Damavand Crater

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Damavand Summit Crater

Volcano Damavand, Iran is a young dormant volcano which was formed during the Holocene geological time, its last eruption goes back to about 6-10 thousands years ago. It is a composite cone stratovolcano and has a big crater with the diameter about 200-400 meters.

The crater encircles the Damavand Mountain Summit with a ring of yellow rocks of nearly pure sulphur. This bowl shaped crater is approx 30m deep with a small permanent glacier which is usually covered by snow and ice.

Crater of Damavand Mountain
Crater of Mount Damavand Iran
Photo by Damavand Mountain Guide


A big new volcanic vent was formed in 2007, just near the Damavand summit and below the crater near the souternh climbing route. It still exhaling a great amount of sulphuric gases, hot smoke and steam with pestiferous smell which makes problem for mountaineers.

Without anti gas equipments and gears such as adequate oxygen mask, it is quite dangerous to go close to this vent, because if the wind changes its direction, you will could get caught in the poisonous sulphuric gas. Climbing Damavand Mountain.

Elevation Location and Coordinate Summit Crater

Altitude 5,671 m, GPS measurement 5645 m
Latitude 35 57 19 N
Longitude 52 06 37 E

Crater of Damavand Mountain in Iran
Mount Damavand Crater
Hiking Trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran

Mt Sabalan Crater

Volcano Sabalan 4811 m

Sabalan is the second highest volcano and the third highest mountain in Iran, it is an inactive stratovolcano in Ardabil province North West of Iran. Sabalan is known for its beautiful huge crater which has a permanent big lake at 4800m (mostly frozen in cold seasons) and the vistas including the Shirvan Gorge. Read more about Mt Sabalan, in Azarbaeijan Iran.

Mount Sabalan Crater
Mount Sabalan Crater 4811m
Photo by A. Soltani

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