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Mt Damavand Hiking & Trekking and Climbing Guestbook and Trip Report.

Dr. Roland and Dr. Eva Hogenschur From Germany - September 2012

Roland and Eva Hogenschurz
Appraisal for Mr. A. Soltani's support of our Damavand climb September 2012.
In September 2012 my wife and me travelled to Iran in order to climb Damavand, the highest
mountain in Iran. Despite all political tensions and warnings by almost everybody from our relatives and friends it proved to be a smooth and fascinating experience, to a high degree attributable to our liaison person in Iran, Mr. A. Soltani, who is the resource-person, when it comes to gather information about the mountain or to assist in organizing the ascent.

During the months before the actual trip, he was most helpful in organizing our visa in difficult times and was very flexible regarding our suggestions for an ideal itinerary in order to acclimatize properly and climb the mountain successfully. Having arrived at Teheran, he was very reliable and always willing to walk the extra mile to make our trip enjoyable and successful. He showed us around in Teheran, had organized hotel and transport to the mountain in a perfect manner. It was nice dining out with him to get to know local culture and cuisine.

Once at Mt. Damavand Iran we were perfectly prepared to set our own pace and to climb that fascinating mountain at our usual swift speed. We have travelled and climbed (even much higher) mountains on all continents and have rarely met a mountain agent as committed and reliable as Mr. Soltani! We highly recommend his services!

Thank you, Mr. Soltani!
Roland and Eva Hogenschurz

Roland and Eva Hogenschurz From Germany, Mount Damavand Tour
Mt Damavand Summit Sep 2012
Roland and Eva Hogenschurz
(Mojtaba Saghian in the middle)
Climb Damavand

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Dr. Roland and Dr. Eva Hogenschur from Germany MDIC21AUG13G