Damavand Cloud Cap

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Mount Damavand Lenticular Cloud Cap

Mount Damavand clouds form under different conditions and are divided in different shapes and families. Cap cloud is among the most beautiful ones which can be seen on the top of a mountain. It is shaped by the cooling and condensation of moist air moving up over the peak and looks like a lenticular or un umbrella. If there is no strong wind, it will stay stationary on a summit for few hours.

Mt Damavand Cap Clouds

Occasionally a nice cap is formed on Damavand Volcano, Iran summit. A good view of this interesting phenomenon can be observed in early morning time to time.

Mt Damavand Lenticular Cap Cloud
Damavand Cloud Cap
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
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Multi-Layer Cloud on Mount Damavand Iran
A Multi-Layer Cloud on Mount Damavand Iran
Fabulous capture by Abdulah Hekmat
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Mt Fuji Cap Cloud

Regardless of which mountain you are looking at, cloud watching is fun. Similar nice lenticular cap clouds on the peak of Mt Fuji (Fujiyama or Fujisan 3776 m) Japan's highest summit.

Mt Fuji Lenticular Cap Cloud
Mt Fuji Lenticular Cap Cloud
Photo Unknown!

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