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Dr. Oskar Lehner from Austria - September 2013

I would like to thank Mr. Soltani for the excellent preparation of my tour to Mount Damavand, which I climbed in September 2013. Based on my positive experience I fully can recommend the service of his company. The trip was well planned and the time schedule was realistic. I was provided a very good and experience guide, Mr. Amir Manian, who set the walking pace in a way that I comfortable arrived at the summit.

The company arranged accommodation at the mountain chalet in a small (private) room which was much better to sleep than the big dormitories used by other groups. Beyond that Mr. Soltani, who speaks very good English, also helped me with the planning of the rest of my journey in Iran. In particular he brought me in contact with local paraglide pilots (Mr. Asghar Mansori) with whom I spend several days flying in Northern-Iran.

Based on my very positive experience with Mr. Soltani's company I recommended him to a friend who undertook a cultural tour through Central-Iran. She also was very satisfied with the service provided by this company. In case you want more information you can contact me via oskar_lehner(at)yahoo(dot)de

Oskar Lehner, Damawand Peak, September 2013
Oskar Lehner
Mount Damavand Summit, Sep 2013

Dear all,
Let me share with you some images taken during my recent travel to Iran.

As the country has a well-functioning infrastructure one can arrange the travel fairly easily either through a local travel agency or in back-packer style, basically using a copy of Lonely Planet and conducting some internet research. Besides culture and 3,000 years of history Iran also offers outdoor sport opportunities in the mountains and deserts.

People I met were extremely friendly and welcoming, eager to make contact and indicating that one should differ between government and people. Travelling is safe, prizes are moderate and what you get is very good value for money. Language might be an issue as only few people speak English. If you click the following link you will see some photos showing.

- the center of the city of Esfahan: Naqsh-e Jahan Imam Square (the second biggest square of the world), Masjed-e Shah and life in the bazar;
- a three-day ascend to Mt. Damavand (5,671 m), the highest mountain in the middle east;
- the Teheran bazar and carpet shops;
- paragliding at two sites north of Teheran: Damavand and Emam Zadeh Hashem.

You can look at the pictures either as a collage or – if you go to the very end and click the single picture – as a slide show.

Best regards,

Oskar Lehner and Amir Manian , Damawand Peak, September 2013
Oskar Lehner and Amir Manian
Mt Damavand Summit, September 2013

Mansori Paragliding Guide, Ab-e Sard & Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding Sites Near Mt Damavand Iran, Sep 2013
Asghar Mansori Paragliding Guide
Ab-e Sard & Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding Sites
Near Mt Damavand Iran, Sep 2013

Oskar Lehner, Ab-e Sard  Paragliding Site near Mt Damawand, Sep 2013
Oskar Lehner, Ready for Take Off
Ab-e Sard Paragliding Site
Near Mount Damawand, Sep 2013

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Oskar Lehner from Austria MDICU14DEC11X