Damavand Frozen Animals

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Frozen Animals on Damavand Summit

After reaching the Mount Damavand Peak you may be able to see a few dead bodies of animals laying around the summit crater. These remain belong to different kind of frozen animals and are similar to Egyptian mummies (but without any bandages)! The remains have been there for a long period (approx 20 or 30 years).

Frozen Animals on the summit of Damavand
Frozen Animals on the summit of Damavand Iran

These bodies belongs to various animals such as ordinary sheep, wild sheep (gazelle), dog and wolf. We have no clear idea about the cause of dead; possibly they have died due to some diseases, poisoned by sulphur gas, died because of hunger or frozen to dead due to freezing temperature at Damavand summit. Because of the freezing temp on the summit and also the sulphuric gas in the area, these bodies will remain for a long period.

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