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Polish and Slovakian Ski Teams - April 2013

Dear Mr. Ardeshir,
Thank you for your professional service and helping with organization our Ski Touring on Damavand. I have a problem to put on your website my thanks and good opinion of your work. Please, put it yourself :

It's thanks to Mr. Ardeshir Soltani: In April of 2013 came a group of 11 skialpinists and two mountain guides from Poland and the Slovak Republic. After 3 days of acclimatization in Dizin and Shemshak we were able to climb on Damavand and skiing down from the top.

We were prepared well to this skitouring thanks to the very detailed information from the website Mt. Damavand Hiking Trekking Tour. Mr. Ardeshir Soltani provided us with accomodation, transportation and meals. Everything was very well prepared. Very nice atmosphere, great kindness of the Iranians and good weather allowed us to spend a good holiday. Iran is a beautiful country, beautiful mountains and great people. We thank Mr. Ardeshir Soltani's professional service.

We still invite you to the Tatras, to  Poland and to Slovak Republic.

Best Regards
Zosia Bachleda and Peter Sperka

Polish and Slovakian Skialpinists, April 2013, Ski tour Damavand Iran
Ski touring Damavand Iran
Hymalia Club Ski Teams, Polish and Slovakian Skialpinists
Photo by Ali Fard - April 2013
Ski Touring Mount Damavand, Iran

Ski Tour to Mount Damavand Summit, Ski Teams from Slovakia  and Poland, April 2013
Mount Damavand Summit
Himalia Club Ski Teams from Slovakia and Poland
Photo by Ali Fard - April 2013
Climbing Damavand Mountain, Iran

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