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Mount Damavand is a dormant stratovolcano with a narrow snowy peak. It is located in northern Iran and surrounded by many peaks and ridges of the Albroz Range. Due to its superior height (5671 meters) it is visible from many kilometers away. In a good visibility when the air is clear Damavand can be seen from Tehran and from far away from Kashan, Karkas Mountains in central Iran and the great salt desert. On the top there is a summit Crater, about 200 meters across, with a lot of yellow rocks containing sulfur and pumice stones. Snow covers the summit and upper slopes in winter and spring, in some places snow many remain all the year. Damavand Trekking Tour.

The earliest attempt to Ascent Damavand was made by unknown local iranians. Thery climbed regularly to collect sulphur from the summit for commercial purposes. The first recorded ascend belongs to an English explorer called W Taylor Thomson in 1837. In the historical times there has been no recorded eruption of Damawand Volcano. Some wrong believes indicate this mountain is an extinct volcano. There are enough evidences such as Hot Springs on its lower slopes and powerful fumaroles vent near the summit crater point out that Damavand is a dormant volcano. Damavand Ski Tour.

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