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Ski Touring Dizin (On Piste & Off Piste)

Dizin is the the most famous and the largest ski piste and winter sport centre in Iran. It is located in North West of capital Tehran in the middle of Alborz mountains. Dizin is not very far from Mount Damavand Ski Touring area.

Ski Resort Dizin, Coffe Shop and Restaurant
Dizin Resort Iran
(Coffe Shop and Restaurant)
Photo By A. Soltani, Mount Damavand Guide

This resort has a great amount of snowfall in winter each year and because of its high altitude and slopes which are faced northward, the snows remain for longer time in the area.

Here in this page every data is quality based information Ski Touring Damavand & Doberar.

This resort is a good place for acclimatization and parctice for those who intend to attempt Damavand Mountain, Iran on ski. Dizin ski center is administered by Iranian Ski Federation.

Ski Resort Dizin, Mt Damavand is visible in background
Dizin Resort Iran
(Mt Damavand is visible in background)
Photo By A. Soltani, Damavand Mountain Guide, Iran

Mount Damavand Iran, View from Dizin Ski Resort
Mount Damavand Iran
(View from Dizin Ski Resort)
Photo By Parvaneh Kazemi

Ski Resort Dizin, Mt Damavand View from Dizin Piste
Dizin Resort Iran
(Mt Damavand View from Dizin Piste)
Photo By A. Soltani

Ski Resort Dizin, Snowboarders in Disin Resort
Dizin Resort Iran
(Snowboarders in Disin Resort)
Photo By A. Soltani

Snowboarding in Dizin, Iran
Dizin Resort Iran
(Snowboarding Disin Resort)
Photo By A. Soltani

DizinSki Resort Dizin, Dizin cottages
Dizin Resort Iran
(Dizin cottages)
Photo By A. Soltani

Ski Resort Dizin, Disin chair lift
Dizin Resort Iran
(Dizin chair lift)
Photo By A. Soltani

How to go to Disin

The only access to the resort is by road. You may reach the area by two differnt road, the first one is longer but a safer way.

1- Via Chalus (Chaloos) Road about 126 km
Tehran> (Resalat Highway, Mosala Metro Station)> Tehran-Karaj Highway> Chalous Road> Dizin junction> Dizin Resort. Climbing Damavand Mountain, Iran.

2- Via Shemsak Road about 55 km
Tehran> (Resalat Highway Baqeri Junction)> Tehranpars 4th Sq.> Gardaneh Ghochak> Lavasanat> Oshoun Fasham Road> Shemshak City> Dizin Resort.

Transportation to Dizin
The easiest way to reach Dizin is to fly to IKA airport Tehran Iran, then proceed to the resort by coach or car. The nearest international airport to Dizin resort is IKA airport in Tehran. Flights arrive here from many major European cities and other destinations neighbouring Persian gulf. The nearest train station to Dizin resort is at Tehran.

Tehran to Dizin GPS Track

Tehran to Dizin GPS Track & Waypoints.
Useful for Ski, Grass Ski, Snowboard and Mountaineering.
(by Garmin Oregon 550 Navigator)

GPS Track in GPX Format: Download.
Useful for most handheld GPS receivers.

GPS Track in KMZ Format: Download.
Useful for Google Earth.
Visit also Dizin Weather Forecast.

Tehran to Dizin Ski Resort Road Map

Tehran to Dizin Ski Resort Road Map
Download and View The Original Size Image
Tehran to Dizin Ski Resort Road Map
Hiking Trekking Damavand Mountain, Iran

Road Map Tehran To Caspian Sea, Haraz and Chalus Roads
Download and View The Original Size Image
Road Map Tehran To Caspian Sea Via Haraz and Chalus Roads
Damavand Mountain Hiking Trekking Tour

Dizin Ski Resort Facts and Statistics

Dizin has various pists of different grades and you may ski in different styles during the same day. There is also a beginner’s piste for newcomers. Skiing in Dizin area is good for the less experienced skier; about 50% of runs are suitable for beginners, 40% for intermediate and 10% for advanced skiers.

