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Jean-Claude Amiet – From Switzerland/Canada – Aug 2014

I would like, again, to express my profound gratitude for everything you have done for me to enjoy such a fantastic experience. Your kind and patient help regarding the visa, the perfectly reliable professional organization and your flexibility regarding my own personal desires made my Mt. Damavand Iran experience a very special one.

Jean-Claude Amiet & Parvaneh Kazemi, Mount Damavand Summit, Aug 2014
Jean-Claude Amiet & Parvaneh Kazemi
Damavand Summit - August 2014

Climb Damavand

Thanks to your assistance, I was able to cross out my 5th mountain on the road to achieve my goal of climbing all of the 7 volcanic summits. For the ones that have some safety concerns, I can only share that I felt very safe all along, in fact much safer than lots of places elsewhere in the world where I climbed! I would definitely recommend your amazing services to anyone looking for a smooth mountain trip to Iran.

A very special thank you for my fantastic guide Parvaneh Kazemi, it was a real honor to climb with her. Kind Regards

Jean-Claude Amiet, Damavand Iran, August 2014
Jean-Claude Amiet
Damavand Iran– Aug 2014

Trek Mount Damavand Iran

Ardeshir Soltani, Parvaneh Kazemi and Jean-Claude Amiet, Mount Damavand Iran
Ardeshir Soltani, Parvaneh Kazemi and Jean-Claude Amiet
Camp 1 Polour, Mt Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Trekking Tour Aug 2014

Jean-Claude Amiet, Damavand Icefall
Jean-Claude Amiet
Damavand Icefall

Jean-Claude Amiet, Damavand Sulphur
Jean-Claude Amiet
Damavand Sulphur

Jean-Claude Amiet, Damavand Crater
Jean-Claude Amiet
Damavand Crater – August 2014

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Jean-Claude Amiet From Switzerland/Canada MDIC21AUG12V