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Visa Policy - Important Notes for Iran Visa Support
We offer Iran Visa Authorization Code support only to our clients who have registered for a Damavand Private Tour. Before starting the visa process, dependent upon the nationality, applicants should pay deposit and register their tour at least 60 days before the trek. See also Deposit Policy. Please remember we are not an Iranian visa agency and we are not interested to support any other visa request/application.

Visa Limitation for March and April 2024
If you need our visa support for March and April 2024, please begin your visa application process and secure your Iran visa reference code before March 2024, ideally by starting the application in February and obtaining the reference code by the end of February. It's important to note that we won't be able to guarantee any visa support during the Iranian New Year Holidays, which run from March 19th to April 2nd, 2024. We appreciate your understanding.

Visa News 2014

Bad Visa News for UK & Canada Citizens, April 2014

Bad news about Iran visa for UK and Canada citizens. Iran ministry of foreign affairs is imposing tougher rules and more restrictions for the British and Canadian passport holders in 2014. Their visa process is quite similar to the Visa for American Citizens. Consequently visa process is longer and all British and Canadian applicants should take part in a guided tour from arrival to the end (airport to airport). Mount Damavand Guide.

Iran Visa
Iran Visa

Iran Visa

Foreign tourists who are interested to travel to Iran and mountaineers who intend to trek Mount Damavand Iran can get 15 to 30 days tourist visa. The visa is issued to visit Iran or to meet friends and relatives. You can get a tourist visa in different ways. It all  depends on your nationality, the country of birth/residence and which embassy/consulate you refer to. The Iranian visa rules are different for various countries. As the political climate changes, the visa rules may also change quickly without any prior notice (we are not certain for the latest changes in visa policy for your country). That is why we recommend you to apply for your visa asap and make sure to obtain your Iran visa in time. Climbing Damavand Mountain, Iran.

Few ways to obtain your visa for Iran

- IRAN Electronic Visa (Iran eVisa) Application
- Receive visa by Iran Visa Authorization Code.
- Get Visa by Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA).
- Obtain Iran visa by an invitation letter.
- Go directly to Iranian embassies to get your visa.

Please note, these rules may change quickly without any prior notice. Generally the visa validity is for a period of 3 months from the date of issue and can be extended in Iran.

Iran Electronic Visa (Iran eVisa) Application
Tourists who wish to visit Iran can apply for a visa through the following link by entering all the required information and receive a visa application ...Find the necessary info HERE.

Iran Visa Authorization Code
or Iran Visa Reference Number
This is the most common way to get Iran visa. When you refer to Iranian embassy/consulate to apply for a tourist visa they ask you about the visa reference number (visa authorization code) which is issued by the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran.

To get the visa code just apply for Iran Visa Authorization Code (Iran Visa Reference Number) through an Iranian travel agency at least 30 days before your arrival. The visa procedure takes about 2 to 4 weeks time. So the sooner you start the process the better. The code is only valid to that place as mentioned in the application forms. For example, Iranian embassy/consulate in Paris or IKA Airport in Tehran. Hiking Trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran.

When the agency receives the code from MFA you will be informed by email. Having this number is the main step in the Iran visa procedure and the rest is easy. By that code you refer to the embassy of Iran in your country with the necessary documents and your passport will be stamped with Iran's visa (usually in the same day). Multiple visa application in any shape is not recommended and may cause a refused visa.

Iran Visa Authorization Code for Iranian Embassy/Consulate
The applicants choose the nearest Iranian embassy/consulate to their leaving place which they wish to collect the visa. Then the travel agency will apply for Iran Visa Authorization Code to be valid at that consulate. After receiving the visa code applicant should refer only to that particular embassy (or send the passport and the necessary documents there).

This is the best way to get the Iranian Visa Stamp to your passport and make sure about everything before arrival to Iran. Also in case if the MFA refuses your visa the travel agency has enough time and chance to apply for a reconsideration and try the visa process again.

Iran Visa Authorization Code for IKA Airport
If/when the applicants have not enough time or sufficient access to go to any Iranian embassy/consulate, then the travel agency may apply for Iran Visa Authorization Code to be valid at IKA Airport and by that code you can collect your visa when arriving at IKA Airport Tehran, Iran. Damavand Mountain Hiking Trekking Tour.

Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA)
According to the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Iran most citizens from Europe (except British) can get two weeks tourist visa on arrival at IKA International Airport. But if you travel to Iran by land (by car, bus or train) you need to get your visa in advance regardless of your nationality. If you intend to use VOA it is recommended to check the latest news through embassy of Iran in your country. Ski Touring Mount Damavand, Iran.

Invitation Letter for Iran Visa
Please do not ask for invitation letter. It is not for ordinary tourists. It is just for relatives and official partners. The usual way to get a visa is to apply through some authorized travel agency in Iran to get an Iran Visa Authorization Code or Iran Visa Reference Number. There are limitations to get Iran's visa by ordinary invitations letter from travel agency/company/person. Mythology of Mount Damavand Iran.

