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Damavand Pool in The Highest Lake in the World

There is a small glacier at the Mount Damavand Summit which is situated in the volcano crater and is accumulated with snow and ice during the winter and usually frozen during the whole year. But in a hot summer it could melt and form a small pool (or lake). This pool is at about 5,650 meters altitude above sea, so its ranked No 10 in the World Highest Lake Ranking. The pool is small and approx 20 to 40 meters in diameter. Damavand Guide.

Due to freezing temperature at that altitude, there is little chance to see water in the pool and generally it is an icy pool rather than a water lake, The lake disappears totally and freezes during the cold seasons.

If youClimb Damavand Iran in the summer season, it is a good idea to visit this natural phenomenon, but remember the water in this pool is not drinking water. Due to its small size, this pool can not qualify as a true permanent lake also because it disappears during the winter and cold season. It is just a small frozen pool at a high altitude.

Elevation Location and Coordinate Summit Crater

Altitude 5,671 m, GPS measurement 5645 m
Latitude 35 57 19 N
Longitude 52 06 37 E

Damavand Pool
Mount Damavand Pool
Hike Damavand Iran

The Highest Lake in the World Rank

Name | Meters | Feet | Region
1- Ojos del Salado Pool 6,390 20,965 Argentina
2- Lhagba Pool 6,368 20,892 Tibet
3- Changtse Pool 6,216 20,394 Tibet
4- East Rongbuk Pool 6,100 20,013 Tibet
5- Acamarachi Pool 5,950 19,520 Chile
6- Lake Licanc´┐Żbur 5,916 19,410 Chile-Bolivia
7- Aguas Calientes Pool 5,831 19,130 Chile
8- Ridonglabo Lake 5,801 19,032 Tibet
9- Poquentica Lake 5,750 18,865 Chile-Bolivia
10- Damavand Pool 5,650 18,536 Iran
11- Karda Lake 5,643 18,513 Tibet
12- Thukpe Dzingbu 5,563 18,251 Tibet
13- Panch Pokhri 5,494 18,025 Nepal
14 - Cholamu Lake 5,486 18,000 Sikkim
15- Gurudongmar Lake 5,243 17,200 Sikkim
16- Orba Co Lake 5,209 17,090 Tibet
17- Laguna Glaciar 5,038 16,529 Bolivia
18- "Imja Glacier Lake 5,010 16,437 Nepal
19- Lake Ccascana 4,920 16,142 Peru
20- Lake Tilicho 4,919 16,138 Nepal

Mount Sabalan Lake
Mount Sabalan Lake at 4800 m
Photo by A. Soltani

Mt Sabalan Lake

What a pity that the beautiful lake at the summit of Mt Sabalan Lake 4800m, in Azarbaeijan Iran, is missing in The Highest Lake in the World ranking?!

Damavand Mountain
Mount Damavand Iran

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