it in advance.

Q- Is it safe for a British citizen to take the train from Tehran to Van in Turkey ?
A- No problem, bus or train.

Q- Can you help us to arrange the transportation towards the Base Camp (Gosfand Sara) as long as possible minding the snow.
A- Yes, we can arrange it, as far as car can go depending on season.

Q- How can i reach Reyneh from Teheran? Is there any buses? when the last one leaves?
A- Why do you want to go to the Reyneh ?! If you travel from Tehran, there is better way, shorter and cheaper, go to Polour Hut and start from there.

Q- can we travel from Teheran to polour village (can we travel by bus)?
A- From any place in Theran You can go to Terminal Shargh by taxi . From Terminal Shargh you can get a bus to Polour .

Q- How do we book transport from Reyneh to Gosfan Sara?
A- in Iranian Mountaineering Federation Camp in Polor Village or Reyneh Town you can ask for the car.

Q- We need transportation mainly, for trip to Damavand ?
A- No problem, we can fix it for you, just let us know the exact date and time few week before your trip .

Q-How we can get reliable and safe transport ?
A- We try to do our best for you .

Weather Forecast

Q- In case of bad weather, is it possible to change the summit day ?
A- No problem, If you have reserved an extra day, you may try your second chance.

Q- Thank you for warning us about the weather in Spring. We have good clothes for really cold conditions!
A- You are welcome.

Q- what will the temperature be at basecamp in evenings in July?
A- Near zero to sub zero. have a look at Weather Forecast in MDG, it is about 90% correct.

Mt Damavand, Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Good Morning Mt. Damavand!
View from Polour Village
Photo by A. Soltani

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