The air condition is drier than at European standard, making some good powder. Many snowboarders can be seen on the slopes. With about 2 to 3 hours of driving away from Tehran many people prefer not to stay there overnight. Cheap tickets by European standards. Dizin resort is far more relaxed than the rest of Iran.

Ski Resort Specifications

Targeted Activities: Skiing, Snowboarding, Grass Ski
Season Availability: November to May
Height variation 2650m to 3600m
One of the highest lifts in the world, lift reaches 3,600 m (11,800 ft),
One of the 40 highest resorts in the world.

Resort Altitude : 2700m
Top elevation, Highest Lift : 3600m
Base elevation, Lowest Piste : 2650m
Vertical drop Max 850m
Skiable area: 470 ha
Runs: 23
Night skiing: No

Lift system

3 gondola, telecabins,
12 chairlifts, Lifts
1 hammer teleski,
7 dish teleskis, drag lifts,
2 skilifts, chair lifts
Snow depths average 2m at bottom to 6m at the top
Established in 1969

Quick Facts

Resort Altitude: 2700m
Top elevation: 3600m
Base elevation: 2650m
Vertical drop: 950m

Geographical Location and Coordinate Dizin

Latitude: 36-02-57 N (36.050316 N)
Longitude: 51-25-02 E (51.417953 E)
Distance from Tehran by Chalus Road 124 km
Distance from Tehran by Shemshak Road 55 km

Tehran Starting Point:

(Tehran, Resalat Highway, Mosala Metro Station).
Latitude: 35-44-25 N
Longitude: 51-25-35 E

Tehran to Dizin by Car

Distance ( Cartographic Length ): 126 km
Average Speed: 45 km/h
Maximum Speed: 120 Km/h
Total Time: 02:45

Targeted Activities

The targeted activities of the area are ski mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, grass ski, hikking trekking and winterr climbing.

Other Sport Activity and Facilities in Dizin Complex

This resort can offer a variety of sports activities to enjoy your vcation and experience interesting aspect of Iranians lifestyle.
- Mountaineering, climbing and walking altitudes and heights.
- Mountain biking/cycling in different route and tracks.
- Volleyball grounds.
- Tennis courtyards.
- Paint ball area.
- Caoching and training classes.
- Children park and slope for grass ski in summer.

Ski Classes and Courses

Beginner who need skiing or snowboarding training may take part in classes to take step by step training courses and lessons from qualified trainers and can work with a coach next to the piste.

Popularity and Crowd in Iranian weekends

Due to its popularity, the resort is crowded in the Iranian weekends (Thursdays and Fridays), if possible avoid Persian weekends, otherwise you may spend more of your time in telecabins queues rather than skiing on the piste.


Dizin excellent resort has numerous relaxing accommodation facilities such as hotel, villa, private apartment local home, cottage, chalet and restaurant, it accommodate many people every year, enjoy your stay at this beautiful place.

Rent Equipment

It is possible to rent any equipment and skiwear around the area, such as ski and snowboard, monoboard and Alpine, cross country skis and accessories.

Grass Ski

The sport activity in this resort is not limited to winter, it is also possible to ski on grass on the same piste in the summer. In fact Disin is the main grass-ski centre of Iran. The first int grass skiing competition was held at Dizin Complex In 1996 by the int ski federation FIS.

Dizin Grass Resort
Dizin Grass Resort Iran
Photo By A. Soltani

Ski Resort Dizin Tehran, Iran
Dizin Resort Iran
Photo By Tehran24

Winter Warning

- Dizin is only accessible by road, after a heavy snowfall, snow chains are necessary for cars.

- The road between Shemshak and Dizin which is about 12 km long, it may be closed in winter after a heavt snow due to avalanch risk. Weather Forecast Damavand Mountain, Iran.

- In bad weather and stormy condition, bad visibility or darkness, it is not safe to ski without a reliable navigation unit like a handheld GPS receiver.

Ski Resort Dizin Tehran, Iran
Dizin Iran
Photo By Ali Majdfar

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