Haraz Region

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Natural Attraction of Haraz Region

Haraz Region

Haraz district is a pleasant mountainous area in central Alborz Mountain Chain. This territory is situated in northern Iran midway mega city of Tehran and the Caspian Sea.

Due to its natural attraction and landscapes, it attracts numerous tourists in weekends and holydays mostly from the capital Tehran. The Haraz zone is well known for the Haraz Valley, the Haraz River, the Haraz Road and the Larijan Thermal Springs.

The other sightseeing' parts in the area are AbAli Ski Resort, Cave Gol e Zard, Cave Moon and many more mountains, vilages, traditional restaurants, gardens and recreational places.

Haraz Road and Haraz River, Photo by A. Soltani
Haraz Road and Haraz River
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani, Damavand Mountain Guide


Damavand Mountain is the most prominent feature of the Haraz region and an ideal place for Iranian and incoming mountain tourists for summer sports such as hiking trekking, mountain biking, mountaineering and also winter sports like ski, snowboard and snowshoes.

Damavand is the highest peak of Iran, the highest summit in Middle East and the second highest volcano in Asia and the northern hemisphere. Among the beauties of the Haraz zone, Mount Do Berar is the other major mountain in the area. Climbing Damavand Mountain.
(Do Berar means two brothers).

Thermal Hot Springs and SPA

There are many mineral thermal springs, natural hot waters and SPAs in the district of Haraz with therapeutic qualities which are mainly located around Damavand Volcano. The most famous ones are:
- Abe Garm Larijan, Larijan Thermal Spring
- Abe Garm Baeijan, Baeijan Hot Spring
- Abe Garm Esteleh Sar, Esteleh Sar SPA
- Abe Garm Abe Ask, Ab e Ask Thermal Spring
( Abe Garm = Hot Water, Thermal Spring )

Haraz Region Natural Attraction and Mt Damavand
Haraz Region Natural Attraction
Mt Damavand View from Nava Village
Hiking Trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran

Haraz Road

Haraz Road is the only access road to Mount Damavand. It is a narrow mountainous way which passes through beautiful Haraz Valley alongside the Haraz River. It is one of the 4 main roads which connects Tehran to the Caspian Sea in north of Iran.

Remember in the Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday) and holidays there is a heavy traffic jam on this road and to ease the movement of the cars, the road is turned to one way direction by police in the peak of traffic. Hiking Trekking Tour Damavand Mountain, Iran.

Haraz Valley

Haraz valley in one of few cuts through the Elborz Mountains. It is a long deep narrow canyon, one of the longest valleys in Iran. The climate of the Haraz tourist zone is pleasant in summer but the weather is cold and freezing with snowfall in winter.

Haraz valley is well known for its natural beauties. There are many good-looking villages and small towns and in this valley, like Polur, Reyneh, Abali, Hezar Dasht, Dasht e Mosha, Nava, Vana and Eira,... The attractive natural attractions of Haraz Valley can be reached either by car or by trekking on foot. Mount Damavand Iran Ski Touring.

Haraz River

The main source of Haraz River is Mt Damavand and the neighbouring mountains. It flows northward in the Haraz Valley through Amol city in Mazandaran Province and ends to the Caspian Sea. It is about 100 km long. Haraz River takes its name from the Haraz region.

Haraz Region Natural Attraction, Haraz Road View from Moon Caves
Haraz Region Natural Attraction
Haraz Road View from Moon Caves
Mythology of Damavand Mountain, Iran

Tehran To Caspian Sea Via Haraz Road and Chalus Road

Road Map Tehran To Caspian Sea, Haraz and Chalus Roads
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Road Map Tehran To Caspian Sea Via Haraz Road

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