Iranian Visa
Iranian Visa

Iran Visa Application Form

Copy the following visa form and paste it to your email client, complete it with the necessary info and send it by email together with a scanned copy of first page of your passport (only the image of the page which your photo is attached), each person need to fill in a separate form and send a separate copy of passport. The image of passport should be quite clear, in JPG format and the size should not be more than 50KB. Make sure to enter the correct information, it should match the second form which will be submitted to the consulate later.

Visa Form (Update 24 Sep 2016)

Required details for Iranian Visa Authorization Code

1- First Name :
2- Surname :
3- Gender :
4- Father Name :

5- Date of Birth :
6- Place of Birth :
7- Nationality :

8- Home Address :
9- Home Tel No :
10- Permanent (Relative ) Tel No :

11- Occupation :
12- Business Address :
13- Business Tel No :
14- Business Email Address:

15- Passport No :
16- Date of Issue :
17- Place of Issue :
18- Date of Expiry :
19- Iranian Consulate for collecting the visa :

20- Have you ever been in Iran ?
21- Planned Date of Entry to Iran :
22- Planned Date of Departure from Iran :
23- Duration of Stay in Iran :
24- Entry point (which border) :

25- Itinerary :
• We need a general itinerary (it may change, but we need the idea of your program).

26- Procedure of visa :
• Normal (50 Euro) :
• Urgen (100 Euro) :

27-Passport copy :
• JPG format. Not exceeding 50 KB.

28- One recent photo of applicant.
• It should be in white background and not exceeding 50 KB.
• It Can be taken by a digital camera or scan of previous photo, (just note it should be recent photo).

Iranian Consulate for collecting the visa or Visa Issue Place: In this field, write the name of nearest Iranian embassy/consulate to your leaving place, the most convenient Iranian embassy or consulate in your area which you can collect your visa easily. Or you may write the IKA Airport in Tehran, Iran.

* * * * *

Price for Iran Visa Authorization Code

The cost to get an ordinary visa reference code is 50 Euros per person and it is different from the visa fee which you must pay to the consulate/embassy when they stamp the actual visa on your passport.

Refused Visa and Refund Policy

In case of any refused visa, the full refund will be payed to that client except 50 Euros for his/her visa fee because in the visa process and to obtain the Visa Reference Code, the visa charge is paid to the travel agency to apply to Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so the visa fee is not refundable in case of any cancellation or if any visa request is turned down.

Visa Process

After receiving your visa form and the scan of your passport we will apply to Iran MFA-visa section for the Iran Visa Reference Code. Depending on your nationality the visa process may take 2 days upto 4 weeks (or even more) and when they give us the number and the confirmation letter we will send it to you by email. By that confirmation letter and in 30 days time you can go to your nearest Iran's embassy or IKA Airport (as mentioned in Visa Issue Place field in your visa form). After that, in a few days process your passport will be stamped with the Iran's visa. The Iran visa reference code is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

Necessary Documents for the Consulate/Embassy

Before you go to the consulate (which you have selected in the application form) to collect your visa, contact them by telephone and check the documents they need, as there may be differences from one consulate to another. Then refer with the necessary documents, usually they ask for the follow documents:

1- Visa authorization reference code by MFA.
2- Passport with 6 months validity.
3- A completed visa application form.
4- Two passport size photos.
5- The visa fee.

* * * * *

Iran Visa for US, UK and Canada Citizens
Read important notes for Visa Policy.
Unfortunately there are some restrictions for USA (also for UK and Canada) citizens wishing to get Iran's visa. At the moment the only way is to take part in a guided tour from begining to the end of the program (airport to airport) and it must be applied only through some certified authorized travel agencies/guides in Iran.

Visa Procedure for US, UK and Canada Citizens

Approval of your itinerary

1- Your full itinerary (airport to airport) should be submitted to the Security Office of Cultural Heritage Organization in Iran. The US visa process will take more than usual time and will cost more than an ordinary visa.

2- You should book and mention the names of all hotels and Damavand Camps in your itinerary in advance.

3- After submission you are not allowed to change the itinerary!

4 - You should have a certified guide with you all the time while you are in Iran, ie from the start to the end of your itinerary (airport to airport)!

After approval of your itinerary

1- The certified authorized travel agency in Iran will apply for the so called Visa Reference Code for your visa. When they receive the Reference Code, they will email you the number.

2 - By that code you ask your nearest Iran's interest section, ie in Washington ( with the necessary documents.

3 - In a few days presses your passport will be stamped with Iran's visa.

4 - When you apply as a climber with certified authorized travel agency in Iran, a work order by your name as an American mountaineer and travel agency as your guide will be issued by the travel agency with your defined itinerary and a "Traffic Code" as your travel permit in Iran.

5- Being accompanied by a guide is an obligation and rule for the mentioned citizen(s) here! Both the guide and the travel agent have to make a separate report of the tour afterwards!

* * * * *

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

Get the latest visa news and regulations from Public Relations office:

Tel:   +98 21 61151
Tel:   +98 21 611 530 58
Tel:   +98 21 66739191
Fax:  +98 21 66743149

Address:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tehran – Iran.

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