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Damavand Tours Price

If you have an inquiry about the cost of a private tour for Trekking Damavand Iran, first choose an itinerary from Climbing Itinerary or Ski Itinerary (you may also write your own draft itinerary based on our recommended starting point, track and campsites) then fill the following form and send it by email and let us know all the necessary info about your trip so we can estimate the cost of your program based on the provided information and give you the best possible quotation. Due to possible changes in exchange rate in foreign currency, Euro and USD v Iranian Rials, the estimated price is valid if you register your tour 30 days after offering the cost.

We can estimate the price per person of a VIP tour when all the necessary info are clearly mentioned in the pricing form. Remember we do not have a general purpose price list for VIP priate tours. See also Terms of Payment.

This is the right webpage for anybody who wishes to learn more Damavand Trekking Tour Organizer.

Cost per person

To get Damavand private tour cost per person copy the following form and paste it in your email client or in a notepad (any text format) then fill in the the required fields and send it by email.
If you need help to fill the form please see the example below.

Required Info

1- Your name:
2- Your age(s):
3- Gender(s):
4- Nationality:
5- Itinerary:
6- Climbing route:
7- Starting date of Damavand tour:
8- Exact number of participants in your team:
9- Your mountaineering experience/level(s):
10- Services and logistics you need:
11- Do you need ski or mountain guide:
12- Do you need Iranian visa support:
13- Type of hotel you need:
14- Arrival and entry date/time to Iran:
15- Planned entry point:
16- Departure date to your country:

Itinerary Tips
Recommended itineraries for foreign mountaineers who just arrive in Tehran.
4A - Four Days
5A - Fiver Days

Damavand Iran
Damavand Mountain, Iran
Highest Summit in the Middle East 18,605 ft
Second Highest Volcano in Asia and the Northen Hemisphere


Requiedr Info

1- Your Name: John Smith
2- Your age(s): 25, 35, 45 years old
3- Genders: Two males, one female.
4- Nationality: British
5- Itinerary: 5 days
6- Climbing route: South route
7- Starting Date: 16 Aug 2015
8- Exact number of participants in your team: 3 persons
9- Your mountaineering experience/level(s): Ordinary up to 4000 m
10- Services and logistics you need: Full pakage
11- Do you need ski or mountain guide: Yes, we need mountain guide
12- Do you need Iranian visa support: Yes
13- Type of hotel you need: 3 stars
14- Arrival date/time to Iran: 15 August 2015, at 2 PM
15- Planned entry point: IKA International Airport Tehran, Iran
16- Departure date: 25 August 2014 at 2:30 PM


1- Any change in timing, itinerary, the required logistic and number of the participant will affect the Damavand Price per personr. Damavand Trekking Tour.

2- Economy Group Tours are cheaper than VIP Private Tours.

3- If you are looking for a budget tour, we may suggest you an Economy Group Tour to reduce the cost and expenses of your travel to Iran. Visit also Damavand Cost and Price FAQ.

4- Mount Damavand Climbing gets more expencive as the climate changes towards winter and cold weather so a summer itinerary is cheaper.

Trekking Damavand Iran, Photo by A. Soltani
Summer Trekking Mt Damavand Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani: Mount Damavand Guide

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