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Mads Sylvest Eegholm From Denmark - Feb 2014

Skiing in Dizin
My two friends - Kim and Thorbjørn - and I agreed to meet in Tehran to go skiing in Dizin. Kim and Thorbjørn live in Denmark and I live in Doha, Qatar. The trip was thus both a chance for a rare get together and an opportunity for skiing a - for us - exotic destination.

Dizin has the form of a gigantic bowl nestled between ridges and peaks on a large north facing mountain side. The slope goes from steep at the top to gentle towards the base. There is lots of local slope variation and the mountain side is cut through by gullies and ridges to form a rich and varied terrain. The lifts start at 2500 meter and reach all the way up to a staggering 3470 meters above sea level. Short breath and a beating heart is solid proof of low oxygen and altitude. We felt both the effect of the altitude as well as the thrills of turning our skis in the deep and powdery snow.

Our focus is definitely off piste and Dizin didn't let us down. The deep snow was easy to reach from the top of the lifts and between the pistes. There are plenty of options for finding routes down the mountain. We were lucky to get a 10 centimer snowfall during the night of our arrival covering the slopes in untouched powdery white. The sun was shining brightly from a clear blue sky during the following four days with clear views to the 5600 meter peak of magical Mt Damavand in the horizon.

Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort Iran
Skiing in Dizin Resort

Active all day and exhausted in the evening. It mattered less that the hotel didn't offer much else than a reasonable restaurant and good bed to sleep in.

We were picked up and brought back to Tehran after the fourth day of skiing. Our tour operator Soltani came in person and was very curious to hear about our Iranian skiing experience. He showed us around Tehran and shared generously of his extensive knowledge of the country, the city, mountaineering in Iran and recolections of trips to the summit of Mt Damavand.

Skiing in Iran was a unique experience for us. It wouldn't have been the same without Soltani's kind help and advice that extended from the first email correspondance to the goodbye at the airport. Our appreciation and respect goes out to Soltani along with warm recommendations to use Damawand Tours whenever you are looking for a unique Iranian skiing experience.

Happy skiing,
Kim, Thorbjørn and Mads

Dizin Ski Resort
View of Mount Damavand from Dizin Ski Resort
Ski and Snowboard in Dizin Resort

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