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Famous Glaciers of Mount Damawand Iran

This is a brief introduction to the most famous glaciers of Mount Damavand Iran.

East and North East Face Glaciers

In the massive Valley of Yakhar in the eastern side there is giant glacier called Yakhar Glaciers which is the most famous and the largest glacier of Damavand Mountain, it starts from about 3500 meters high to just below the summit, it has been climbed many times in summer but noon in the winter yet, this glacer is the main soure of Talkhrood River.
Arosakha and Chalchal Glacier, are the other glaciers that can be mentioned in this side.

North Face Glaciers

There are two large glaciers in the north face called Sioleh and Dobi Sel, the north route ridge passes between these two glaciers which cause this route to be colder than the other trails.

South Face Glacier

There is a small glacer in south face ot Damavand in Kafar Valley (Kafar Dareh), called South Glacier or Kafar Dareh Glacier. It is located between south route ridge and Mollakhoron Ridge.
There is also a small glacier on south route above the icefall which is the main source of water and ice for this frozen waterfall, it is called Abshar Yakhi Icefall and it is located at 5100 m.

West Face Glaciers

There are some small glaciers in the western part and also other parts of the which do not have a particular names.

Summit Glacier

Damavand volcano has a small glacier in its summit crater. The summit glacier is frozen most of the time, only in a hot summer you may see a little water in the crater, this one sounds remarkably to a frozen Lake. The summit crater is about 150 m wide and 20 m deep. It appears that some of Damawand glaciers cannot qualify as a true permanent glacier because they may disappears during a hot and dry summer. Visit also Damavand Weather Forcast.

Mt Damavand Winter view
Mt Damavand Winter View
Photo by A. Soltani

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