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Iran, also known as Persia

Iran, a country in West Asia is also known as Persia. This is the North West by Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea is bordered by Kazakhstan and Russia. To the North East by Turkmenistan. The East Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the south by the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. Turkey and Iraq and the West. Includes land is 1648195 km2 (636,372 square miles), the nation's second-largest in the Middle East and 18 in the world. With 78.4 million inhabitants, it is the world's 17th most populous nation. The only country that both the Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean coastline. Iran's geostrategic importance because of its central location in Eurasia and Western Asia, and the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran is home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, starting with the formation of Proto-Elamite and Elamite kingdom in 3200-2800 years ago Mylad.madha in the country's first major empire in 625 BCE, the after it became the dominant political and cultural power ally. The peak of its power during the Empire (the first Persian Empire) founded by Cyrus the Great in 550 BCE, the greatest of the ancient world's major sections, stretching from parts of the Balkans (Blgharstan- Pannonia) and Thrace-Macedonia in the West, to the Indus Valley in the East, making it the largest empire the world had yet seen. After the conquests of Alexander the Great in 330 BC, the empire fell. Finally the influence of the Parthian Empire and won once again after the Sassanid dynasty (Neo-Persian Empire) in 224 AD, under which Iran again one of the leading powers in the world rose to prominence with the Byzantine Empire for the next four centuries.

Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism and were largely replaced after caliphates Muslims in 633 CE to 651 CE invaded and conquered it. Then it's vital role in the Islamic Golden Age, the production of many influential scientists, researchers, artists, and thinkers. The emergence in 1501 of the Safavid dynasty, which school of thought as the official religion promotes twelve, one of the most important turning points in Iranian and Muslim history marked. It also stresses that in 1514 led to war culminated Chalderan. Started in 1736 by Nadir Shah, Iran once again to reach a high reputation, since its maximum territorial empire and, in short, having what is arguably the world's most powerful empire in Bvd.farsy Revolution the country's first parliament in 1906, within a constitutional monarchy was established. After the coup, instigated by Great Britain and the United States in 1953, Iran became increasingly autocratic. The growing opposition against foreign influence culminated during the Iranian revolution and political repression, on 1 April 1979 led to the creation of an Islamic republic.

Tehran is the capital and largest city, served as the cultural, commercial and industrial nation. The host Asia's fourth-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Iran is a founding member of the UN, NAM, OIC and OPEC. Its unique political system, based on the 1979 constitution, combines elements of a parliamentary democracy with a religious theocracy run by the clergy of the country, where the leader has considerable influence Ast.mlt multicultural and ethnic groups multiple languages, most residents are Shiites, Iranian Rial is the currency, and Persian is the official language. Read more in Wikipedia.

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