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The ancient Persia is called Iran in the modern era. Iran is home of beautiful mountains and trekking regions. Damavand is a photogenic conical figure of the country that is covered in snow in winter and stands at 5,671m, much higher than anything around. Besides this snow-capped volcano there are many virgin hiking trails, trekking zones, ski mountaineering heights, ski touring areas and ski resorts. Climb Mount Damavand.

Alam Kouh, a fascinating high mountains in Takht-e Soleyman zone, and the charming Mt Dena are among the famous Iranian trekking trails. There are also some attractive international ski resorts like Tochal, Dizin, Shemshak near the capital city, Tehran. But the best attraction of the country is the hospitality of people which make you feel welcome.

Damavand as seen from Mt Tochal Summit, Tehran
That's Damavand!
Damavand as seen from Mt Tochal Summit, Tehran

To understand the scale of Mount Damavand go to Iran for skiing at this giant volcano and enjoy an excellent ski adventure at one of the Volcanic Seven Summits in the world. Damavand is ranked as the earth's 12th Hhighest Prominence (the scale is Mt Everest in Himalayan). It is a cracking adventure, a top class ski touring, ski down and a great experience. The south face of the mountain is the ideal trail for skiing. Approach to the other sides is difficult in winter. Due to vicinity of Caspian Sea, there are heavy snowfalls in this snow field in cold season. Damavand Tour.

The south route of Damawand mountain isn't Technically Difficult and is ascended by hundreds of Iranian climbers annually (in summer). But is a quite different proposition in winter. It is an ideal place for the adventurers searching Winter Climbing, Ski Mountaineering, telemarking, ski touring, wild ski expedition, snowboard and snowshoe. There is no mechanical lift in this resort so you should ascend on feet or on ski to the summit.

As you go up, you realise the scale of this majestic mountain and the breathtaking views of Do-Berar Mountains in the south. There are some good cross-country ski trails on Do-Berar Mountains in Lasem about 20 Km far form Damawand. Damavand Ski.

Ski Mountaineering to Damavand Summit, April 2013
Damavand Ski Mountaineering
Joint Ski Teams from Slovakia & Poland
Photo by Ali Fard, April 2013


You must be well-experienced for any attempt for winter climbing and ski touring to Damavand Summit because it is classified as rough due to high altitude and harsh weather conditions. The mountain is well-known for having very strong winds up to 120 Km/h making wind chill feel about -70C, an exceptionally very cold temperatures. Visit also Mount Damavand Winter Weather Warning. Visit also Mount Damavand Winter Weather Warning.


At Larigan Village the thermal baths are heated by the geothermal springs of Damavand Volcano. The SPAs have hot water piped in to pools and baths. It is nice to have a bath even to leave unpleasant smell of sulphur.

Local Restaurant

After descend you also need a well deserved local meal at a local restaurant on the way back to the city to replace the calories and eat something other than mountain food and lunch box.

Damavand Ski Touring
Ready for Damavand Ski Touring
Joint Ski Teams from Slovakia & Poland
Picture by Ali Fard, April 2013

Ski Touring Iran
Ski Touring Iran
Photo A. Soltani

Damavand in Winter
Damavand in Winter

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