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Narisue Yosuke and Nayuki Hiroji from Japan - Sept 2013

We old Japanese, 69 and 68 years old climber Nari and Nayuki came to Iran for Mount Damavand after Mt. Elbrus climbing Caucasus in Russia. Before coming to Iran, I contacted Mr. Soltani and he gave us good information about Climbing Mount Damavand, Iran.

Damavand BaseCamp, September 2013
Damavand First Camp Polour
Ali Fard - Ardeshir Soltani - Nayuki Hiroji
Photo by Narisue Yosuke - September 2013

We arrived at the highest point of Iran around noon on 17 September 2013. It was very easy way from New Hat to the top of Demavand but I was very tired because of old age. I climbed many peaks in Himalaya, Andes and others, but no more power, this is maybe my last climb to the high mountain. My next plan is to go on a pilgrimage to holy Mt. Kailas in Tibet from NW Nepal 2014. Thank you kindly Iranian people, Soltani-san and our guide Ali-san !!
21/Jan/2014 Narisue Yosuke

Mount Damavand Base Camp
Mt Damavand Peak
Nayuki Hiroji and Narisue Yosuke
Photo by Ali Fard - 17 September 2013

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